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Terrangbil m/42 KP (Karoseri Pansar)

Tgb m/42 D SKPF


Country of Origin/Used by: Sweden and others (Congo, Estonia, India, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania & the United Nations)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1944
Manufactured by: Chassis & Assembly: AB Scania-Vabis & AB Volvo; Armored Hull: Bofors, Broderna Hedlund, Karlstatds Mekaniskawerkstad & Landsverk
Crew: 3+13 to 16
Armament: (1) 8mm Machine Gun (to 1956), (1) Twin 8mm MG's (1956), (2) 7.62mm MG's (1983) or (1) 12.7mm Heavy MG (Baltic Countries only)
Engine: Scania: 4 Cylinder Gasoline (Type 402/1
Volvo: 6 Cylinder Gasoline (FET)
Miscellaneous Info: The Terrangbil m/42 Karoseri Pansar (TGB KP) was designed as a pseudo infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) during World War Two and served well into the 2000's, with only few modifications. Many sources list it as an armored personnel carrier, but as it had firing ports in the rear area, it more resembles a modern IFV instead.  "TGB KP", translated into English is "Terrain Car with Coachwork Armor", but was commonly referred to as the "KP Bil" (KP Car) by its users. Two (2) companies built the chassis, AB Scania-Vabis (SKP) and AB Volvo (VKP). Scania built approximately 300 vehicles, serving longest, until 2004. Volvo built approximately 200 KP Cars, but were only in service to 1970.

Initially, the TGB KP was unarmed, but that was quickly remedied by adding a 8mm machine gun shortly after.  Subsequently in approximately 1956, a twin 8mm machine gun mount was added for more firepower.  Those upgraded vehicles were referred to as SKPF and VKPF, respectively.  The "F" suffix indicated "Fordonsluftvärn" or "vehicular anti-aircraft" in English.  Furthermore, the vehicles used during the United Nations' (UN) Operation In the Congo during the early 1960's, a number of the KP Cars received an armored turret for the twin machine gun mount. Besides being used by the Swedes in UN service, they were used also by India and Ireland, followed by the Congolese.
The last upgrade of the vehicles was done in 1983, but solely to Scania-built vehicles as the Volvo-built vehicles had been retired.  The upgrade was termed "Renovation-Modifikation" (REMO) and the changes consisted of shortened hulls, full roofs, new firing ports, rear doors, new tires and servo brakes.  The official designation of the REMO vehicles was TGB m/42 D SKPF.  Approximately 223 vehicles were upgraded in the following variants: IFV (173), Command Vehicle (Stabterrängbil m/42 A SKP) (16), Ambulance (Sjukterrängbil 9521 A) (23) and Internal Security Vehicle (Terrängbil m/42 E SKPF) (11).  Although retired in 2004 by Sweden, the KP Bil had one more life to live.  That is, after the break-up of the Soviet Union in the late 1980's/early 1990's, Sweden transferred a small number to the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The Baltic vehicles had their Swedish machine guns replaced by a single 12.7mm machine gun.
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