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T2/T2E1 37mm Gun Motor Carriage

T2 37mm GMC


Country of Origin/Used by: USA 
First Produced/Service Dates: 1941-1942
Manufactured by: American-Bantam Company
Crew: T2 = 2 or 3
T2E1 = 2
Armament: (1) M3 37mm Anti-Tank Gun
Engine: 4-Cylinder Gasoline (Continental)
Miscellaneous Info: The T2 and T2E1 37mm Gun Motor Carriage (GMC) designs were all mounted on the Bantam BRC-40 Reconnaissance Car.   The basic difference between the T2 and T2E1 vehicles was that the single T2 version mounted the 37mm gun to allow it to fire towards the front of the vehicle, while the multiple T2E1 versions mounted the anti-tank gun to fire toward the rear of the vehicle. 

The first version of this series was the forward firing T2, which was based on an unmodified BRC-40.  While testing, it became readily apparent that the design was severely lacking due to the limited firing traverse of the gun.  Also, it was first noted at this time that the weight of the anti-tank gun severely overloaded the BRC-40's chassis.  Therefore very soon afterward, the second design of this vehicle series appeared: the T2E1 (Version 1).  This version was mounted on a modified and stripped down BRC-40 vehicle, with the 37mm cannon mounted on a special gun pedestal designed by Cavalry Officer B.Q. Jones.  The "Jones Mount"  allowed the gun to now fire over the rear of the vehicle and which provided it with 360 degree traverse; but only at limited elevations due to interference with the vehicle's driver seat and fuel tank.  

To further attempt to eliminate the problems associated with this vehicle, the third design was created: the T2E1 (Version 2). This version went back to using an unmodified BRC-40 vehicle.  It also fitted the 37mm cannon to fire over the rear of the vehicle, but it used a different gun mount to improve the cannon's traverse at all elevations.  Although an improvement, this new design was still bascially a badly overloaded vehicle.  If this vehicle series was to ever be adopted for service as a successful weapons system, the problem of the overloaded chassis would have to be solved.

The search for a solution to this problem led to the fourth and last version of this series: the T2E1 (Version 3): of which 11 were reported to have been built.  Once again, the BRC-40 was stripped down of all unnecessary parts and body panels to eliminate excess weight.  Also, the vehicle retains the rear-firing cannon, but the gun was mounted in a different position to help improve the vehicle's center of gravity. This change caused the driver's seat and the steering wheel to also be pushed forward as well.  Unfortunately, even with all the changes and modifications made to the vehicles, the design ultimately did not succeed and all remaining T2/T2E1's were reconverted back to BRC-40's. While other efforts would continue with the Ford and Willys 1/4-ton trucks to mount anti-tank weapons, this was the last US attempt to adapt the Bantam to carry them. 

* The well-respected references listed below differ quite dramatically on a lot of information regarding this vehicle series: even basic details such as the number of versions.  Therefore, we have done our best to interpret the data (paying special attention to contemporary photographs) in order to decide what information to provide here.   
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T2 37mm Gun Motor Carriage Photo (Above) Dave Haugh - Content Editor
  T2E1 37mm Gun Motor Carriage (Version 2) Photo Dave Haugh
T2E1 37mm Gun Motor Carriage (Version 3) Photos Dave Haugh

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