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Breda 51 & 52

90/53 Self-Propelled Gun Truck

Breda 52


Country of Origin/Used by: Italy
First Produced/Service Dates: 1941
Manufactured by: Truck: Breda (Societa Italiana Ernesto Breda per Costruzioni Meccaniche); Cannon: Ansaldo AB
Armament: (1) 90mm Dual-Purpose Cannon (Ansaldo Model 39/41)
Engine: 6-Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: The idea of mounting the powerful Ansaldo Model 39/41 90/53 dual-purpose (anti-aircraft/anti-tank) gun on a mobile platform was envisioned separately, yet almost simultaneously by both Ansaldo and by the General Staff of the Regio Esercito (Royal Italian Army). This new initiative resulted from witnessing the German's use of the 88mm cannon in France. The General Staff planned both wheeled and tracked versions of this mobile gun platform, and as a result they requested Ansaldo to mount their gun on both the Lancia 3 Ro 4x2 and the Breda 51 "Coloniale" 6x4 trucks. The former was referred to as the Autocannone da 90/53 su Lancia 3 Ro, and the latter Autocannone da 90/53 su Breda 51 or 52. 

As the Breda 51 truck did not perform satisfactorily, the chassis was reinforced and strengthened, becoming the new Breda 52. About 20 vehicles were built using the Breda 51 and approximately 90 used the Breda 52.  The search for more capable vehicles continued and the plan was to use the SPA "Dovunque" 41 truck and to create the purpose-built Breda Type 102 90/53 Armored Self-Propelled Gun. However, those did not come to fruition as only one of each prototype was built.  
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  Breda 51 90/53 Self-Propelled Gun Truck Photo Ralph Riccio- Elverson, Pennsylvania USA
      Breda 52 90/53 Self-Propelled Gun Truck Photos Royal Italian Army (Regio Esercito)

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