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Model Build

1/35 Kinetic Model Kits

RG-31 Mark 3 Canadian Army Mine Protected

Armored Personnel Carrier with RWS


By Victor Hernandez - Chicago, Illinois USA


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RG-31 Mk 3 Canadian Army Mine Protected Armored Personnel Carrier with RWS (Remote Weapons Station)

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 Kinetic Model Kits

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Styrene Plastic

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$45.99 (from Lucky Model)



The RG-31 is an all-terrain, multi-purpose, mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle of South African origin.  With its V-shaped, all steel welded armor monocoque hull and high suspension, it is designed to withstand a blast equivalent to two TM-57 anti-tank mines detonating simultaneously.  The RG-31 has become the multi-purpose vehicle of choice of armies across the globe as well as with the United Nations Peacekeeping and Security Forces.  The Canadian Army has operated 75 RG-31 Mark 3 vehicles since 2006, which this model kit depicts. 

Kinetic’s model contains over 200 parts that come in a variety of media.  There’s six light-tan plastic sprues of parts, one sprue of clear parts, a small tree of vinyl parts (which includes the poly-caps for the wheels), five black vinyl wheels, and one small fret of brass photo-etched pieces.

Model Construction

The model’s instructions consist of 23 steps, illustrated in landscape format.  During my build, all in all things went together fine unless otherwise noted below.  So, no news is good news during this build log.

STEPS 1 through 5 cover the front of the chassis.  You should note that the attachment points for the parts D45/D48 and D45/D46 are a bit too high and need some sanding to shorten them.  The kit offers these parts in either plastic or photo-etched brass.  I decided to use the PE parts as they are definitely more detailed than the plastic parts; which folded into the proper shapes with no problems.


In STEP 6, I assembled the four fenders.  The seams on all the fenders, as well as mold marks on the front fenders, needed filling.  Also, the stowage box hatches are molded separately, but if you decide to leave them open you should know that no interior detail is molded on the underside of them.


In STEPS 7 through 13, I first constructed the parts on the lower hull and upper body to facilitate the painting of the interior.  Then, I filled in the two mounting holes for the extra crew seat, as the Canadian vehicle doesn’t mount that seat.  I painted the interior a grayish green, which was a custom mix I made using Vallejo Paints and I painted the seats a basic dark gray.  I then installed the windows, which I first tinted by spraying Tamiya "Clear Green" on the inside of the glass.  The finish of the tinting came out flat, so I then applied a coat of Future to make it glossy and to seal the coat as well.  Finally, I joined the body halves together and mounted the fenders in preparation for the overall painting of the vehicle. 


STEPS 14 through 17 cover the construction of the Remote Weapons System (RWS) and it went together with no problems.

During STEPS 18-23, no major problems occurred and things went together fine.  Basically, the rest of the model was built up during these steps and I then moved on to the painting of the model.


Painting and Weathering

For the RG-31’s base coat, I used Vallejo Model Air “Light Brown”, which was further lightened with Vallejo Model Color “Light Sand”.  After letting the paint dry, I applied a light coat of Future to ease the application of the decals; which went on nicely afterward.  However, in my opinion, the decals look to be a bit over scale in size.  Anyway…after the decals dried, I sealed them, again with Future.

To weather the model I gave it a wash of Winsor & Newton oils and a light dry brushing.  The Tires were not painted, only sanded lightly using steel wool and then dry brushed.  Finally, I gave the entire vehicle a light dusting of pastels.



Despite the slight issues of mold marks and seam filling, the majority of my model build went fine.  I think the Kinetic Model of the Canadian RG-31 Mark 3 looks convincing and provided me with an enjoyable modeling experience. 

Thanks to Kinetic Model Kits/Lucky Model for the review sample.

Victor Hernandez -AMPS Chicagoland 

Copyright: September 2014