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Decal Review

Archer Fine Transfers 1/35 27th Armoured Brigade (UK)

Humber Scout Car Markings

By Patrick Keenan - Aurora, Illinois USA

Basic Item Information


27th Armoured Brigade (UK) Humber Scout Car Markings Set

Stock Number



Archer Fine Transfers




Dry Transfer Markings

Kit Contents

Enough transfers to mark one vehicle

Retail Price

$6.95 USD


Patrick Keenan

Review Date

January 31, 2008 (Amended 2/7/08)

Review Summary*

Review Type

First Look

Basic Positive Features

Colorful and Interesting Markings option for the Humber Scout Car

Basic Negative Features

Only one specific vehicle can be modeled

Overall Rating

4.58 of 5.0

Accuracy Rating


Ease of Use


Print Quality/ Detail Level





Highly Recommended

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Detailed Review


After the posting of my review, I was contacted by Bob Gregory, the researcher of the markings sheet.  Not only did he send me a photo of the vehicle in question, he also provided clarifications and corrected info.  Therefore, I’ve made changes based upon this new information.  Thanks to Bob for the new information and the photo.

Archer Fine Transfers has been a player in the aftermarket armor markings game for a long time now.  They do have some traditional water-slide decals available, but their bread and butter is dry transfers.  For those of you who do not know what dry transfers are, they are markings that you do NOT have to use water to apply, but instead you gently rub them on with a blunt tool or object, when they are dry.  You can use Archer’s dry transfers wet, but you would have to take additional steps to do so.

The benefit of using dry transfers over water-slide decals is that dry transfers are usually more realistic in appearance because they appear painted on like real vehicle markings.  This better appearance is due to the transfers not having excess carrier film and also being (generally) thinner than water slide decals.  Thusly, transfers will snuggle down and hug the object better.

This review is on another of Archer’s latest markings releases, these specifically representing a Humber Scout Car (vehicle number F195753) in the British 27th Armoured Brigade just before, during and right after the 1944 Normandy amphibious landings. The set provides transfers to mark one model kit as Humber Scout Car F195753. 

F195753 was initially equipped with deep wading gear for the Normandy Landing (and then they were discarded soon after) and it carried a single .303 BREN gun with drum magazine.  Please note: the markings placard states incorrectly that the vehicle mounted a twin Vickers “K” gun. This change has already been made to subsequent releases.  Thanks to markings researcher Bob Gregory for the information.  

You can use the 1/35 Bronco Models kit as is or the SKP Model Humber Scout Car model kit with a change to the armament provided to represent F195753. 



Please note: Initially I had stated that I had no photos of the specific vehicle but the accuracy of the markings appeared correct based upon my references and additional research.  However, markings researcher Bob Gregory subsequently contacted me and provided me with a photo of F195753 as well as another photo of an AFV also in the 27th.  I can now say that the accuracy of the vehicle is correct based upon his photos.  Thanks again to Bob.

Ease of Use
Not Applicable

Print Quality/ Detail Level

The quality of this set of dry transfers is of the typical high quality of other Archer sets.  The transfers are micro-thin and are printed completely in register with no color overrun.  This set is printed in black, white, blue, yellow and red colors and relatively colorful when compared to many Archer sets. The colors are vibrant and the text represented is very clear.


The instructions Archer provides for this transfer set are very good.  They are in full color and show exactly which marking goes where.  There is no confusion and they are very easy to use. 

The only problem (which has already been corrected in later releases) is the instructions erroneously mention the vehicle mounting a twin Vickers “K” gun.  Actually, it mounted a single .303 BREN gun with drum magazine.  Thanks to markings researcher Bob Gregory for the information. 

You can use the 1/35 Bronco Models kit as is or the SKP Model Humber Scout Car model kit with a change to the armament  to represent F195753.  The instructions also highlighted another unique aspects of the vehicle represented; specifically that F195753 had initially sported deep wading gear for the Normandy Landing.


The 1/35 Archer Fine Transfers British 27th Armoured Brigade marking set for the Humber Scout is again up to Archer’s high quality standards.  Although the set only allows for one specific vehicle to be modeled, I am glad to see some colorful and interesting marking options made available for the Humber.

Rating = Highly Recommended

Thanks to Woody Vondracek and Archer Fine Transfers for the Review Sample

Copyright: Patrick Keenan - January 31, 2008