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Land Rover Defender

Utility Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Great Britain (and many others)
First Produced/Service Dates: TUL = 1984-1996
TUM = 1983-1996
Manufactured by: Land Rover
Crew: TUL GS= 2+4
TUM GS = 2+6
Armament: None. However, some of the "specialist" vehicles are armed.
Engine: Multiple Engine Options including (4) Cylinder Diesel, Petrol and Turbo Diesel, (5) Cylinder Turbo Diesel and (8) Cylinder Petrol (TUM Only).
Miscellaneous Info: From 1983 through approximately 1990, this vehicle was designated "Land Rover 90" and "Land Rover 110".  Afterwards, it was then rebranded as "Defender". It is offered in two main variants, the 93 inch wheelbase (often stated as 90 inch) Truck Utility Light (TUL) and the 110 inch wheelbase Truck Utility Medium (TUM), with further differentiations including General Service (GS) or Fitted for Radio (FFR) vehicles, which also come in hard and soft topped configurations.  This vehicle is quite different than its successor, the Defender HS/XD "Wolf" utility vehicle.

Many Defender Land Rovers have been modified for combat duties and are armed and/or armored.  Some examples are the Australian SASR "Perentie" 6x6 Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV), Glover-Webb APV, Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) "Tangi" Armored Patrol Vehicle, SAS 110 Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV), "Snatch" Land Rover (CAV 100), and US Rangers' Special Operations Vehicle (RSOV).
Data Sheet Available:   None Available


Reference Source/Provider
 Land Rover Defender TUM (FFR) Hard Top Clive Elliott - Salisbury, UK
Land Rover Defender TUM (GS) Hard Top Clive Elliott
Land Rover Defender TUL (FFR) Soft Top Clive Elliott
Land Rover Defender TUL Soft Top with 1/2? ton Mark 2 General Service Wide-Track Cargo Trailer Patrick Keenan - Editor
IDF Land Rover Defender Mobile Observation Vehicle Robert Goldman - Kfar Saba, Israel
IDF Land Rover Defender Regel E'tz (Wooden Leg) Reconnaissance Vehicle (Fitted with Benzene V8 Engine) Joel Gewirtz - Northbrook, Illinois USA
Land Rover Defender Variants of the Israel Defense Forces Erik Hendriks - Sittard, Holland
Czech Republic Land Rover Defender Photos Czech Republic Army via Dave Haugh - Content Editor
Italian Land Rover Defender 90 Soft Top Clive Elliott
  Paraquayan Land Rover Defender Pick-Up Photo Dave Haugh - Content Editor

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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Model Kit Manufacturer Scale Other Information
Land Rover Defender 110 with Hard Top (82448) Hobby Boss 1/35 Injection Molded Plastic Model Kit.
Land Rover Defender "Sentinelle/Vigipirate" Model Kit (MM-R192) Model Miniature 1/72 Resin.
Armoured (Tangi or Hotspur?) Land Rover (MM78) Mountford Model Miniatures, Ltd. 1/43 Metal and Resin
RUC Land Rover (Tangi or Hotspur?) (MM107K) Mountford Model Miniatures, Ltd. 1/43 Metal and Resin
Aftermarket Item Manufacturer Scale Other Information
Land Rover "110" (Defender) Chassis Set (LRA007) Accurate Armour 1/35 Multi-Media.
British Land Rovers In the Balkans (35154) Bison Decals 1/35 UNPROFOR, IFOR, SFOR and Macedonia Task Force Harvest (TFH) for Hard/Soft Top TUM Land Rover Defenders
Land Rover Defender Lense and Tailight Set (SKP 127) SKP Model 1/35 Multi-Media; For Hobby Boss Series of Landys.
"Balkan Peacekeepers # 5 - British Land Rover (Defender): UN, IFOR & SFOR" (35-C1028) Star Decals 1/35 Decal Set.

Model Photos

Reference Source/Provider
Irish Army Ranger Wing Land Rover 110 "WMIK" (Converted 1/35 Accurate Armour Kit) Roy Kinsella - Dublin, Ireland