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XM-998 HMMWV Prototype (Teledyne)



Country of Origin/Used by: USA
First Produced/Service Dates: 1982
Manufactured by: Teledyne Continental Motors
Crew: 2-10 (Depending on Variant)
Armament: (1) 7.62mm Machine Gun, .50 Cal Heavy MG, 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher or TOW Anti-Tank Guided Missile System
Engine: 8-Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: The Teledyne XM998 Prototype was based upon the design of the Cheetah 4x4 Reconnaissance Vehicle, and was selected as one of the three (3) finalists in the U.S. Army's High Mobility Multi-Purpose Vehicle (HMMWV) project.  The other companies making it to the final round were AM General, LLC. and Chrysler Defense Products Division (later sold to General Dynamics). However, AM General's XM998 Prototype was ultimately selected as the U.S. Military's HMMWV.

Each of the project finalists were contracted to build eleven (11) prototypes in different configurations. Teledyne's XM-998 prototype was constructed so that all variants used only one universal vehicle design, which was easily modified.  Teledyne then used their universal vehicle design to create three (3) basic variant body styles, which could then be further modified.  The three basic body styles were the ambulance, troop/cargo carrier and weapons carrier. Further configurations were possible using modification kits to create an "Arctic" (capable) Vehicle, "Ballistic" (Armored) Variant, Armament/TOW Weapons Carrier, Communications Vehicle, Shelter Carrier and Utility Vehicle. Fording equipment and self-recovery winches were not standard equipment on all vehicles, but could be added using other modification kits, if necessary.
Data Sheet Available:   XM-998 HMMWV Prototype Sales Brochure (Teledyne Continental Motors)


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XM-998 HMMWV Prototype Photos Sam Pagan (Vehicle Owner)

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