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2009 Archive of "What's New" Items

Items appearing in the "What's New" section during the calendar year 2009 are contained here.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom.

Date Item Updated or Added
December 29, 2009 Once again, we're going to be presenting awards to what we consider to be the best hobby modeling kits, aftermarket items and reference materials released in 2009. Once again it's time for the "Wheelies" Awards.

We need your help with nominations, so if you want to suggest any products please check out Pat's post on the WarWheels.Net Forum.
December 28th Courtesy of Austrian Correspondent, Rainer Tunkowitsch, we've added photos of the Volkswagen Type 181 Utility Vehicle.
December 27th We've added some 1/16 line drawings of the Marmon-Herrington Mark III courtesy of Stephen Tegner.
December 22nd Getting Caught up with things, we've posted Patrick's review of Toadman's Scout Car M3A1 Photo Detail CD #23.
December 21st Now that we got the model kit releases out of the way, we'll finish off our list with Books and Accessory/Detail Sets:


PROGRES Model Centrum's " U.S. Armored Car Staghound" (Armor Photo History #1); and

Tankograd Publishing's "Panzerspähwagen Sdkfz. 221/222/223: Wehrmacht Light 4-wheeled Armoured Cars and their Derivatives" (4014)

Accessory and Detail Sets

AFV Club's 1/35 Stryker Upgrade Equipment Set (AF35S58);

Archer Fine Transfers' 1/35 M8 Light Armored Car Instruments and Placard set (AR35312) and Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen and Kettenkrad Instruments and Placard set (AR35313);

Armorscale's 1/35 Road Wheels for Italeri  Armoured Car Autoblinda AB 41 (R35-068);

Black Dog's 1/35 Kubelwagen Accessory Set (T35002), Sdkfz. 222&223 Accessory Set (T35003), Staghound "Big" Accessory Set (T35006) (Includes Sets T35007 and T35008), Staghound  Accessory Set (T35007) and Staghound Snow Chained Wheels (T35008);

CMK's  1/35 Sd.Kfz.234 Engine Set for Dragon  kits (3118);

Eduard's 1/35 M1134 ATGM Detail Set (36095)  M1134 ATGM Blast panels (36096) both for the AFV Club Kit;

Legend Productions' 1/35 US LAV SLEP Muffler (LF1202) and M1114 Humvee Conversion set For Tamiya (Includes Full Interior, ECM Antenna, GPK Turret, Blue Force Tracker, Antenna & Sagged Tires) (LF1203);

Mouse House Enterprises' 1/35 Phase III ASLAV 25 update for Trumpeter ASLAV 25 (Australia 2004+ / Afghanistan 2006+) (MA132);

RB Model's 1/35 Centauro 105mm L/52 Barrel (35B70);

Tank Workshop's 1/35 M151 MUTT detail set for Tamiya kits (TWS0055); and

Voyager Models'  1/35 M1134 ATGM Detail Set for the AFV Club Kit (35321) 

December 20th As you are probably aware, we haven't been updating the site much lately.  Well, that should start to change as of today.  To make a LONG story short, Patrick's computer went kaput in October.  Besides having to get a new computer, his broadband router went out too. Finally, he decided to get new web content editing software and that took a bit more work to get running than he thought.  Well, the good news is that everything is working fine and Pat is ready to start updating the site again.  Soooooo, without further ado, here are some new hobby products announced in the past couple months.  Today, we start with new Model kits:

Blitz's  (A New French Company) 1/35 AMD Panhard 165/175 TOE Armored Car (35FS 1001) and 1/35 Camion blindé Panhard 179 Panhard 179 Armored Truck (35FS 1002);

Bronco Models' 1/35 German Adler Kfz.13 Armored Car (CB35032);

Hobby Boss'  1/35 Chinese PLA ZSL-92 IFV (82454);

Italeri's 1/35  Autoblinda AB 40 (6482);

Miniart's 1/35 British Staff Car with Crew (AKA Bantam BRC-40) (35050)

SKP Model's 1/35 Austin 10HP Light Utility Truck Model Kit (SKP 009); and

Tristar's 1/35 Sd.Kfz.222 Panzerspahwagen 4x4 (35043)

