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Product Review: Archer Fine Transfers

US Women at War Propaganda Posters

By Steve Allen - Monticello, Iowa

Basic Item Information


US Women At War Propaganda Posters

Stock Number



Archer Fine Transfers


1/35 (can be modified to other scales)


Ultra Thin Paper

Kit Contents

19 Posters

Retail Price

$5.95 USD


Steve Allen

Review Date

December 16, 2007

Review Summary*

Review Type

First Look

Overall Rating

9 of10

Quality Rating

10 of 10

Variety Rating

8 of 10


Highly Recommended

* For information regarding the review terms, grading scale, etc. please go to the WarWheels Review FAQ/Key


Product Review

Unlike the majority of Archer transfers, this set is NOT a rubdown transfer or decal set.  It is printed on soft, thin paper and is designed to be mounted using a suitable white glue. The posters are printed using waterproof ink and are beautifully rendered. 

There are fifteen different posters, four of which are reproduced in two sizes, giving a total of nineteen in all. There is no trace of any colour being out of register and the printing is sharp and clear. The posters are various sizes, the largest scaling out at 4 x 39 and the smallest 29x 19

The big question is, how useful is this set? Since it depicts American woman either joining the services or engaging in war work there is very little scope for its use in war theatre dioramas. However if the subject is home (US) based then these are ideal for use in a street or factory scene. The scale also limits its use for aircraft modelers except perhaps for 1/32nd scale.  I was hard pressed to think of a scenario for War Wheels but I guess maybe an M8 Greyhound on a factory test run or something like that would be fine.

Im sure there is a modeler somewhere who has been crying out for a set of posters like this. He (or she) wont be disappointed with Archers' offering.

Quality Rating = 10/10

Variety Rating = 8/10 (no Rosie the Riveter)

Overall rating = 9/10:  Highly Recommended

Thanks to Woody Vondracek and Archer Fine Transfers for the Review Sample

Copyright: Steve Allen - December 16, 2007