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2019 Archive of "What's New" Items

Items appearing in the "What's New" section from January 1 through December 31, 2019 are contained here.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom.

Date Item Updated or Added
December 31, 2019 Our newest addition to the site is the Rhodesian/Zimbabwean "Spook" Mine Protected Combat Vehicle (MPCV) Index.
December 29th Roger's last major update (for now) is available and consists of photos covering the Dutch YP-408 Ambulance and APCIn addition, to finish off our YP-408 photos, we also have more pics of the APC Variant via great friend Don Allen.
December 28th I've finally got through the holiday and can post again.  Today, we have additional photos of the Dingo 2 All-Protected Ambulance, also courtesy of Roger Greenaway.
December 21st We have more photos courtesy of Roger Greenaway, these showing a Bushmaster Ambulance.
December 19th   The January 2020 issue from WW sponsor Airfix Model World Magazine has arrived and it contains an article titled "Old Kit, New Tricks" by Dave Oliver.  The article covers the author's build of venerable 1/76 Matchbox LRDG 30cwt Chevrolet Truck/Willys Jeep Model Kit Set.
December 18th There's been a ton of new hobby modeling products just announced.  They are Ace Model’s 1/72 STS Tiger (Special Transport Vehicle 233014) Model Kit (72177); Echelon Fine Details’ 1/35 “French AML-60’s & 90’s in Senegal” (D356277); Star Decals’ 1/35 “1956 Suez Crisis # 1. British & French Tanks and AFVs” (35-C1256) (Includes markings for multiple Jeeps), “British Sharpshooters - 75th D-Day Special. Shermans & AFVs of 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry” (35-C1243) (Includes markings for the Humber Scout Car), “South East Asia - 1950s. Tanks & AFVs. France, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Thailand” (35-C1250) (Contains markings for C-15TA Armored Truck, M3A1 Scout Car, M8 Greyhound and Panhard AMD 178B Armored Car) and “Vietnam ARVN # 2. V-100, Greyhound & Other AFVs in South Vietnam Army” (35-C1252) (Includes markings for the C-15TA Armored Truck, M8 Greyhound, M151 Mutt & V100 Commando); Takom’s 1/35 U.S. Army 1/4 Ton Armored (Jeep) Truck Model Kit (2131); and Toro Model’s 1/48 “Armoured Cars In Polish Service - 1st Polish Armoured Div. 1942-1946” (48D24).
December 15th   The December issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived and it has two interesting articles for us who love wheeled fighting vehicles.  They are "Supacat Superhero" (highlighting the Supacat All-Terrain Mobile Platform) by Vicky Turner and "The Transporter" (covering the BTR-152 APC Series) by David Garden.
December 10th Roger Greenaway is back in action with his photos of the Boxer A1? Ambulance.
December 8th We've added a new vehicle index covering the unusual Hillman Gnat Armored Car.
December 6th Today, we have some new photos of the Swiss Eagle IV Explosive Ordnance Removal Vehicle, also via Gunther Neumahr and the Swiss Armed Forces.

Also, Legend Productions has announced a 1/35 M151A2 Detailing Set (LF1377), useable with the Academy and Tamiya kits.
December 3rd Long-time contributor Gunther Neumahr is back with additional photos of the Swiss Duro IIIP Protected NBC Detection/Reconnaissance Vehicle.
November 24th Again, cleaning up the "to-do" pile, we've posted a small number of new photos showing the Griffon VBMR Prototype and Rosomak RAK 120mm Mortar Carrier, courtesy of friend J.W. de Boer.

And... yet more model hobby products have been announced.  They are Miniarm's 1/35 Pantsir-S1 Late Type Wheel Set and Warslug's (new company) 1/35 British Armed Forces Rolls-Royce Armored Car Mk1 1920 Model Kit (1901). 
November 20th We added a new hyperlink to our "Links" page which introduces the AFV Database website.  AFV Database intends to "present information on the development history and physical characteristics of armored vehicles produced by the United States".  Check it out!

