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Type 6616 Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Italy (Also used by Peru & Somalia)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1972
Manufactured by: FIAT/Oto Melara
Crew: 3
Armament: Turret: (1) 20mm Cannon; Co-Axial: (1) 7.62mm machine gun.
Engine: (4) Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: This vehicle also shares many of the same parts and components as the Type 6614 APC and is fully amphibious.  Other turrets/weapons can be fitted including 25mm, 60mm and 90mm Cannon and 106mm recoilless rifle.
Data Sheet Available:   None Available


Reference Source/Provider
  Peruvian Type 6616 Armored Car Photo (and Above) Lewis Mejia - Peru
  Somali Type 6616 Armored Car Turret Photo US Department of Defense via Mark Holloway

References Available


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Type 6616 Armored Car Information & Photos Army Guide.com
Peruvian Type 6616 Armored Car Photos #1 (via Jose Luis Silva Chang) Prime Portal.com
Peruvian Type 6616 Armored Car Photos #2 (via Jose Luis Silva Chang) Prime Portal.come


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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Model Kit Manufacturer Scale Other Information
Type 6616 Armored Car Model Kit (72019) Mr. Panzer/Brach Models 1/72 Resin.
Type 6616 Armored Car Model Kit (87046) MR Modellbau 1/87 Resin.

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