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M1301 Infantry Squad Vehicle



Country of Origin/Used by: USA
First Produced/Service Dates: Selected for Service in 2020. Planned as operational in 2021.
Manufactured by: GM Defense, LLC & Ricardo PLC.
Crew: Up to 9 depending on configuration
Armament: None stated, but most likely 5.56mm Machine Gun, 7.62mm MG, 12.7mm Heavy MG, and 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher will be able to be mounted.
Engine: 4 Cylinder Turbo-Diesel (2.8L Duramax I4)
Miscellaneous Info: In 2019, the U.S. Army commenced the Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) program. The purpose of that program was to select a new light-weight vehicle capable of moving the soldiers and equipment of the U.S. Army's Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCT) quickly over different types of complex terrain.  The new ISV is also required to be able to be helicopter-transportable via UH-60 (sling-loaded) and internally by the CH-47, as well as deployable via LVADS (Low-Velocity Airdrop Delivery System) by C-17 or C-130 aircraft.

Prototype contracts were awarded to three (3) groups to produce vehicles for testing.  The groups were the Flyer Defense, LLC./Oshkosh Defense Consortium (Flyer 72), GM Defense, LLC/Ricardo PLC Consortium (Infantry Squad Vehicle) and Polaris, Inc./Science Application International Corporation Consortium (DAGOR A1). After rigorous testing and evaluation of the vehicles, in June 2020 the U.S. Army selected the GM Defense/Ricardo Infantry Squad Vehicle entry.  Their ISV is based on the civilian Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Pick-up design, using approximately 70% commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) parts.  As of the date of this entry, the U.S. Army plans to have the first vehicles delivered to the 1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne division by late 2021, which it has designated the M1301.
Data Sheet Available:   Infantry Squad Vehicle Specifications Sheet (GM Defense)


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