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M325 Command Car "Nun Nun"

Patrol Vehicle/Weapons Carrier


Country of Origin/Used by: Israel (and others)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1970
Manufactured by: Israeli Automotive Industries, Ltd.
Crew: 2 +12
Armament: As fitted by Users
Engine: 6 Cylinder
Miscellaneous Info: Created in two versions, Patrol Vehicle and Weapons Carrier/Troop Transport/Towing Vehicle.  The Carrier Version was made into two versions - A & B.  These vehicles were widely exported to other countries in Africa, Middle East and South America also.
Data Sheet Available:   M325 Commandcar "Nun Nun" Data Sheet by David Haugh


Reference Source/Provider
M325 Command Car "Nun Nun" Variants of the Israel Defense Forces Erik Hendriks - Sittard, Holland
M325 Commandcar "Nun Nun" Photos Dave Haugh - Content Editor

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Shaun Connors
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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Model Kit Manufacturer Scale Other Information
M325 CommandCar "Nun-Nun" Weapons Carrier (Lebanese/IDF Early Version) Model Kit (MP 35-291) MIG Productions 1/35 Resin and Photo Etch.
M325 Commandcar "Nun-Nun" Weapons Carrier (Mid Version) Model Kit (MP 35-290) MIG Productions 1/35 Resin and Photo Etch.
M325 Commandcar "Nun-Nun" (Patrol Version) Model Kit (MM-R001)

Review by Joel Gewirtz
Model-Miniature (France) 1/72 Resin.
M325 Commandcar "Nun-Nun" (Cargo Version) Model Kit (MM-R013) Model-Miniature (France) 1/72 Resin.
M-325 "Nun Nun" model kit with ZPU-1 14.5mm Anti-Aircraft gun (MM-R040)

Review by Joel Gewirtz
Model-Miniature (France) 1/72 Resin.

M-325 Riot Version "Nun-Nun" (Police and Military) model kit ( MM-R101) 

Model Miniature 1/72 Resin.
Aftermarket Set Manufacturer Scale Other Information
Shelter "Gichner Ramim" (MM-R015) Model-Miniature (France) 1/72 Resin. Can be used with the Model-Miniature Cargo Nun Nun.
M325 Nun Nun Decals (MM-D004) Model-Miniature 1/72 Decals.

M325 Nun-Nun Wheels (MM-R084) 

Model Miniature 1/72 Resin.

Model Photos

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