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M38A1 Jeep 1/4 Ton 4x4

Utility Truck


Country of Origin/Used by: USA (but used by many other countries and irregular forces)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1952
Manufactured by: Willys Overland Company (later Willys Motor Inc.), Ford Motor Co. and Nederlandse Kaiser-Frazer (NEKAF)
Crew: 1-3
Armament: Varied by Mission: (1) .30 cal/7.62mm LMG, or (1) .50 cal/12.7mm HMG.  Also, there was a 106mm Recoilless Rifle Armed Mutt = M38A1C Jeep
Engine: 4 Cylinder Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info: Although the M38 (AKA Willys MD) looks very similar to the famed World War 2 Jeep it was an entirely new vehicle.  Used by the US Military from 1952 through the early 1970's and replaced by the M151 Mutt series. 

There was also a civilian version of the M38A1 based called the CJ-5 which was sometimes provided to military forces friendly to the US via the Military Assistance Program.  In IDF service, the CJ-5 was designated the M38 Jeep (not to be confused with the US M38 Jeep which was the predecessor of the M38A1).
Data Sheet Available: M38A1 Jeep Datasheet by David Haugh


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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Model Kit Manufacturer Scale Other Information
M38A1 Jeep Model Kit (35S17) AFV Club 1/35 Injection Molded Plastic; Originally released by Skybow.
IDF 1/4 Ton 4x4 Siyur + Tolar (M38A1/CJ-5 Jeep) Model Set (AF35S99) AFV Club 1/35 Injection molded plastic.  Includes two (2) complete kits, one replicating a scout/recon vehicle and the other carrying a recoilless rifle.
IDF 1/4 Ton M38A1/CJ-5 4x4 Anti-Tank Missile Vehicle (OREV) (AF35S97) AFV Club 1/35 Injection molded plastic. Mounts an Early TOW ATGM weapon.
M38A1 Jeep (Lebanese Civil War) Model Kit (MM-R025). Model Miniature 1/72 Resin.
M-38 Jeep (Ex-IDF) with 106mm M40 Recoilless Gun: decals included  (MM-R042)  Model Miniature 1/72 Resin.
M-38 Jeep (Israeli): decals included (MM-R043)  Model Miniature 1/72 Resin.
Aftermarket Item Manufacturer Scale Other Information
CJ-5 Jeep "Civilian" Conversion (C008) (For Skybow/AFV Club M38A1) Accurate Armour 1/35 Resin and Photo-Etched Brass.
Israeli CJ-5 Recce Vehicle Conversion (C009) (For Skybow/AFV Club M38A1) Accurate Armour 1/35 Resin and Photo-Etched Brass.
M38A1 Jeep Weighted Wheels (35777) FC Model Trend 1/35 3D Printed Resin; For the the AFV Club/Skybow Model Kits.
Workable leaf springs for M38A1 Jeep (VMD35010) Minor Model 1/35 Photo Etched Brass; For AFV Club/Skybow Model Kits
M38 Jeep Wheels (MM-R089). Model Miniature 1/72 Resin.
M38A1 Jeep Wheels with Snow Chains (TWS0083) The Tank Workshop 1/35 Resin
IDF 1/4 Ton 4X4 M38A1/CJ-6 Siyur Jeep Upgrade Set (PE351139) Voyager Model 1/35 Photo-Etched Brass; For the AFV Club Siyur Jeep Kit
IDF 1/4 ton 4X4 M38A1/CJ5 Orev Detail Set (PE351152) Voyager Model 1/35 Photo-Etched Brass; For the AFV Club OREV Jeep Kit

Model Photos

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