Also, a few more model hobby products have been announced.  They are Miniarm's 1/35 Bumerang APC Wheel Set, Panda Hobby's 1/35 M1245 M-ATV(SOCOM)with M1001 trailer Model Kit (PH35056) and 1/35 M1235 MaxxPro Dash with M1101 Trailer Model Kit (PH35063) and Zvezda's 1/3 Bumerang-BM Russian 8x8 APC Model Kit (53696).
November 19th To compliment our Jaguar EBRC entry from a couple days ago, we're now adding an index of its bigger "sibling", the Griffon Multi-Role Armored Vehicle.
November 17th Today we've posted an index of one of our new favorite vehicles, the French Jaguar Armored Recon & Combat Vehicle

FC Model Trend has announced a set of 1/35 Volkswagen Type 82 Kubelwagen Weighted Wheels (35603) and Magic Models has announced a 1/35 30mm barrel 2A42 which can be fitted to either the T-15 Armata or K-17 "VPK-7829" Boomerang IFV (MM3520).
November 14th Here's a wee update with the addition of BTR-70 APC Photos, courtesy of long-time contributor Christophe Jacquemont.
November 9th There's been more hobby modeling products announced the past few days.  They are Black Dog’s 1/35 Kübelwagen Africa Korps Accessory Set (T35219) for the Tamiya Kit and 1/35 Delta Force FAV Accessory Set (T35220) for the Hobby Boss Kit; Def Model’s 1/35 M1296 Stryker Dragoon Sagged Wheel Set (DW35114) for the AFV Club Kit; Resicast’s 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car Commonwealth Stowage Set (352425) and M3A1 Scout Car Positionable Steering (352424), both for the Tamiya Kit; and Trumpeter’s 1/35 Russian URAL-4320 CHZ Armored Truck Kit (01071).
November 5th To compliment our last addition, we've added photos of the Belgian Fuselier 12.7 All-Protected Vehicle.

In addtion, DEF Model has announced a 1/35 British Rolls-Royce Armoured Car Balloon Sagged (Normal Rear) Wheel Set (1) (DW30043) and British Rolls-Royce Armoured Car Balloon Sagged (Inverted Rear) Wheel Set (2) (DW30044), both for the Meng kit.
November 3rd We're back to posting pics again.  This grouping of a photos show a Belgian Fuselier 7.62 All-Protected Vehicle.