November 11th A new revised Vehicle Data Sheet and new photos have been added to the US M1 Scout Car Index.
November 6th A new Vehicle Data Sheet and photos have been added to the Cadillac-Gage Commando Ranger (Peacekeeper) Index.
October 29th A vehicle information sheet has been added to the US M1117 Guardian Index.
October 28th A new Vehicle Index and Data Sheet have been added for the US WWII Ford T22 Light Armored Car.
October 26th A Data Sheet has been added to the US WWII Studebaker T21 Armored Car Index.
October 25th One of Dave Haugh's Data Sheets has been added to the US WWII T19E1 Armored Car Index.
October 22nd A Vehicle Reference Sheet has been added to the TPZ-1 Fuchs Index (see the bottom of the page).
October 6th A new Vehicle Index has been added for the Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch Sandviper Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) with photos from Rainer Tunkowitsch and a Data Sheet from Dave Haugh.
October 4th

Some of the latest Hobby Modeling products to be announced are:


Bronco Model's 1/35 Sd.Kfz.221 Leichte Panzerspahwagen (s.Pz.B.41) (CB35033);


D-Toys' (New Company) with their extensive offering of resin 1/35 wheel sets including,

HUMVEE Aggressive pattern wheels (DT35-001), HUMVEE Super Swamper pattern wheels (DT35-002), HUMVEE Aggressive pattern wheels with Snow chains (DT35-008) and HUMVEE Aggressive pattern (Weighted/Compressed) Wheels (DT35-015) for the Tamiya  kits,

M1126 Stryker "LAV Infrared Detection" Wheel set (DT35-004) for the AFV Club  Kit,

LAV Wheel Set (DT35-007) for the Trumpeter kits,

and LRDG/30cwt Chevrolet Truck Wheel Set (DT35-012) for the Tamiya kit,


Gasoline's 1/48 Staghound Mk.III (with metal gun barrel by RB Model) (GAS50202);


REAL MODELS' 1/35 Small stowage set for ASLAV's (RMA 35204) for Trumpeter's model kit, a 1/35 Canadian Coyote stencil data set (RMD 35003) for their own Coyote Conversion and a 1/35 set of decals for the M54 Gun Truck "Ace of Spades (RMD 35004);


Toadman's Tank Pictures Reference CD on the M3A1 Scout Car (CD #23); and


Voyager Models 1/35 US Army M1134 Stryker Detail Set (PE35321) For the AFV Club model kit.

October 2nd Additional photos have been added to the Coventry Mark I Index. Coventry Mark I.
September 29th One of Dave Haugh's Data Sheets has been added to the Humber Armoured Car Mark III Index. Humber AC Mk III.
September 27th Rainer has provided even more photos of Austrian Military Vehicles with his submission of the Pandur 1 APC.
September 23rd We have put up a vehicle index for the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen/Wolf/Puch G/P4 Light Utility Vehicle Series.  And, related to that index we have some photos of the Austrian Puch G (in three different versions) courtesy of Rainer Tunkowitsch of Vienna.
September 20th Courtesy of George Denkins, we have some photos of a very rare beastie: the Emergency One Mark 44 Armored Fighting Vehicle.

Also, we have another hyperlink to an interesting site called the IDF-Armor Blog in our "links" section.

September 18th Courtesy of Marius van Aardt, we have some more photos of the South African G6 Rhino 155mm SPG.

Lastly, we have even more hobby model items announced including:

Blast Models' limited reissue of 1/35 VAB New Generation II Update Set (BL35006K) for the Heller kit and 1/35 French Army P4 Counter IED System(BL35149K);

ET Model's 1/35  Italian B1 Centauro Tank Destroyer Detail Set (E35-006) for the Trumpeter kit (00386), Modern "Centauro" Tank Destroyer Turret Spatial Armour Plate (E35-009) and Modern "Centauro" Tank Destroyer Weighted Road Wheels (ER35-001) both for Trumpeter kits 00386/00388;

Hobby Boss' 1/35  SdKfz. 222 Leichter Panzerspahwagen 2cm (82442) Model Kit;'

ICM's 1/35 BM-13-16N WWII Soviet Multiple Launch Rocket System (35512 ); and,

Legend Productions - 1/35 Humvee GPK Armored Turret Detail Set (LF1196) (for Humvees & other US Vehicles), 1/35 ASLAV (Sagged) Wheel set ( LF1198), U.S. LAV (Sagged) Wheel set (LF1199) and an ASLAV Update set (LF1200) (For Trumpeter Kit).

