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M1040/ M1041

Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)



Country of Origin/Used by: USA (and Portugal)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1982 - Early 1990's
Manufactured by: Chenowth Racing Products, Inc. (Contracted by Emerson Electric Corporation)
Crew:  2
Armament: Main: (1) 7.62 M60 Machine Gun, .50cal M2HB Heavy MG, 40mm Mk19 Automatic Grenade Launcher or TOW Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launcher. Secondary: (1) M60 7.62 MG. Also, two AT-4 Anti-Tank weapons could be carried.
Engine: (4) Cylinder Gasoline
Miscellaneous: Based upon the civilian Chenowth 2LWD 4x2 Sandrail (Dune Buggy), the Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV) was specifically designed for use by the new concept US High Technology Light Division (HTLD).  The HTLD was made up of personnel from the 9th Infantry Division. The purpose of the vehicle was to conduct high-speed raids and reconnaissance.  Two main variants were created, which were based upon the primary mission and defined by the main armament it carried: the M1040, which mounted the M60 MG, M2HB HMG or MK 19 AGL, and the M1041, which was fitted with the TOW ATGM.

The HTLD concept was eliminated in approximately 1986, however a small number of vehicles still served on a very limited basis with the US into the early 1990's; and later with Portugal.  Although the HTLD concept was gone, the original roles envisioned for the FAV remained a priority, but on a smaller scale: Special Operations missions. As a result a new, upgraded version of the FAV (later renamed the Desert Patrol Vehicle) was designed and ultimately used by the US Navy's SEAL Teams.
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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Model Kit Manufacturer Scale Other Information
Fast Attack Vehicle Model Kit (82406) Hobby Boss 1/35 Injection Molded Plastic.
Fast Attack Vehicle Model Kit 1/35 Multi-Media
Aftermarket Set Manufacturer Scale Other Information
Delta Force FAV Accessory Set (T35220) Black Dog 1/35 Resin. For the Hobby Boss Kit
FAV Mount & MK19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher Set (LF3D053) Legend Productions 1/35 Resin. For the Hobby Boss Kit

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