Also, Trumpeter has announced the release of a 1/35 BTR-152B1 APC Model Kit (09573).
October 31st There's another book review up today.  Andy Renshaw took a look at "Special Forces Vehicles: 1940 to the Present Day - Rare Photographs from Military Archives", which is authored by Pat Ware and published by Pen & Sword.  Thanks to WW sponsor Casemate Publishers for the copy.
October 20th We just have a wee update today, comprising of a couple hobby modeling product announcements.  They are Voyager Model's 1/35 French Panhard AML-90 Basic Detail Set: 1961-Present (PE351009) and Zvezda's 1/35 Pantsir-S1 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft System Model Kit.
October 13th Today, we'd like to present Jon Bernstein's review of a book provided by sponsor Casemate Publishers titled "American Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles".
October 5th I'm glad to present a brand-spanking new vehicle index today, covering the Polaris MRZR Light Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle.
October 3rd Being in what I consider a "golden age" of modeling, there's been more hobby products announced. They are, Attack Kits’ 1/72 Marmon Herrington MK. II ME (“Simplified”) Model Kit (72926); Meng Model’s 1/35 MB Military Vehicle (Jeep) -New China 1949" Model Kit (VS-013) (includes driver and Chairman Mao Zedong); Panzer Art’s 1/35 Rolls-Royce Armored Car Road Wheels (Dunlop) (RE35-593), Rolls-Royce AC Road Wheels (Engelbert) (RE35-594), SdKfz 231/232 Stowage Set (RE35-596), Daimler “Dingo” Scout Car Stowage Set (RE35-597); and Trumpeter’s 1/35 Russian SSC-6/3K60 BAL-E Defense System Model Kit (01052).
September 29th While on the subject of armored Landies, we've posted some photos of the Snatch 2A, also via the UK MoD.
September 28th Today's update are some photos of the Land Rover "Snatch Vixen" Patrol Vehicle courtesy of the UK Ministry of Defence.
September 26th A small update today with the inclusion of some "new" photos of the Davidson-Cadillac 1915 Armored Car via the U.S. National Archives.
September 22nd   Today we'd like to present the newest sponsor of WarWheels; Suntec Auto Glass!  Thanks to Suntec and our other sponsors for helping us provide you with armored car and wheeled fighting vehicle content.  
September 21st And some more hobby modeling products just popped up.  They are Echelon Fine Details’ 1/35“ Gun Trucks in Vietnam: M54’s (Part 4)” Decals (D356274); Voyager Model’s 1/35 Modern British Husky TSV Basic Detail Set (PE35972) for the Meng Model Kit; and Wings & Wheels Publications’ book “Maxx Pro MRAP: In Detail” (2nd Reworked Issue) (G063) by Ralph Zwilling and Radim Jankasek, et al.
September 19th   The October issue from WW sponsor Airfix Model World Magazine has arrived and it contains the article titled "Packing a Punch" by Joe Turner.  The article covers his build of the 1/35 Takom Panhard AML-90 Model Kit.
September 15th There's a few hobby model products recently announced.  They are Freedom Model Kits’ 1/35 CM-34 TICV Taiwan Infantry Vehicle with 30mm Chain Gun Model Kit (15107) and Rye Field Model's 1/35 M-ATV 16.0XR20 Resin Wheels (1001) and MRAP (M-ATV) Radio Set (#1002).
September 8th AMPS Chicagoland Bro Joel Gewirtz has provided some very interesting photos for us to post of an IDF Land Rover Defender Regel E'tz (Wooden Leg) Reconnaissance Vehicle.
September 5th   The September issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has come and it is jam-packed with coverage of wheeled vehicles.  The articles it contains are “It’s a Jeep, But Not As We Know It…” (featuring the Ford GP Jeep) by Glen Sands; “Old School Warrior” (covering the ‘Snatch’ Land Rover) by Andrew Stone; “Sting In the Tail” (highlighting the 9K33 ‘Osa’ SAM System Vehicle) by James Kinnear; “The Load-Bearing Humvee” (the 2nd of two articles covering the HMMWV series) by John Teasdale; and “Too Little, Too Late” (contains info about U.S. WWI wheeled anti-aircraft vehicles) by Tim Gosling.

Also, Hauler has announced a 1/35 JGSDF Type 16 Wheel Set (35115) for the Tamiya kit.
September 2nd Today's addition are photos of Royal Air Force Fordson Armored Cars, courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.
September 1st Going away from modern stuff, we've posted some new photos of the BRDM-1 Scout Car via long-time friend, Don Allen.

In addition, another new hobby model product snuck in the past day, Trumpeter's 1/35 40N6 of 51P6A TEL S-400 (SA-21 Growler) Model Kit (01057).
August 31st While we're busy covering HDT Global products, we decided to put up a Sword Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle/Internally Transportable Vehicle Index.
August 30th We've put up a new index of a vehicle we've only been recently acquainted with, the US Air Force's Guardian-Angel Air-Deployable Rescue Vehicle/Storm SRTV.

In addition, Star Decals has announced two (2) 1/35 decal sets; “Cro-Army # 4- Croatian Wheeled AFVs and Softskins 1991-95” (35-C1239) (Includes markings for the BRDM-2, SA-9 Gaskin, UAZ 469 and Land Rover Ambulance Series 2?) and “Polish Tanks in Italy-1943-45 # 3: Mixed AFVs and Armored Cars” (35-C1242) (Covers the Humber Scout Car, Daimler Dingo and Staghound .50 cal AA Vehicle).
August 25th Today we've posted some new photos of the Panhard AML-60 Armored Car courtesy of McKenna35.