September 17th We have some major hobby modeling items news today.  WarWheels.Net sponsor Accurate Armour has announced a bunch of exciting 1/35 WFV model kits, including the following vehicles:

Jackal- 1 4x4 SRV (K176);

Jackal-2 4x4 SRV (K177)

Coyote 6x6 TSV (Light) (K178)

Tangi RUC 110 Armoured Land Rover (LR010)

Snatch (CAV100 N.I.) Armoured Land Rover (LR015)

September 13th Courtesy of long-time supporter, Dennis Trowbridge, we've added photos and a vehicle index for the Shorland Mark I Armoured Patrol Car.

Lastly, we have a couple more hobby model items announced including Panzershop's 1/35 RM-70 Multiple Rocket Launcher (PS35C118) and REAL Models 1/35 Canadian Coyote Stencils (RMD35003) and 1/35 M54 "Ace of Spades" Guntruck Decals (RMD35004).

September 7th We have added some new wfv related hyperlinks in our "links" section.  The big news is that Clive Elliott's The Shorland Site is back up and running.  Also, we've added a link to W^D Models, a company that specializes in WWI kits/accessories.

Finally, we have a couple more modeling hobby product releases; including Cromwell Models 1/35 British Mastiff II PPV Model Kit (CK 111)  and Echelon Fine Details 1/35 V100 & V150 Commando Armored Cars of the World - Part 1 (D356091) decal set as well as their "peel and stick" mirror sets for the 1/35 Bronco Models Sdkfz 221 Panzerspahwagen series (M357141) and 1/35 MiniArt Dingo Scout Car Series (M357139).

September 6th New Israeli Correspondent Robert Goldman presents some Late 1940's Era Israeli WFV photos.
September 4th William Testaert has sent us some photos of the M8 Greyhound Armored Car.
September 3rd Frank Blanton is back; with a vengeance.  He's sent us photos of his 1/35 Bronco Humber Scout Car, 1/35 Italeri AB-41, 1/35 Tamiya M8 Greyhound and 1/35 Tamiya Sdkfz 232 (8 Rad) Armored Cars.
September 1st Steve Zaloga of Maryland, USA has provided some of his 1/35 model photos of Patton's M3A1 Scout Car as used during the Invasion of Sicily.

Also, a new model kit by Best Value Models is coming out; a 1/35 Dodge WC-55 M6 37mm GMC (35068).

August 30th Frank Blanton of Richmond, Virginia USA has provided us with photos of his 1/35 Bronco Models Staghound III Armored Car.
August 24th Today, we have a really great addition to WW.  it is a collection of AFV photos from the 2009 IPMS/USA National Convention that took place this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio USA.  Thanks to Tim Darrah, Mike Lindsey, John Robinson and Dick Wood.

Lastly, we have one new book release announcement from Tankograd Publishing.  It is "MRAP - Modern U.S. Army Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles" (3011) by Carl Schulze.

August 16th Today is "French Fest" with photos of the Panhard VCR TH (HOT ATGM equipped) and VCR TT 2 APC courtesy of Jacques Dujardin.

Also, yet more modeling products including:

Archer Fine Transfers 1/35 Bantam BRC-40 Instruments and Placards set (AR35309) for MiniArt's kit;

ET Model's 1/35 DINGO Mk.II Fender Set (E35-002) for the Tamiya  kit and 1/35 Spanish Army VCR-105 Centauro RCV detail set (ET35-003) for the Trumpeter kit (00388); and

Voyager Models 1/35 Italian B1 Centauro - Early version detail set (PE35305) (For Trumpeter Kit 00386)

August 11th Ken Adolphe's final pics are up.  These are of the Canadian AVGP Cougar 6x6.
August 9th New WW contributor, Ken Adolphe of the UK has sent us a bunch of photos including those of the Daimler Dingo Mark II, Ferret 2/3 (UN) Scout Car, Humber Scout Car Mark I M3A1 White Scout Car and Staghound I Armored Car.

