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Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle - Light




Country of Origin/Used by: Australia
First Produced/Service Dates: 2019 -To go into production
Manufactured by: Thales Group (Australia)
Crew: 2-Door = 3
4-Door = 5
Armament: Can be fitted with a Remote Control Weapons System mounting a 5.56mm Machine Gun, 7.62mm MG, 12.7mm HMG, 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher or Guided Missiles/Rockets
Engine: 6-Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: The Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle-Light (PMV-L) is but one of the many initiatives of the wide-ranging Project Land 121, which seeks to modernize the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). The armored Hawkei is the vehicle that the ADF plans to fill its command, liaison, utility and reconnaissance roles, currently performed by the un-protected Mercedes-Benz LKW Geländewagen "G-Wagens" and "Perentie" Land Rovers. The Hawkei is built in two (2) basic configurations; the two-door and the four-door versions.  Possible variants/roles of the Hawkei are Border Security, Command/Liaison, Electronic Warfare, Reconnaissance/Surveillance, Special Operations and Utility/Cargo.  As of 2018, The PMV-L is in the final testing phase with the ADF and full-scale production is expected to commence sometime in 2019.  The Hawkei PMV-L is named after venomous Barkly Tableland death adder, which is found around Queensland.
Data Sheet Available:   Hawkei PMV-L Sales Brochure (Thales Australia)


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