In addition, there's been one hobby modeling product annoucement we've caught by Rye Field Model.  They plan on releasing a 1/35 M1240A1 M-ATV Model Kit (5032).
August 22nd Now, we've put up photos of Paraguayan EE-9 Cascavel Mark 4's, also via Julio Montes.
August 20th Long-time contributor Julio Montes is back with some new photos of Peruvian and Spanish BMR-600 APC/IFV's.
August 18th Back to HMMWV's with some new photos of an M1165A1 Command-Control/General Purpose Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV).
August 16th We've added a new vehicle index covering the very cool looking WWII Era Australian Rhino Armored Car.
August 15th I've finally gotten to updating one of our earliest vehicle indices today.  I present our "new and improved" AMD 35/Panhard 178 Armored Car Index.
August 11th Today we've added a new vehicle index covering the Teledyne XM-998 HMMWV Prototype.

Also, Bronco Models has announced a new product, a 1/35 British Airborne "Recce/Signals" Jeep (2 in 1) Model Kit (CB35218).
August 6th We've finally got some photos of the M1227 RG-33L Explosive Ordnance Disposal Vehicle for the site, so we added them almost immediately upon receipt.
August 4th   Like clockwork, we've gotten the August issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine and it does not disappoint.  The articles entirely relevant to us armored car aficionados are "Going Out With a Bang" by Tim Gosling, which highlights the World War One era Peerless 3-Inch Anti-Aircraft Truck and "Sharp In Tooth & Claw" by John Teasdale covering the venerable HMMWV series.
August 2nd Via long-time contributor Ron Bell, we've got photos of his 1/48 Tamiya Humber Mark 4 Armored Car model kit.

In addition, there's one hobby modeling product that's been announced by Trumpeter, a 1/35 URAL-4320 CHZ Model Kit (01071).
July 31st And here's some additional photos from McKenna35, these being of a CVR (W) Fox Armored Car Please note that it is fitted with an incorrect turret, most likely from a Scimitar Tracked Recon Vehicle.
July 30th Back to McKenna35's photos, we've posted pics of the Saladin Mark 2 Armored Car at the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum.
July 28th Today, we present Dr. Chris Lloyd-Staples' review of the new book provided by sponsor Casemate Publishers titled "The Long Range Desert Group: History & Legacy".
July 25th New contributor Mckenna35, has sent some photos to us from his trip to the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum in Cairns.  Our first installment are photos of an Australian Staghound Mark 1 Armored Car and some of the Staghound AA Vehicle.
July 24th Sticking with the Patria AMV subject, we've added photos of the Slovak Vydra IFV and Slovenian SKOV Svarun IFV.
July 21st We have a fairly comprehensive update for today with the addition of the new Polish Rosomak Wheeled Armored Vehicle Index.
July 19th Courtesy of Don Allen, we've posted new photos of the Jackal 2 High Mobility Weapons Platform.
July 14th   The July issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived and it contains a trio of articles that are in our "wheelhouse".  They are "Desert Scout" by Louise Limb, which highlights the Ferret Mark 1/2 Armored Car, "Latecomer" by Craig Allen covering the Yamaha Grizzly 450 Quad Bike and "Protecting the Peace"  by Andrew Stone which focuses on the Land Rover Series 3 Mine Protected Vehicle.
July 10th A couple more hobby products have been announced. They are Miniarm’s 1/35 Vi-203 for 9K720 9A52-2 Smerch-M Sagged Wheels (35140) and 1/35 Pantsir Air Defense Missile Gun System SA-22 Sagged Wheels (35189) and Tamiya’s 1/35 German Panzerspähwagen P204(f) Railway Model Kit (32413), which is a re-boxed ICM kit.
July 9th To compliment the Aussie Dingo pics from the other day, we've also added new photos of the Rover Mark 1 and Rover Mark 2 Armored Cars via the Australian War Memorial.
July 6th While we're on Dingos, we've posted some WWII era Australian Dingo 4x4 Scout Car Photos via the Australian War Memorial.
July 5th Another quick hit update with the addition of a couple photos of the Dingo 2 All-Protected Vehicle mounting different mine rollers.
July 2nd Here's some photos of the Standard Beaverette Mark 3 Light Armored Car from Don Allen, if you're so inclined.
June 29th Today's addition to the site are new photos of the Armored Modular Vehicle (AMV) via Rosomak S.A.

