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Simba Armored Personnel Carrier


Country of Origin/Used by: Philippines
First Produced/Service Dates: Early 1990's
Manufactured by: BAE Land Systems (Originally GKN Defence)
Crew: 2+8
Armament: Turret Configurations: (1) 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun or (1) 20mm or 25mm Cannon & (1) 7.62mm MG
Engine: 6 Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: GKN Defence developed this vehicle as private venture for the export market.
Data Sheet Available:   None Available


Reference Source/Provider
Simba APC Photos Jaizon Allas - IPMS- Philippines Bert Anido
Simba APC Photos "Blackhand" - Philippines
Simba APC Photos Ian Young - Great Britain
  Simba APC with 90mm Cannon Photo (Vehicle Never Went into Production?) Dave Haugh - Content Editor

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