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Land Rover Series 1

SAS Patrol Vehicle



Country of Origin/Used by: Great Britain
First Produced/Service Dates: Approximately 1955 - Early 1960's
Manufactured by: Chassis: Land Rover; Vehicle Conversion: SAS Regiment Workshops
Crew: 3
Armament: Front (Passenger/Commander): Dual .303 Vickers "K" (air) Machine Guns; Rear: (1) M2HB .50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun or (1) .30 cal Browning MG.  Also, (1) .303 BREN MG was stowed next to the Driver's seat.  The previous weapons package was considered "standard", however variations were common based upon crew preferences and/or mission.
Engine: (4) Cylinder Petrol
Miscellaneous Info: The first Special Air Service (SAS) Land Rover Series 1 Patrol Vehicles were created by simply stripping down and modifying short wheel base (with 86 inch chassis) Land Rover Series 1 vehicles. The changes do not appear to have been officially standardized, but common modifications included the addition of weapons/mounts, an upgraded suspension, the raising of the front passenger's seat (for improved vision/firing of the front weapons) and the addition of an auxiliary fuel tank.  Subsequently produced vehicles were finally standardized, although ultimately very similar to the first models.  The most notable change was the later vehicles were built on the newer, longer 88 inch Series 1 chassis.  Once the Land Rover Series 2/2A models became available, subsequent patrol vehicles were built on those platforms and the iconic SAS "Pink Panther" Patrol Vehicle was born.
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