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Cashuat Light Assault Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: El Salvador
First Produced/Service Dates: 1985
Manufactured by: Chassis: Dodge: Armor: US Army Tank Automotive Command; Assembled in El Salvador.
Crew: 3 +7?
Armament: Various Weapons Packages including pintle mounted M60D 7.62mm machine guns, M2HB .50 cal Heavy Machine Gun (also turret mounted as well) and HS 404 20mm Cannon (from Ouragan Jet Fighter).  Some vehicles sported a dual mounted M2HB .50 cal MG and even M79 40mm grenade launchers.
Engine: Inline 3 Cylinder Detroit Diesel Model 353 Engine.
Miscellaneous Info: This vehicle is based upon the US Dodge 3/4 ton M37B Utility Truck. This vehicle type has been modified a number of times, including different armament packages and the addition of a dual-road wheel rear suspension.  "Cashuat" means "Horse" in the Indigineous Nahuat Language.  The Cashuat was replaced in service by the Blindado Caza Tanque A1 (BCT-A1).
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