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M1078 "War Pig" Special Forces Vehicle


First Produced/Service Dates:


Manufactured by:

Stewart & Stevenson Services (Now part of BAE Land Systems)

Crew: 4 (can carry more or less depending on the mission)
Armament: There appear to be two (2) "standard" weapons stations on this type of vehicle.  One is located at the Truck Commander’s/ front-right position and the other is contained in the middle of the rear cargo bed. However, there have been reports that additional weapons stations have been added for some missions, specifically at one or both rear corners of the vehicle. Many weapons packages can be fitted to this vehicle to offer its crew mission flexibility.  However, it appears that the front position is commonly fitted with the 7.62mm M240 Machine Gun, the main rear weapon station is equipped with either a .50 cal M2HB HMG or 40mm Mk19/M47 Automatic Grenade Launcher and the secondary rear-corner stations were fitted with the M240 MG as well.  Anti-Tank weapons such as the AT-4 and Javelin can also be carried as needed.
Engine: 6 Cylinder Turbo-Diesel
Miscellaneous Info:

The 'War Pig' is a heavily modified M1078 2 1/2 Ton Truck Chassis in the FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle) series of trucks used by US Army Special Forces.  A small number of M1083 5-ton "War Pigs" were also built for use by Special Forces as well. The vehicles are first stripped down removing unnecessarily weight and parts before being fitted with specialized equipment including additional weapons, communications gear and upgraded automotive components (i.e. strengthened suspension springs).  There have also been reports that applique ("hillbilly") armor packages have been fitted to some War Pigs in the field.

The War Pigs are used by Operational Detachment- Bravo (B-Teams) which are Headquarters elements of US Special Forces Companies.  The “B-Teams” are tasked to support the Operational Detachment Alpha (A-Team) fighting forces, and use the War Pigs as mobile supply bases to carry extra ammunition, fuel, spare parts and other supplies that may be needed on long operations.

To view the specifications and references common to ALL variants, please refer to the FMTV Series Index linked above.

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M1078 "War Pig" Special Forces Vehicle Photo - 5th Special Forces Group in Operation Iraqi Freedom (Above) US Army

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M1078 "War Pig" Special Forces Vehicle Information & Photos American Special Ops Website




Reference Author
Special Operations Patrol Vehicles: Afghanistan and Iraq (Osprey Publishing) Leigh Neville


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