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Ratel Logistic Support Vehicle



Country of Origin/Used by: South Africa
First Produced/Service Dates: 1983 (Ready for Production)
Manufactured by: XDM*: BAE Land Systems (Formerly, Sandock-Austral)
ADM**: South African Railways
Crew: 3
Armament: Co-Driver's Position: 12.7mm Heavy Browning Machine Gun
Engine: XDM*: 12-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel (Deutz BF 12 L 413F)
ADM**: 10-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel (MAN D2540 MT)
Miscellaneous Info: The primary purpose of the Ratel Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) series was to produce an indigenous South African built Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The result was the main series variant, the Ratel 20 ICV.  All other series variants stem from this vehicle, including the 8x8 Ratel Logistic Support Vehicle (Log). The Ratel Log was designed to support South African Mechanized Infantry units which used other Ratel variants.  The Log had a payload capacity of 10k kilograms and could carry ALL the supplies needed by a platoon for a week under "normal" operating conditions. One vehicle was designed to carry ammunition, food, fuel, personal equipment, replacement parts and all other materials needed by troops in the field.  To develop the Ratel Log, the army extensively studied military logistics to select the optimum equipment and design of the vehicle.  For example, custom designed containers were developed for the Log so the payload was packed/stored as efficiently as possible.  The Ratel Log was far from a "typical" supply vehicle.

Although 100 vehicles were ordered after successful testing and evaluation, only two (2) prototypes were built before the project was cancelled due to finanical constraints.  The first prototype was referred to as the Exploratory Development Model (XDM*), and the second improved vehicle was named the Advanced Development Model (ADM**).  The main difference between the two vehicles was different engines.  Instead of adopting the Ratel Log, the South African Army decided to instead utilize, the mine-protected Samil 100 Kwvol 10-Ton Truck (with crane).  Although the Samil trucks are known for their toughness and reliability, they reportedly do not match the performance the Ratel Log exhibited.
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Ratel (ADM) Logistic Support Vehicle Photos The Colonel JT "Sarge" Nell Collection via Dr. Stefan Nell
Ratel (XDM) Logistic Support Vehicle Photos Chris Baxter - Owner of BaxMod
  Ratel (XDM) Logistic Support Vehicle Photo "Caracal-Rooikat" via Wikimedia Commons
     Ratel (XDM) Logistic Support Vehicle Photos Lt. Col. Jan Ehlert (Ret) - South Africa

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Ratel Logistic Support Vehicle Information & Photos Military-Today.com

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