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SPA 9000C

Self-Propelled Gun Truck

Mounting the 102/35 Ansaldo Cannon


Country of Origin/Used by: Italy
First Produced/Service Dates: 1915- Mounting the 102/35 Cannon
1916- Mounting the 105/29 Cannon
Manufactured by: Truck: SPA (SocietÓ Piemontese Automobili); Cannon: Ansaldo AB
Armament: (1) 102mm Cannon
Miscellaneous Info: The first of two versions of this vehicle was named the Autocannone da 102/35 su SPA 9000C.  It used the chassis of the SPA 9000C 5-Ton truck mounting the Schneider et Cie. designed and Ansaldo built, 102/35 Naval gun.  Those guns were normally used on Italian Destroyers, but a number were diverted for use with these vehicles. 

The second version appeared soon afterwards and instead mounted the superior 105/29 cannon.  The main visual differences between the two versions centers on the cannon.  The earlier 102/35 gun had a short recuperator mounted over the barrel. The later 105/29 had a long recuperator, but mounted under the barrel.  In addition, the earlier vehicle mounted the 102/35 in the center of the rear load bed, whereas the later 105/29 was mounted at the extreme rear of the vehicle.  Both versions used long stabilizer trails, but as the truck couldn't handle that extra weight, they were carried separately on cargo vehicles. After the war, the 102/35 cannon were removed from the SPA trucks and reportedly returned to the Navy.  Regardless, in the 1930's the cannon were repurposed and fitted with modernized fire control systems.  They were then mounted on contemporary Fiat 634N heavy Trucks, and saw service in World War Two as the Fiat 634N 102/35 Self-Propelled Gun Truck.
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  SPA 9000C 102/35 Self-Propelled Gun Truck Photo Iveco Oto Melara Consortium
  SPA 9000C 102/35 Self-Propelled Gun Truck Photo Wikimedia Commons via "freeforumzone.leonardo.it"
  SPA 9000C 105/29 Self-Propelled Gun Truck Photo Nicola Pignato via Ralph Riccio- Elverson, Pennsylvania USA

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