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Austin 1st Series Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Russia
First Produced/Service Dates: 1914
Manufactured by: Austin Motor Company
Crew:  5
Armament: (2) Turrets: Each Fitted with (1) Maxim 7.62mm Machine Gun
Engine: 4 Cylinder Gasoline (30 hp)
Miscellaneous Info: The initial production model of the Austin Armored Car is referred to as the "1st Series" car to differentiate it from the subsequent models of Austins.  The approximately 48 vehicles were built to Russian specifications using the Austin "Colonial" passenger car chassis and mechanical components. Prominent identifying features of the 1st Series cars are the high front cab (which impeded the forward rotation of the machine gun turrets) and the rear hull extending to the end of the chassis.  These vehicles were also equipped with two sets of tires; one set of "road" and the other termed "combat" tires (KT Studded).  The set of tires not in use, were stored in circular lockers which were located at the bottom of the gun turrets.

Upon the arrival of the cars from Great Britain, the Russians immediately thickened the turret armor as they deemed it to be to thin.  That turned out to be accurate and once the cars returned from their first combat experience, the Russians replaced ALL the armor on the cars with thicker plate as well.  However, even though the initial armor was completely replaced, the shape of the vehicles remained the same as the initial dimensions were replicated.  In addition, eventually most of the 1st Series vehicles were also fitted with side mounted machine gun shields. Due to the heavier weight of the new armor, the already stressed chassis and engine became hopelessly insufficient.  As a result, an improved version of this car was quickly designed and produced; the Austin 2nd Series Armored Car.  However, that vehicle did not end the story of the Austin built cars as additional upgraded vehicles followed, including the Austin 3rd Series and Austin 3rd (Improved)/4th Series Armored Cars.
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