Also, I've got some great news to report.  James Lyles' book "The Hard Ride: Vietnam Gun Trucks (Volume 1)" is back in print!!  You can order it at this website.

Check out my review of David Doyle's book "The Staghound: A Visual History of the T17E Series of Armored Cars in Allied Service: 1940-45" at the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society's (AMPS) website.

And, finally we have  three more hobby model releases.  They are:

Blast Model's 1/35 FRENCH ARMY P4 P PROTECTED Vehicle - AFGHANISTAN (BL35148K) Conversion (For Revell-Germany Mercedes G-Wagen)

ET Model's (New Company) 1/35 DINGO Mk.II Detail Set E35-001) for the Tamiya  kit; and

Vajra Miniatures 1/35  Buffalo/M1070/M1075 16.00 R20 Wheel Set (35004).

August 3rd We've got some photos from Dennis Sliney of his 1/35 British marked BRC-40 Bantam Jeep.

Also, we have a few more hobby model releases.  They are:

Ampersand Publishing's book "The Staghound: A Visual History of the T17E Series of Armored Cars in Allied Service: 1940-45 (covering the T17E1, E2, E3, Staghound II and Stag III) by David Doyle;

Concord Publications' book "The US Army Jeep at War" (7058) by Steve Zaloga;

Gaso.Line's 1/48 Buffalo MPCV Model Kit (GASSPEO9K);

REAL Model's 1/35 Canadian Coyote (with Add-on Armor) conversion (RM35143) for the Trumpeter Stryker ASLAV kit.

July 28th Courtesy of Belgian Correspondent William Testaert, we've put up a vehicle index for the FN 4RM/62F armored car.
July 26th It's Panhard Pandemonium again.  WW Correspondent Roy Kinsella has provided us with some photos of Irish Army Panhard AML 20's and Panhard AML-90s both taken by himself as well as those photos taken by Kieran Flynn.

Also, keeping with the Irish topic, I've found a cool website called Irish Armored Vehicles and I've included it in our links page.

July 16th AMPS-Chicagoland member Ron Damratowski has sent us photos of his 1/35 Vajra Miniatures Boxer MRAV.

And, we have one more hobby product release: Mini Art - 1/35 Leichte PzKpfw 202(e) w/CREW DINGO Mk.I (35082).

July 12th Dutch correspondent Erik Hendriks has sent us some photos of the DAF YP-408 APC.
July 9th We have even more Hobby Modeling Product releases coming out.  These include:

Black Dog - 1/48 British SAS Jeep Conversion: Europe 1944 (T48054) and IDF Uparmored Humvee conversion set (T48058) (both for Tamiya kits);

Bronco Models - 1/35 Early Version Road Wheel Set for Sd.Kfz.221 (AB3518);

Echelon Fine Details - 3 sets of decals including 1/35 720th MP Btn V100 Commando in Vietnam: Part 3 (D356063), 720th MP Btn V100 Commando in Vietnam: Part 4 (D356068), and Spanish VRC-105 Centauro RCV (D356080);

and Legend Productions - 1/35 M1151 Humvee Conversion (LF1194), Humvee Interior Detail Set (LF1193), Humvee O-GPK Armored Turret Detail Set (LF1192) (all for Tamiya Humvees) and US AFV ECM Antenna (LF1191).

July 8th Joe Leong from Alaska has provided us some photos of his M151 Hardtop Mutt.
July 7th David Haugh presents his review of Samer Kassis' book "30 Years of Military Vehicles in Lebanon"
July 5th Today we have two additions from our Irish brethren: a 1/35 SISU XA-180 APC (Irish UNIFIL) by "Mechanix" and a ton more 1/35 HMMWV photos from Roy Kinsella.  These photos include an ambulance, M1025 Shelter Carrier and a model representing Sgt. Colbert's 1st USMC Recon Hummer shown in the book (and TV series) "Generation Kill".
June 28th Sorry for the long delay in adding stuff to WW.  Pat was out of town for awhile on the family vacation ("holiday" to our International visitors) and Dave took a bit of a spill and injured his wrist.  But, we're back and have some updates...

First, we've added a hyperlink in our "links" page to Joe Trevithick's TOE Pages .  Joe is a contributor to WW and he maintains small website that contains a collection of Tables of Order and Equipment (TOE) you might be interested in.

