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Heavy Armored Car (7.5cm)


Country of Origin/Used by: Germany
First Produced/Service Dates: 1941
Manufactured by: Deutsche Werke, Schichau
Crew: 3
Armament: Main: 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 Howitzer;  Secondary: 7.92mm MG42
Engine: 8 Cylinder Gasoline (Bussing-NAG L8V)
Miscellaneous Info: The Sdkfz 233 Heavy Armored Car (7.5cm) (Schwerer Panzerspahwagen-7.5cm) is based on the same chassis as the SDKFZ 231/232 Fu Heavy Armored Car (8-Wheel) and Sdkfz 263 Armored Radio Car (8-Wheel).
Data Sheet Available:   Sdkfz 233 Heavy Armored Car (7.5cm) Data Sheet by David Haugh


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Review by Patrick Keenan at the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS) Website

Henry Hoppe
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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Model Kit Manufacturer Scale Other Information
SdKfz.233 8-Rad Panzerspahwagen Model kit (AF35233)   AFV Club 1/35 Injection Molded Plastic; New Tooled.  Coming Soon as of April 2015.
SDKFZ 233 7.5cm Armored Car Kit (Mod 1942) Model Kit (CB35127) Bronco Models 1/35 Injection Molded Plastic.
SDKFZ 233 Armored Car Kit (0706) Roden 1/72 Injection Molded Plastic.
Aftermarket Item Manufacturer Scale Other Information
Sd.Kfz. 233 Accessory Set (T35176) Black Dog 1/35 Resin; For the AFV Club Kit
75mm K51 L/24 Turned Barrel(35-327) Elefant Model Accessories 1/35 Turned Aluminum with Resin Mantlet; For Italeri Model kit.
SdKfz 233 7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24 Stummel Armored Car Conversion (GAS48121) Gaso.Line 1/48 Resin; Use with Tamiya SDKFZ 232 Kit
Sdkfz 232 Series Wheel Set (35090) Hussar Productions 1/35 Resin.
SDKFZ 233 Conversion JP Hobby 1/35 Resin; Use with Tamiya SDKFZ 232 Kit
Sdkfz 232 8-wheeled armored car series Tire Chains (AVM35046) Minor Model 1/35 Photo Etched brass; Contains enough material for 4 wheels.  Set for use with the AFV Club Series of model kits.
Sd.Kfz.231/232/263 (8 Rad) Short Exhaust Pipes Moskit 1/35  
SDKFZ 233 (Early) Conversion (3515) New Connection Models 1/35 Resin; Use with Tamiya SDKFZ 232 Kit
7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 Rifled Gun Barrel (35B130) RB Models 1/35 Turned Aluminum.
SdKfz. 231/232 Wheel/Tire Set Royal Model 1/35  
German Armored Car Lifting Hook-Riveted (10027) Tiger Model Designs 1/35 Resin; Useable on Sdkfz 231 Series of vehicles (Check references)

Model Photos

Reference Source/Provider
Sdfkz 222 & 233 Panzerspahwagen Diorama Photos (1/35- Tamiya) John Staehle - Deming, New Mexico USA