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Armored Personnel Carrier


Hungarian PSZH D-944


Country of Origin/Used by: Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany & Iraq
First Produced/Service Dates: 1966
Manufactured by: Hungarian State Arsenals
Crew: 3+6
Armament: Turret: 14.5mm Cannon; Co-Axial: 7.62mm Machine Gun
Engine: (4) Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: This vehicle was developed by the Hungarians as an improvement to the earlier FUG/OT-65 amphibious scout vehicle and used instead of the similar Soviet-built BRDM-2 scout car.  Officially designated PSZH D-944, it has also been referred to as the FUG-2 and PSZH-IV by the Hungarians, Obrnený Transportér vz. 66 (OT-66) by the Czechs and SPW-PSH by the East Germans. Besides the Armored Personnel Carrier, other variants of this series include Agitation/Propaganda Vehicle, Ambulance, Border Patrol Reconnaissance Vehicle, Combat Engineer Vehicle, a number of different Command Vehicles and NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle.
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Hungarian PSZH D-944 APC Photos Major (Retired) Don Allen - Orleans, Ontario Canada
Hungarian PSZH D-944 APC Photos The Massimo Foti Collection

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Hungarian/East German Police PSZH-IV APC Model Kit (72101) Armada 1/72 Resin

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