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T66 75mm Gun Motor Carriage


Country of Origin/Used by: USA
First Produced/Service Dates: 1942
Manufactured by: Chevrolet Division of General Motors
Crew: 5?
Armament: Main: (1) 75mm Cannon; Anti-Aircraft Defense: (1) .50 Caliber Machine Gun
Engine: (2) 8-Cylinder Gasoline (Cadillac Liquid-cooled)
Miscellaneous Info: Although the T19E1 Armored Car was deemed too heavy and not adopted, the vehicle's chassis showed promise. At the request of Tank Destroyer Command, a new open-topped turret was fitted to the chassis, mounting the M3 75mm gun. The vehicle was designated T66 75mm Gun Motor Carriage. The vehicle's performance was good, but still deemed too heavy for an efficienct reconnaissance vehicle.  Thusly, it was not adopted.  However, along with the T19E1, the T66 was also tested by the British Desert Warfare Board and found to be superior to the T17E1 Staghound.  However, as the war in North Africa was over, it was decided that vehicles of such size and weight were no longer needed. 
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