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M1249 MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: United States
First Produced/Service Dates: 2010
Manufactured by: NAVISTAR Defense
Crew:  2
Armament: None
Engine: 6-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel (375 horsepower)
Miscellaneous Info: The MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle (MRV) was produced a few years after the MaxxPro Series of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles first appeared.  It was designed as a fully protected vehicle able to accomplish towing, lifting and recovery operations of Category 1 & 2 MRAP's, as well as of the Stryker series of wheeled fighting vehicles.  To do so, the MRV is equpped with a 30-ton boom recovery crane body.  Although longer and fitted with 10 wheels, it still shares the same basic automotive components (engine, transmission, suspension, etc.) with the M1234 MaxxPro Plus and M1235 MaxxPro Dash MRAP's.  In 2011, it was determined that the MRV be fitted with RPG Protection Kits (Q-Net Armor) to protect the vehicles against rocket propelled grenades.

Even though by all accounts the MRV is a very capable vehicle, in early 2014 NAVISTAR Defense has introduced the upgraded MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle - PK (Performance Kit) version, which is equpped with the same DXM Independent Suspenstion System mounted on the M1235A1 MaxxPro Dash DXM MRAP.
Data Sheet Available: Maxx Pro Recovery Vehicle Product Brochure (NAVISTAR Defense)


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M1249 MaxxPro Recovery Vehicle Photos NAVISTAR Defense
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