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Simms Motor War Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Great Britain
First Produced/Service Dates: 1902
Manufactured by: Chassis: Frederick Simms & Company; Armor: Vickers, Sons & Maxim, Ltd.
Crew: 4 (up to 12 if used as an armored personnel carrier)
Armament: Front: (2) .303 Maxim Machine Guns; Rear: (1) Quick Fire 1 Pounder Cannon.
Engine: (4) Cylinder Daimler Gasoline/Heavy Oil
Miscellaneous Info:

In 1901 following his Motor Scout, Frederick Simms made another attempt at an improved model of self-propelled military vehicle in the form of a boat-shaped vehicle that ran on rail tracks.  Although promising, the rail version disappeared, but was quickly followed by Simms larger, wheeled version in the form of his Motor War Car.  Although only one was built and Simms designs never went any further, this vehicle is considered to be THE first armored car ever produced.


The original design of the War Car showed it would be fitted with two fully-enclosed machine gun turrets: fore and aft.  However, there is no information or photographs that indicate the turrets were ever fitted to the vehicle built.  In addition, as Simms was very involved with Englandís Daimler Company, Ltd., he used modified versions of one of their chassis and engines for this vehicle.

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