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Vector Protected Patrol Vehicle (PPV)


Country of Origin/Used by: Great Britain
First Produced/Service Dates: 2007
Manufactured by: BAE Systems Land Systems
Crew: 2+4
Armament: (2) L7A2 7.62mm GPMG
Engine: (5) Cylinder Turbo Diesel
Miscellaneous Info:

The Vector Protected Patrol Vehicle (PPV) is built on the chassis of the Pinzgauer 718 6x6 Utility Vehicle.  The PPV was designed to replace the CAV 100 “Snatch” Land Rover as they were found to be vulnerable to IED’s attacks by insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq.  However, as the Vector also has a flat bottom hull, it did not perform up to expectations and was soon withdrawn from frontline patrol duties as well. 


The main variant of the Vector is the troop carrier/APC, which can also be easily and quickly modified to a command vehicle or electronic warfare vehicle.  The other official variant of the PPV is the Ambulance, of which a very small number(12?) are in service. 

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