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Saladin Mark 2 Armored Car



Courtesy of Lt. Col. Dick Taylor (RTR) - Blandford Forum, Dorset, UK


F Sqn 3RTR SBA (Cyprus 1986-88)


A close-up of Dick Taylor in his Saladin named 'FOOTE VC'


Each vehicle had a name starting with F.  Dick's best mate, Mick Woodall, chose to use 'FLATULENT' as his Saladin's name.


One of the Squadron's twelve (12) Saladins. Six (6) were routinely operated, 1 per troop, with 1 additional Saladin per troop in "light preservation" and which were operated at least once a year on ranges.


Preparing for firing at Akamas, Cyprus.  One crewman can be seen aligning the sights using a muzzle boresight.


 76mm main gun firing at Akamas ranges.  In this case it was indirect firing at a range of around 3-4 miles.


Dick's "Sally", 'FOOTE VC' ended up being used as a gate guardian in the camp in Episkopi, Cyprus.  It is now in private hands in UK being fully restored.