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Panhard VCR-TT  6x6

Armored Personnel Carrier


Country of Origin/Used by: France and many others (Including Iraq and Mexico)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1979
Manufactured by: Panhard
Crew: 3+9
Armament: Various Weapons Suites: Including primary armament options of 7.62mm machine gun with armored shield, turret mounted 20mm Cannon with 7.62mm co-axial MG. Other options are turreted 12.7mm HMG, 60mm Breach Loaded Mortar, and ring-mounted 7.62mm on the rear.
Engine: (6) Cylinder Petrol Engine
Miscellaneous Info: The precursor to the VCR TT 2 APC.  The VCR TT shares many parts and systems with the ERC-90 6x6 Armored Car.
Data Sheet Available:   Not Available


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Panhard VCR-TT APC Photo (Above- Taken in Iraq) Chris De Haven - Texas, USA

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VCR TT 1 APC Information and Photos Army Guide Website
VCR TT 1 APC Information and Photos Army Recognition Website


Reference Author
Jane's Tank Recognition Guide (4th Edition) Christoper F. Foss
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