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M1230 Caiman Plus 6x6

Tactical Vehicle System


Country of Origin/Used by: USA
First Produced/Service Dates: 2008
Manufactured by: BAE Systems (was Stewart & Stevenson Services)
Crew: 3+8
Armament: Can mount either a protected weapons turret or Remote Weapon System (RWS) carrying (1) of the following weapons: 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun, 7.62mm MG, 5.56mm MG or 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.
Engine: 6-Cylinder Turbo Diesel
Miscellaneous Info:

As the M1220 Caiman 6x6 Multi-Role Vehicle (MRPV) and other similar vehicles became vulnerable to enemy IED attacks (most notably explosively formed penetrators) the M1230 Caiman Tactical Vehicle System (TVS) was quickly developed to help mitigate the damage and injuries.  Also known as the Caiman "Plus" or "Mama Bear", the TVS was fitted with new a company designed passive applique' armor package as well as upgraded automotive systems.  These improvements include new full-time all-wheel drive, automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system and a central-tire inflation system.


Despite the changes, the Caiman Plus vehicles are still very similar to the earlier Caiman MRPV's.  The Plus vehicles are also fitted with a Low Signature Armored Cab (LSAC) and based upon the 5 ton MTV chassis of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). Also developed and built by Stewart & Stevenson Services, they too contain a large percentage of shared components with the FMTV trucks, which is a distinct advantage for servicing and supplying the vehicle fleet. The Caiman 6x6 TVS is also closely related to the smaller Caiman "Light" 4x4 vehicle. Unlike the Caiman 6x6 MRPV, the Caiman Plus is strictly a Category 2 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle based upon their 8-passenger rear-seating configuration.  Finally, in 2010, the last major model upgrade was made to the Caiman 6x6 MRAP series, resulting in the Independent Suspension System equipped M1248 Caiman Multi-Theatre Vehicle (MTV).  

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