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Crocodile Mine & Ambush Protected (MAP) Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
First Produced/Service Dates: 1977
Manufactured by: Automotive Components: Isuzu Motors, Ltd., Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. or Toyota Motor Company; Armor & Fabrication: Morewear Engineering, Ltd. & Zambesi Coachworks, Ltd.
Crew: 2+16
Armament: (1) 7.62mm Machine Gun, 12.7mm Heavy MG or 14.5mm HMG.  Some vehicles ("E-Type") were fitted with a small turret in the rear bed, mounting a 7.62mm MG.
Engine: 6-Cylinder Diesel?
Miscellaneous Info:

Due to the success of the earlier Puma Mine & Ambush Protected (MAP) Vehicle, the Rhodesians decided to build an improved troop carrier, which was named the Crocodile MAP. The Crocodile also used the chassis/automotive components of commercially available Isuzu or Nissan built 5-Ton 4x2 General Service trucks. However, when Toyota-built vehicles later became available, those were utilized as well.  Crocodiles are very similar to the earlier Pumas, but had integrated cab/rear troop compartments (which were easier to manufacture) and higher rear armor. Also, most Crocodiles could be armed with pintle-mounted light to medium weapons; the "E-Type" convoy escort vehicles even being fitted with "dustbin" turrets, mounting light machine guns. 


The most common version of the Crocodile was the Troop Carrying Vehicle (TCV), although a few other "variants" were also built, but in smaller numbers.  These other variants were the aforementioned "E-Type" convoy escort vehicle, Light TCV (with lower rear armor) and the Jackal.  The Jackal had a portion of the rear armor removed, and was used as a service vehicle by the civilian Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (PTC).  Following the Croc, the MAP 7.5 Vehicle was created following the same armored truck concept, but updating and improving it. One interesting note about the Crocodile was that some were lent to the U.S. Marines for convoy protection during their deployment in Somalia, circa 1992.

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