In addition, one modeling announcement just snuck in after we posted yesterday, Trumpeter's 1/35 PHL-03 Multiple Launch Rocket System Model Kit (01069).
June 28th Cleaning up "easy to post" photos, we've added pics of the T18E2 Boarhound via the Imperial War Museum and of the Trackless Tank via the U.S. Signal Corps.
June 27th The number of new hobby model products announced seem to have slowed down a bit lately. But, here's a couple more; Takom’s 1/35 US Army 1/4 Ton Utility Truck (Jeep) with 1/4 Ton Utility Trailer & Military Police Figure Set (2126) and Trumpeter’s 1/35 72V6E4 Combat Unit of 96K6 Pantsir-S1 ADMGS (w/RLM SOC S-Band Radar) Model Kit (01061).
June 23rd   We've gotten the July issue from WW sponsor Airfix Model World Magazine and it contains the article "Desert Recoil" by Dave Oliver.  Dave's article covers his build of the 1/35 AFV Club M38A1C Jeep with Recoilless Rifle in IDF markings.
June 20th For something a bit different, we've posted Patrick's review of the new book by sponsor Casemate Publishers titled "U.S. Army Vehicle Markings: 1944", authored by Jean Bouchery & Philippe Charbonnier.
June 18th Following up on the TK-5 entry, here's a new index for the TK-6 Armored Car.
June 16th Today we've added a new vehicle index for the pre-World War Two TH-310 ALF-1/TK-5 Armored Car.
June 8th Since we're on the topic of the Panhard EBR FL11 Armored Car, here's some additional pics via Christophe Jacquemont.
June 2nd   The June issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived and it contains the articles "Hiding In Plain Site" authored by Mike Starmer and covering the British WWII era "Caunter" camoflage scheme and "Time to Say Goodbye?" by Craig Allen, which focuses on the later Land Rover EWMIK, RWMIK and RWMIK+ vehicles.
May 30th The U.S. National Archives can sometimes provide one with "interesting" subject matter that you would never expect.  In this case we've added photos of the FRENCH EBR FL11 Armored Car.
May 28th We've added a few photos of the Commando Peacekeeper/Ranger via the U.S. National Archives.
May 27th Today we've added our new index covering the WW1 era U.S. Locomobile/Mack/White Armored Car series.
May 23rd Trying to keep up on modeling hobby product announcements, we're hitting the press earlier than normal with news about Hauler's 1/72 Fennek Recon Vehicle Detail Set (HLH72086), for the Revell kit and Meng Model's 1/35 "Wasp" Flamethrower Jeep Model Kit (VS-012).
May 20th If you're a fan of weird US vehicles, you'll like our latest addition to the site: A vehicle index covering the T13/T13E1 Armored Cars.
May 19th Very good friend Erik Hendriks is back with some photos of a couple Belgian IVECO Lynx Multi-Purpose Protected Vehicles.
May 16th Letting hobby modeling announcements go for a couple weeks, we have a pant-load of info for you.  The new products are Accurate Armour’s 1/35 Husky TSV Weighted Wheel Set (A196), Husky TSV Update Set (A150), Husky TSV “Heavy Variant” Conversion (C100) and Husky TSV Recovery Vehicle Variant Conversion (C114), all for the Meng Model Kit; Blast Model’s 1/35 VAB SLATE Gunfire Locator (BL35366K) and 1/35 VAB CB52 Turret (BL35365K), both for the Heller kit and 1/35 VBL MAG 58 Machine Gun Replacement (BL35354K); Brengun’s 1/72 Morris Mk 2 LRC Model Kit (HLP72031); DEF Model’s 1/35 M142 HIMARS Sagged Wheel Set (DW35112), for the Trumpeter kit; Dragon’s 1/35 SdKfz 234/2 Puma (Premium Edition) Model Kit (6943); FC Model Trend’s 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car Highway Pattern Tires (35552); ICM’s 1/72 "Afghan Motorcade (1979-1989)” Model Set (DS7201) (With multiple vehicles including a BTR-60PB); Magic Models’ 1/35 Rolls-Royce Armored Car Gun Barrel Set (MM35182); Panda’s 1/35 SPARK II Mine Roller for the M1240 MATV MRAP and one for the M1235 Maxx Pro Dash MRAP, both for their kits; Perfect Scale Modellbau’s 1/35 Fennek Detail Set (35182) and Fennek Pionierfahrzeug Conversion (35183), both for the Trumpeter German vehicle kit; Star Decals’ 1/35 Marking Set “Indochine #3: The Foreign Legion - 1er REC" (Includes markings for the M8 Greyhound) (35-C1218) and 1/72 Sets “Indochine #1: The Foreign Legion - 1er REC" (Includes markings for the M3A1 White Scout Car, M8 Greyhound and Humber Scout Car) (72-A1028) and “Indochine #2: 1er Regiment de Chasseurs" (Markings for the M3A1 White Scout Car) (72-A1029); Tamiya’s 1/35 Japanese Ground Self Defense Force Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Model Kit (35368) (re-release with new parts); and Tankograd Publishing’s “EAGLE V: The German Protected Utility Vehicle for Command Staff” by Ralph Zwilling.
May 10th Today, we added a new index covering the Dingo 2 HD (Heavy Duty) All-Protected Vehicle.
