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Panhard VPS 1* (Véhicule Patrouille Spéciale)


Country of Origin/Used by: France
First Produced/Service Dates: 2005
Manufactured by: Assembly/Conversion: Panhard General Defense (now Arquus Defense); Base Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz
Crew: 5
Armament: Main: (1) 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun; Commander: (1) 7.62mm MG. Also can mount a MILAN Anti-Tank Guided Missile or mini-gun/Gatling Gun.
Engine: 5 Cylinder Turbo-Diesel (Mercedes-Benz OM612 DE 27 LA)
Miscellaneous Info: The French military was seeking a specialized vehicle to perform the duties of long-range (primarily desert) operations for their Special Forces, preferably based on the already serving P4 Vehicule Leger Tout-Terrain (VLTT).  As a result, the Panhard VPS 1* (Véhicule Patrouille Spéciale) was  developed by Panhard.  Translated to English, the VPS is "Special Patrol Vehicle".  Instead of using the P4 as a base-vehicle, Panhard used its close relative, the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen (G-Wagen) 270 CDI, although heavily modified and upgraded.  51 vehicles were procured and served admirably with French forces.  The VPS 1 was followed by the VPS 2, which is based on the Jankel Armoured Ltd. Fox Long-Range Patrol Vehicle.

* The "VPS 1" monicker was only used after the Jankel VPS 2 appeared, so as to differentiate between the two vehicles.  Before the VPS 2 was developed, the Panhard product was referred to as "VPS".
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Reference Source/Provider
  Panhard VPS Photo "Domenjod" via Wikimedia Commons
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