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Blindado Caza Tanque A1 (BCT-A1)


Country of Origin/Used by: El Salvador
First Produced/Service Dates: 2011
Manufactured by: Salvadoran Military Industries
Armament: (2) HS-404 20mm Cannon* (from Ouragan Jet Fighter)
Engine: 175hp Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: The Blindado Caza Tanque A1 (BCT-A1) (In English, "Armored Tank Hunter Model 1"*) was developed as a replacement for the Salvadoran Cashuat Light Assault Vehicles and Panhard AML-90 Armored Cars.  The BCT-A1 sprouted from the previous "Armored Vehicle Project M" vehicle prototype developed in the mid 2000's.  It recycled the "Project M's" base Ford 250 5 1/2 ton truck (fitted with a more powerful engine), but completely changed the former's design.  The change in design included moving the engine to the rear and the fitting of a fighting capsule in front.  Unofficially, the vehicle is called the "Garrabo", which translates to "Lizard" (Black Iguana) in English.  The BCT-TA was supplanted by the later BCT-A2, which is of a more traditional design, and thusly quite different in appearance.

*The light 20mm cannon used has some capability to destroy enemy armor due to the use of armored piercing (AP) ammunition.
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BCT-A1 Photos Julio Montes - California, USA

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"Salvadorian Armed Forces Research and Development Center" by Julio Montes Small Arms Defense Journal


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