May 9th   Yes, we've indeed caught up with the most recent issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine when I received my May edition.  This issue contains the article "The Day of the Jackal" authored by Craig Allen.  His article covers the Jackal 1 High Mobility Weapons Platform.
May 6th Still quietly working behind the scenes, we split our one Dingo 1 & 2 All-Protected Vehicle Index into two.  We now have indices seperately covering the Dingo 1 ATF and the Dingo 2 ATF vehicles.
May 5th Quickly finishing up our latest subject, we've added photos of the Enok Light Armored Patrol Vehicle Prototype.
May 4th   The May issue from WW sponsor Airfix Model World Magazine has arrived and it contains two articles of interest to us armored car enthusiasts.  They are "Delicate Scout" by Toni Canfora which details a build of Tamiya's new 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car model and "Pilot's Pick-Up" by Mike Grant which covers his Copper State Models' Lanchester 4x2 armored car project.
May 2nd Today's addition are new photos of the German Enok 2 (5.4) Light Armored Patrol Vehicle (LAPV).
April 30th Behind the scenes we've done a lot of work on the site the past few days, most importantly completely re-vamping our High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) Index
April 27th Sounding like a broken record, we have more content from Don Allen.  These new photos cover the M38A1D Jeep with M28 "Davy Crockett" Tactical Nuclear Launcher.
April 26th It seems the mail has caught up and we've gotten our April 2019 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine.  This installment contains the articles "Armoured Pioneers" (covering the earliest armored cars) authored by David Fletcher and "Watching Their Backs" (highlighting the early model Land Rover OWMIK).
April 25th Today we've finished up with Don Allen's Canadian RG-31 Mark 3 Nyala pics, adding 50+ exterior detail photos.
April 23rd We're back to pics from Don Allen.  This installment consists of 40+ engine/interior detail photos of the Canadian RG-31 Mark 3 Nyala MRAP.
April 21st There's been a whole slew of hobby modeling products announced these past couple weeks.  They are Djiti’s Production’s 1/35 M1296 Stryker Dragoon Wheel Set (and Cannon Barrel) for the Panda kit (35091), Rolls Royce Armored Car “Disc Type” Wheel Set (35092) and Rolls Royce Armored car “Sand Type” Wheel Set (35093); Eduard’s 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car Detail Set (36411) for the Tamiya kit; Galaxy Hobby’s 1/72 M1124 MaxxPro Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle w/O-GPK Turret model kit (GH72A03); Hauler’s 1/72 Sd.Kfz.232 8-Rad Armored Car Detail Set for the Roden kit (HLH72083); KMT’s 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car Paquetages (French Stowage) (KMT35062K) for the Tamiya Kit; Rado Miniatures’ 1/35 Willys MB Jeep Stowage Set (RDM35S01); Sabot Publications new book “M1296 ICV Dragoon” (WM006); and Voyager Model’s 1/35 AMX-10RCR IFV with T-40M Turret Basic Detail Set (PE35985) and AMX-10RCR Tank Destroyer Basic Detail Set (PE35986) both the applicable Tiger Model kits.
April 20th Today's update consists of even more photos from Don Allen.  The new photos show the 9K33 Osa/SA-8 Gecko SAM System Vehicle.
April 13th Our latest addition are more photos via Don, these covering the CVR(W) Vixen Liaison Vehicle.
April 11th As always, new hobby modeling products are announced all the time.  Here's the latest group, including 1/35 Copper State Models' Lancaster "Russian Service" Armored Car model kit (35003); 1/35 Revell of Germany’s Dingo 2 GE A2.3 PatSi model kit (3284) and 1/35 Trumpeter’s Soviet 2B7R Multiple Rocket Launcher BM-13 NMM model kit (01062) and 1/35 Pantsir -S1 Air Defense System model kit (01060).
April 9th Today we added a new hyperlink to the Canadian War Museum in our "Links" section. The CWM is located in Ottawa, Ontario.
April 7th We continue to post Canadian subject matter, courtesy of Don Allen.  Today's addition are photos of the Iltis TOW ATGM Launcher Vehicle.
April 4th   We've gotten our March 2019 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine and it continues to provide us with great reference material covering armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles.  The articles presented this month are "Blame Kelly" (covering a myriad of Jeep Types) authored by John Carroll, "Made to Last" (featuring the Land Rover Wolf XD) by Craig Allen, "Many Happy Returns" (highlighting the AIL M325 Command Car) by Roger Gaisford, and "Pigs Aplenty" (showing the Humber Pig & Variants) by David Fletcher.
March 28th Since we're on the subject of the C15TA Armored Truck, Don Allen also sent us some photos of the rare C15TAA Armored Ambulance, also including detail and interior pics.
March 26th Don Allen is back with 50 detail photos (including interior views) of the Canadian C15TA Armored Truck.

