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Humber Mark 3 Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Great Britain
First Produced/Service Dates: 1942
Manufactured by: Chassis/Engine: Rootes Group, Ltd. (primarily Karrier Motors, Ltd.); Hull: Guy Motors, Ltd.
Crew: 4
Armament: Main: 15mm BESA Cannon; Co-Axial: 7.92mm BESA MG; Anti-Aircraft Defense (if fitted): (1) .303 BREN machine gun (on pintle or "Lakeman" mount) OR later, (1) or (2) .303 Vickers "K" Machine Guns (on P.L.M. mount).
Engine: 6 Cylinder Petrol (90 h.p.)
Miscellaneous Info: Soon after the introduction of the Humber Mark 2 Armored Car, the British produced the improved Humber Mark 3 Armored Car.  The Mark 3 still retained the same engine, modified 4-wheel drive Karrier Motors KT 4 Field Artillery Tractor chassis and hull of the Mark 2 and was fitted with the same armament as the Guy Mark 1a Light Wheeled Tank, Humber Mark 1 and 2.  However, it was equipped with a new, larger turret able to accomodate an extra crew member (wireless operator).  The revised turret is characterized by sloping sides from the middle; upward toward the front and downward toward the rear. On the other hand, the Mark 2's turret had straight, parallel sides.  However, the Humber Armored Car series did not end here as the British produced the later, up-gunned Humber Mark 4 Armored Car.

The Humber Mark 3 is often confused with the closely-related Canadian Fox Mark 1 Armored Car, which was produced by General Motors of Canada.  Although very similar, it is not identical as (among other things) different automotive components were used in its construction as well as different armament was carried.

One other variant of this vehicle was built: the Humber Mark 3 Rear Link (RL) Armored Car.  The Mark 3 RL variant was used as a wireless link between Brigade and Divisional Headquarters and equipped with with a non-rotating turret, dummy guns and extra (amplified) radio equipment.
Data Sheet Available: Humber Mark 3 Armored Car Data Sheet by Dave Haugh


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Humber Mark 3 Armored Car Model Kit (K092) Accurate Armour 1/35 Resin
Humber Mark 3 Armored Car Model Kit (CB35112) Bronco Models 1/35 Injection Molded Plastic.
Humber Mark 3 Armored Car Model Kit (31125) Hasegawa 1/72 Injection Molded Plastic.
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