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Rolls-Royce Tender (Support Car)


Country of Origin/Used by: Great Britain
First Produced/Service Dates: 1917-1918
Manufactured by: Chassis: Rolls-Royce, Ltd.; Bodywork: British Ordnance Depots
Crew: 1-3?
Armament: (1) Vickers .303 Machine Gun (As Needed)
Engine: 6 Cylinder Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info: During operations in the Middle East by T.E. Lawrence and the Hejaz Armoured Car Battery/Section, non-armored support vehicles ("Tenders") were used to assist them by hauling ammunition, equipment, petrol, rations, supplies, troops and even explosives. These Tenders were initially normal general service supply trucks. However, it was quickly discovered that the supply lorries either broke down quickly and/or could not keep up with the armored cars during operations.  As a solution, the unit had some of the more war weary examples of their Rolls-Royce 1914 Admiralty Turreted Pattern Armored Cars converted into Tenders. These cars had their armor removed and were fitted with wooden bodies in British Ordnance Depots in Alexandria or Cairo, Egypt.  These new vehicles were termed Rolls-Royce Tenders (Support Cars) and numbered about three or four in total.  In fact, the Tenders were so effective in the support role, they were also commonly used for reconnaissance and even in direct action roles, specifically during demolition operations.

the 1914 Pattern armored cars were based on the 40/50 Rolls Royce "Alpine Eagle" (aka "Continental") model chassis, so were most of the Tenders.  The Alpine Eagle was an upgraded version of the normal 40/50 cars, which were commonly known as "Silver Ghosts". Interestingly, the 40/50 cars were not officially known as the Silver Ghost until approximately 1926.  However, there was one exception to the above and it involves the vehicle known as "Blue Mist".
"Blue Mist" is perhaps the most well known of the Tenders as T.E. Lawrence was photographed in it (below).  "Blue Mist" was reportedly the only Tender not converted from a 1914 Pattern Armored Car.  In fact, it started life as an unmodified 1909 40/50 Rolls-Royce Car requisitioned personally by Lawrence himself.  As "Blue Mist" wasn't as robust as the others, it was commonly used as a liaison or command car by the unit.
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