Also, there's been a bunch of new hobby products announced.  They are, Dragon Models’ 1/35 Sd.Kfz.234/1 schwerer Panzerspähwagen (2cm) Premium Edition" Model Kit (6879); Hussar Productions’ 1/35 KTO Rosomak “M” Wheels (HSR35141), KTO Rosomak “N” Wheels (HSR35142) and Staghound Highway Wheels (HSR35143); Meng Models’ 1/35 Russian Air Defense Weapon System 96K6 Pantsir-S1 Sagged Wheel Set (SPS-068), for their own kit; and Panzer Art’s 1/35 Kamaz 53949 “Typhoon” Road Wheels (RE35-585), RG-31 MRAP (MK.3?) Road Wheels (RE35-586) and RG-31 Mk.5 MRAP Road Wheels (RE35-587).
March 24th   We've received our February 2019 issue of  Classic Military Vehicle magazine and it again contains content that is directed toward us "Wheelies". The articles are "Das Kleine Wunder!”  by Louise Limb (featuring the Auto Union DKW Munga Utility Vehicle), “Eight-Wheeler”  by David Fletcher (covering the French EBR Series Armored Cars) and “Industry and Style”  by John Carroll (highlighting the Type 82 Kubelwagen).
March 23rd Frequent contributor Don Allen saw our last addition to the site, so he decided to send us over 30 more photos of the FV1620 Humber "Hornet" Anti-Tank Vehicle, but these taken at The Tank Museum at Bovington.
March 17th It's Humber Heaven today with the addition of new photos of the Humber Mark 2 Scout Car and FV1620 Humber "Hornet" Anti-Tank Vehicle, both sets courtesy of Christophe Jacquemont.

