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BDX/Timoney Series

Armored Personnel Carrier

Timoney Mark VI


Country of Origin/Used by: BDX: Belgium and others (Argentina & Mexico)
Timoney: Ireland
First Produced/Service Dates: BDX & Timoney Mark IV: 1978
Timoney Mark VI: 1983
Manufactured by: BDX: Beherman Demoen Engineering
Timoney: Timoney Technology, Ltd.
Crew: 2+10
Armament: BDX: (1) 7.62mm Machine Gun (Air Force) or (1) 81mm Mortar (Gendarmerie)
Timoney Mark IV Turret: Twin 7.62mm Machine Guns
Timoney Mark VI Turret:
(1) 12.7mm Heavy MG & (1) 7.62mm MG
Engine: BDX & Timoney Mark IV: 8 Cylinder Gasoline
Timoney Mark VI: 4 Cylinder Turbo-Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: In the early 1970's when the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland were occurring, the Irish Defence Forces decided to increase the number of armored vehicles in their inventory.  They determined that the best solution would be an indigenously built wheeled fighting vehicle to replace their M3 Panhard Armored Personnel Carriers (APC).  As a result of this decision, Timoney Technology, Ltd. commenced a new vehicle program to create a wheeled APC.  Their first three (3) prototype vehicles were built in 1973-1974 and were dubbed the Marks 1 through 3.  Each vehicle improved upon it's predecessor until the decision was made to start serial production in 1977 of the Timoney Mark IV APC.  Only five (5) were produced and served until approximately 1988. During the Mark IV's service (1983), the much improved Mark VI was also produced to supplement the earlier vehicles.  Again, the improvements were incorporated into the new vehicles based upon lessons learned with its predecessors.  The most significant changes were to its engine (going to a turbo-diesel) and a new turret, with different weapons fitted.  Five (5) Mark VI APC's were also built, serving to 1999. Although no variants of the Timoney's were built, one up-gunned version was tested upon a Mark IV hull.  It was fitted with a Hispano-Suiza 90mm Lynx Turret and although performed satisfactorily, was not adopted by Irish Forces.

The other vehicle covered in this index is the Belgian BDX APC.  The BDX was license built by Beherman Demoen Engineering and based off the Timoney Mark III prototype.  There were improvements made to the Timoney Mark III, but slightly different than the ones made to the Timoney Mark IV.  Five (5) vehicles were purchased by Argentina, but a larger order of approximately 123 for the Belgian Air Force and Gendarmerie were built.  The Air Force vehicles were armed with a pintle mounted 7.62mm machine guns and some of the Gendarmerie machines mounted an 81mm mortar.  After Belgian service ended in 1995, Mexico bought approximately 95 of the vehicles.

The story of this series does not end with the BDX. In the mid-1980's, British firm Vickers Defence Systems license produced a vehicle they named Valkyr.  The vehicle came in APC and Fire Support Vehicle (FSV) variants.  The FSV was fitted with a 90mm Cockerill CM90 Turret.  Vickers offered the Valkyr to the British Army as a multi-use light armored vehicle, however they ultimately chose the AT-105 Saxon APC instead.  The only sales of the Valkyr were made to Kuwait in the late 1980's.
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  Timoney Mark VI APC Photo Glen Phelan

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