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Bussing A5P Armored Car



Country of Origin/Used by: Germany
First Produced/Service Dates: 1916
Manufactured by: Chassis/Construction: Bussing NAG; Armored Hull: Friedrich Krupp Grusonwerk, AG
Crew: 10
Armament: (2) 7.92 Maxim Model 08 Machine Guns & (1) spare MG.  (1) 20mm "Becker" Cannon was added later, but quickly removed soon after due to its unwieldly length.
Engine: 6-Cylinder Petrol
Miscellaneous Info: After encountering Allied armored cars, in October 1914 the German Army finally decided to initiate an armored car construction program of their own. Bussing, Daimler and Erhardt were the firms selected and each company submitted one vehicle to the German Army, which were quickly issued to frontiline troops.  The Bussing armored car experienced trouble from the start due to its large size and heavy weight. Ultimately, only one (1) car was built, although some sources quote the number being three (3).  The A5P reportedly saw limited action in Romania, Russia and even possibly in the German Civil War, but sources are limited and conflicting. 
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Bussing A5P Armored Car Model Kit Barrage Miniatures 1/56 Resin
Bussing A5P Armored Car Model Kit (1-045) Commander Models, Inc. 1/35 Resin and Photoetched Brass.
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