Second, we have a few more Hobby Modeling Product releases coming out.  These include:

Azimut Productions - 1/35  V-100/150 HULL INTERIOR SET (35111) & 1/35 Peugeot P4P w/armor kit (35108);

Best Value Models -  1/35 USAF XM-706 E2 ARMORED CAR (35066) & 1/35  HUMBER MK I INDOCHINA French service (35067);

Blast Models - 1/35  FRENCH ARMY P4 P - PROTECTED - (For Revell WOLF G-Wagen);

Eduard - 1/35  M1128 MGS Detail Set (36068) and M1128 MGS mounted rack and belts( 36075) (For AFV Club);

Legend - 1/35 Willys MB Jeep Appliqué Armor set (LF1188);

Lion Roar - 1/35  Centauro 8x8 RCV Resin Tire - Battle Style (For Trumpeter VRC-105 Spanish Centauro) (LE35114);

Mini Art - 1/35 DINGO II Scout Car with Crew -German Army PzKpfw. Mk.I 202(e) (35074);

Osprey Publishing - "Staghound Armored Car 1942–62" by Steve J Zaloga (New Vanguard 159);

Tristar - 1/35 Sd.Kfz.222 Panzerspahwagen 4x4 (35XXX); and

Voyager - 1/35 Sd.Kfz.232 8 RAD early version Detail set (PE35193) (For TAMIYA).

June 6th Gilles Thomas of Lebanon has provided us with some photos of his uniquely colored 1/35 Resicast Rolls Royce (Model 1914) Armored Car.
May 31st We have some photos of the Humber Light Recon Car Mark IIIA from Alan McNeilly as well as some model photos of Roy Kinsella's 1/35 Accurate Armour RUC Armoured Land Rover Series III 109 "Hotspur".
May 20th And, here's a few more Hobby Modeling product releases:

Legend - 1/35 V-100 Wheel set (Hobby Boss) (LF1183);

Mini Art - 1/35 DINGO Mk.1b British Armoured Car w/Crew Model Kit (35067); 

Miniman Factory - 1/35 39M CSABA Hungarian Armored Car Model Kit;

Plus Model - 1/35 British Light Truck CS8 - (Early version) Model Kit (324); 

Real Model - Military Photo Assistant Series Book:  "Canadian EROC. Buffalo, Cougar & RG-31" (MPA 002) and 1/35 Wheels set for Centauro with bulge (RMA 35201);

Special East (For Hobby Boss)- 1/35 Resin wheels for M706 (SPE35001), Resin wheels for V-150 COMMANDO (SPE35002) and Resin wheels for LAV-150 APC (SPE35003); 

Tamiya - 1/35 British L.R.D.G. Command Car and BREDA 20mm AA GUN Model Kit (89785);

Trumpeter - Model Kits = 1/35 LAV-M (Mortar Carrier Vehicle) (00391), Italian B1 Centauro Tank Destroyer Late Version (00387), LAV-M (Light Armored Vehicle Mortar) (00391), M1130 Stryker (CV) Combat Vehicle (00397), M1131 Stryker (FSV) Fire Support Vehicle (00398), Canadian Grizzly APC Armored Personnel Carrier (01502), Canadian Husky Maintenance Recovery Vehicle Improved Version (01506), LAV III Kodiak Light Armored Personnel Vehicle (01519), LAVA2 IFV Light Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (01521), M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle (01541), LAV III TUA (Tow-Under Armor) (01558), and the accessory sets - LAV III Series 8x8 Tires 325/85/R16XML (8) (06608), & LAV III Stryker Windscreens (New Tooling) (06611); 

Vision Models - 1/35 WWII Russian BA-64 Armoured Car Model Kit (VM35002);

Wespe Models - 1/35 GM C15TA Armored Truck (Alfa 44) Model Kit  (WES35097);

Wings & Wheels Publications (Books) - Dingo Scout Car In detail (R 055), Japanese 4x4 LAV In detail (G 024), Humber MK.II Scout Car In detail (R 053), BTR-70 In detail (G 023) & WWII MB Willys Jeeps In detail (R 054).

