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T7 Franklin Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: USA
First Produced/Service Dates: 1929
Manufactured by: Chassis: Franklin Automobile Company; Armored Body: US Quartermaster Corps
Crew: 4
Armament: (1) .50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun and (2) .30 caliber MG's.
Engine: 6-Cylinder Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info: Six (6) vehicles were completed using the registration numbers, USA W1310, W1311, W1312, W1313, W1314 and W1315. The chassis of one of these T7 vehicles was used to produce the LATER T6 Armored car (not to be confused with the T6-4WD vehicle).  The T7 vehicle was designed with the capability to exchange the armored body with that of a truck body.

These cars were similar to the T6-4WD, T6, T8, T9 and T10 Armored Cars as they were all based on commercial truck chassis and armored by the US Quartermaster Corps, Holabird Depot, Maryland.  This was the second of the "Holabird" built armored cars.
Data Sheet Available:   T7 Armored Car Data Sheet from Dave Haugh


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T7 Franklin Armored Car Photos (and Above) US Army via Dave Haugh - Content Editor
  T7 Armored Car Photo US Army via Mark Holloway - Beatty, Nevada USA

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