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Ratel 81 Mortar Carrier

Variant Specifications*

First Produced/Service Dates: 1987
Crew: 2+3
Armament: Main: 81mm M3 Mortar; Turret (Commander's Station): 7.62mm Browning Machine Gun.
Miscellaneous Info: The primary purpose of the Ratel Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) series was to produce an indigenous South African built Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The result was the main series variant, the Ratel 20 ICV.  All other series variants stem from this vehicle, including the Ratel 81 Mortar Carrier. 160 were built over its lifetime in the Mark 2 & 3 configurations. Even though a Ratel Mortar Carrier was envisioned from the start of the vehicle program, the vehicle took many years to put into action.  This delay was caused by a myriad of problems/issues, including bureaucratic as well as technical difficulties; especially with calibration and aiming of the main weapon.  Due to the successful employment of this variant, the larger 120mm M5 mortar was also tested with the Ratel series. Not surprisingly, the variant was named the Ratel 120 Mortar Carrier.  Although its performance was acceptable, no vehicles were produced.

*For specifications common to all variants in this series of vehicles, go to our Warwheels.net Ratel Index.
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Ratel 81 Mortar Carrier Photos Chris Baxter - Owner of BaxMod
  Ratel 81 Mortar Carrier Photo South African National Defence Force

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Ratel 81 Mortar Carrier Information & Photos Weapons-Systems.net

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For information common to all variants in this series of vehicles, go to our

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