May 19th It's been a LONG time since we put up a good chunk of hobby modeling product release info.  So... here's enough to keep you busy for awhile:

Aber - 1/35 German Width Indicators SdKfz. 231, 232 (4) (PE 35R29);

AFV Club - 1/35 M1134 Stryker ATGM (AF 35134);

Armorscale - 1/35 Width Indicator for German Armoured Vehicles (SD.Kfz.221, 222, 223, 231, 232, 234, 250, 251) (S35-008);

Best Value Models - 1/35 MERCEDES 4500A armored FLAKWAGEN w/ 2cm Flakvierling 38 (35065)


Bronco Models - 1/35 Panzerspahwagen Sd.Kfz.221 Chinese Version (CB35022);

Das Werke Miniatures - 1/35 MOWAG DURO IIIP;

Echelon Fine Details - 1/35 Mirrors for Academy M151 series (M357135) and Mirrors for Vajra Miniatures DKW Boxer MRAP (M357998);

Egys  (For Trumpeter Centauros) - 1/35 Wheels set for Spanish army VRC-105 Centauro (EGD35004), Decals for Spanish Army VRC-105 Centauro Brigada de Caballeria Castillejos II RCLAC "Numancia 9" & "Espana 11" (EGD35006); and  Decals/PE Set "Italian Centauro UNIFIL Early & Late Version Missione LEONTE - LIBANO" (Trumpeter & Model Victoria kits)  (EGD 35007);

Hussar Productions - 1/35 SdKfz. 221 Wheels Type 1 (HSR 35076), Type 2 (HSR 35077), and Type 3 – (BRONCO) (HSR 35078);

ICM - 1/35  BM-13-16N WWII Soviet Multiple Launch Rocket System (35512);

Italeri - 1/35  Staghound MK III Model Kit (6478), Autoblinda AB 40 (6482) and 1/48 Autoblinda AB 43 (6603) Model Kits;

Italian Kits - 1/35 Breda 20mm Gun (For installation on trucks and AFVs) (IKA35014) and Ford F60L truck with Breda 20mm Model Kit Model Kit (IKA35009);

May 17th Chuck Aleshire presents photos of his 1/35 Roden Rolls Royce Model 1920 Mark I model kit.
May 10th Rob van Kan has provided us some photos of the IVECO VTLM "Lince".  The Lynx is the Italian version of the Brit "Panther".
May 7th It's official!!!  Accurate Armour's first 1/35 armoured Land Rover will be the "Hotspur"
May 5th We've just got word from a VERY reliable source that Accurate Armour will be coming out with a series of 1/35 armoured land rovers. stay tuned...
May 1, 2009 We have a special treat today.  Lance Varga has provided us with some beautiful interior and exterior photos of his Humber Scout Car Mark II.  Presently, the vehicle is in Holland, but it is going to be shipped here to Lance in the US.  From what we understand, it will be the only Humber scout in the US.
April 29th Dutch correspondent, Erik Hendriks presents his review of REAL Models' book "Canadian LAV III in Afghanistan" by Anthony Sewards and Miloslav Hraban.

Also, courtesy of Noel Baker, we have some photos of his 1/35 Firing Line Saladin Mk 2 Armored Car.

April 26th Pat is back from a wonderful time at the 2009 AMPS International Convention held last weekend in Havre de Grace, Maryland USA.  Here are some pics of "wheelie" models seen at the show.
April 20th One of Dave Haugh's Data Sheets has been added to the Humber Armored Car Mk I Index.
April 13th We have some wonderful models up today on WW, including Steve Allen's 1/35 Bronco Humber Scout Car Mk I with twin Vickers "K" Guns; Ron Damratowski's 1/35 Ethiopian M35 2/12 Ton Guntruck with ZU-23 AA Gun and Jeff Demuth's 1/35 Tamiya Recon Jeep.
April 9th Belgian correspondent, William Testaert is back with some photos of the IVECO MPPV.
April 4th Added today is Ian's final contribution for now, the International MaxxPro MXT-MVA.
April 3rd Here's a couple more vehicles from Ian...  The Tactica (Forward Control Hull) APC and the Pinzgauer Vector PPV.
April 2nd Courtesy of Ian Young of Military Machines International Magazine we've put up photos of the Otokar APC.
March 19th Another new WW contributor has sent us some great stuff.  Today, I present photos of the EE-9 Cascavel Armored Car and EE-11 Urutu APC Courtesy of Rogério Olímpio Lourenço de Oliveira of Brasil.
March 14th New WW contributor Stefano Badalucco has sent in some photos of his phenomenal scratchbuilt 1/35 Laffly S15 TOE Armored Car in Italian Service. 

