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Ratel 60

Infantry Combat Vehicle/Command Vehicle

Variant Specifications*

First Produced/Service Dates: 1980-81
Crew: 3-4+7
Armament: Main: 60mm Breech-Load Mortar: Co-Axial: 7.62mm M1919 Browning Machine Gun (BMG); Turret (Commander's Station): 7.62mm BMG; Anti-Aircraft (Right Rear): 7.62mm BMG
Miscellaneous Info: The primary purpose of the Ratel Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) series was to produce an indigenous South African built Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The result was the main series variant, the Ratel 20 ICV.  All other series variants stem from this vehicle, including the Ratel 60 ICV. 337 were built over its lifetime in the Mark 1, 2 & 3 configurations.  This variant was the most produced in the entire Ratel series.

Unlike other Ratel variants, there was no requirement for a 60mm mortar-armed vehicle to be built. The Ratel 60 ICV's birth came quickly due to necessity and opportunity. At the time, Ratel 20 ICV's were not being built quickly enough due to a shortage of the 20mm main gun. However, there were vehicle hulls ready and waiting for a weapon.  Simultaneously, there was a large surplus of Eland 60 armored car turrets available, due to the retirement of a large number of those.  With very little effort, the Eland 60 turret was simply placed upon the Ratel hulls with little to no modification.  The ease of this conversion stemmed from the fact that the Ratel 20 turret was originally derived from the Eland 60 turret. Additionally, the normally long and complicated vehicle development and acceptance process was eliminated. The Ratel 60 was created as an urgent requirement by the troops without excessive bureaucratic paperwork and red tape.

Like the Ratel 20, the Ratel 60 ICV also had another lesser-known version; the Ratel 60 Command Vehicle (CV).  The CV was built using either Ratel 20 CV or 12.7 CV hulls.  These command hulls utilized the same basic hull and armament as the ICV, however its interior was fitted with equipment to assist commanders in their duties, most notably Artillery Forward Observation Officers for the 60 CV. Hull changes include the addition of air conditioning, fitting of map boards/working tables, more comfortable seating, better lighting and additional communications equipment.  18 Ratel 60 Command Vehicles were produced in only the Mark 2 configuration, although the 60 ICV was most likely used as an ad hoc command vehicle prior.

*For specifications common to all variants in this series of vehicles, go to our Warwheels.net Ratel Index.
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    Ratel 60 ICV Photos South African National Defence Force
Ratel 60 & Ratel 20 ICV Photo SANDF
  Ratel 60 ICV Photo Marius van Aardt - South Africa

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For information common to all variants in this series of vehicles, go to our

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