Finally, at this weekend's AMPS-Chicagoland meeting, Pat got some more photos of Chuck's Tanake and Ron's V-100. To see them, hit the hyperlinks given in the March 12th update below.

March 13th One of Dave Haugh's Data Sheets has been added to the T18E2 Boarhound Index.
March 12th More model photos are up, courtesy of AMPS Chicagoland members Chuck Aleshire (1/72 Retrokit AM Dodge "Tanake") and Ron Damratowski (1/35 Hobby Boss V-100 Vietnam Era Commando).
March 10th And another one??? No way???  Today we present the Husky 4x4 Towing/Mine Detection Vehicle and we have a new scan of the T18E2 Boarhound.
March 9th Wow, two days in a row with updates.  We're on a roll.  Today, we have some more MRAP type vehicles with the Caiman 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles.
March 8th We've put up a couple new vehicles today;  These are theRG-32M Scout Vehicle and the RG-33L 6x6 MRAP.
March 3rd First time WarWheels contributor Franz Tinio-Lopez has submitted a review of David Doyle's book "Cadillac-Gage V-100 Commando Walk Around" published by Squadron/Signal Publications.

Also, Joseph Trevithick has once again updated his listing of modern US Wheeled Vehicles (in PDF format).

February 26th Whew, it's been a long time since we've put up anything.  So, I guess it is time to do so.  New contributor Ciro Riccio, has provided us with some photos of his 1/35 Tamiya M1025 depicted as an OIF vehicle
February 9th We have some more model photos; This time from "Mecanix" of Ireland.  He has provided us some photos of his scratch-built 1/35 Irish Army Thompson/Ford Model 1941 (Circa 1961)
January 22nd It's model madness today.  We have 1/35 models of a US Army Special Forces HMMWV and Irish Panhard AML 20 Armored Car by Roy Kinsella and a Lebanese Special Forces 40mm M35A2 Gun Truck by Moustafa Assad.

Also, the following model product announcements have been made;

Black Dog's 1/48 SAS Jeep (North Africa 1942) Conversion (T48043) for the Tamiya Jeep; Italeri's 1/48 AB-43 Armored Car (6603); MiniArt's 1/35 Dingo Mk III Scout Car (35077); Pro Art Models' Equipment Set for Stryker (PAU35008), AIRCO System for all US Vehicles (PAU35009), HMMWV Armored Demountable (HArD) Armor Kit (4 door)- Including the AIRCO set (PAU35028) and HMMWV Armor Survivability Kit (ASK) Armor Kit (2 Door) - Including the AIRCO Set (PAU35029); and finally, REAL MODEL's 1/35 LAV III Update Set with Blast Shield (RMA35192) and Corrected Wheel Set (RMA35193) for Vajra Miniature's Buffalo MPCV.

January 20th Well, we've finally got off our butts and finished up our work on the 2008 WarWheels.Net Hobby Modeling Awards.  The "Wheelies" Winners can be found here.
January 16th We'd like to welcome a new sponsor on board with WarWheels: Casemate Publishers.  Thanks to them and our other sponsors for making this site possible.
January 8th Robert Skipper has announced the availability of his latest Photo Reference CD-ROM called "MRAP I".  This CD includes hundreds of photos on the Cougar 4x4, Cougar 6x6, Cougar EOD, RG-33 and Maxx-Pro 4x4 MRAP vehicles.

In the near future, he will be coming out with two (2) more photo reference CD's covering 1) Special Ops/Modified HMMWV's and 2) MRAP II (Buffalo MPCV, RG-31 and Husky 4x4 Towing-Mine Detection Vehicle).  These are not available anywhere but directly from Rob.  To contact him, you can e-mail him directly.

January 4th For our 1/72nd scale modelers' a Morris Light Reconnaissance Car (in early or late version) is available from MPK Modellbau.
January 2, 2009 The World of Wheelies entry for Latvia has been updated, World of Wheelies Index.

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