Also, there's one hobby product that has just been announced by Dragon Models, a new 1/35 Armored 1/4-Ton 4x4 Jeep with .50-cal Machine Gun (3 in 1) Model Kit (6727).
March 15th We finally put up information here about a vehicle a long time coming.  We are happy to announce we've added a vehicle index covering the Dutch M39 Pantserwagen.
March 14th We've cleaned out the rafters of all of our Cougar MRAP photos and updated our Cougar H 4x4 MRAP Index with almost two dozen new pictures covering early to late vehicles.
March 12th MRAP's anyone?  Here are some photos of the Cougar HE 6x6 A1 MRAP via the U.S. Department of Defense.
March 10th We have added another new index to the site, this one covering the T5 4.2 inch Motor Mortar Carriage.
March 7th Today we have more photos from Christophe's trip to the Musee' des Blindes in Saumur.  This installment is photos of the Staghound Mark 1 Armored Car
March 4th For a simple addition today, we've added some photos from Christophe Jacquemont of the BRDM-2 Scout Car and BRDM-2 9P122 ATGM Vehicle, that he took at the Musee' des Blindes in Saumur, France.

Also, AFV Club has announced a 1/35 CM-33 Clouded Leopard (Lead Class) Taiwan Infantry Combat Vehicle Model Kit (AF35S88) and Trumpeter, a 1/35 9K720 'Iskander' SS-26 ICBM and Launcher Model Kit (01051).
March 3rd   We've received our January 2019 issue o Classic Military Vehicle magazine and it has a number of articles that may be interesting to us WFV aficionados. They are "British Title Fight" (comparing the Austin Champ with the Land Rover Series 3 Lightweight) and "Lot 626" (highlighting a Willy's MB Jeep once owned by actor Steve McQueen), both articles by John Carroll; "Remembering Dad's Service" (covering the restoration of a British WWII Jeep) by Glenn Sands; "Rocket Power" (discussing various BM-13 Katyusha Multiple Rocket Mounts) by James Kinnear; and "The Mechanical Mule" (M274 Utility Vehicle) by John Teasdale.
March 2nd Today's update is a new index covering the Chinese Blade Fast Attack Vehicle.
February 28th A very quick update for today with a few new photos of the Sdkfz 222 and Sdkfz 223 FU Armored Cars, courtesy of The Imperial War Museum.
February 26th Matt Riesmeyer is back with a plethora of detail photos of the V100 Commando Armored Car.

Also, even though I thought we were done with the Fennek, there's a new book that was just announced by Trackpad Publishing titled "Fennek - Light Reconnaissance Vehicle and Its Family", authored by Sebastian Kreutzkamp.
February 25th We've finished updating the Fennek (for now) with the addition of photos of the Fennek Forward Artillery Observer Vehicle, courtesy of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.
February 24th Fennek fest continues with the addition of photos covering the Fennek Joint Fire Support Team (JFST) & Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Vehicles.  To view the JFST pics, you'll need to go to the Fennek Vehicle Index page.
February 23rd Back to the Fennek as we're trying to clear out our backlog of those pics.  With that, we have added new photos of the Fennek Command & Control (Allgemeine Dienste) Vehicle.

In addition, MR Models has announced two products; their reissued and improved resin 1/35 Pantserwagen DAF39M Model Kit (35064) and 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car - British/Canadian Army Stowage & Personal Gear Set (35610) for the Tamiya kit.
February 22nd No Fennek's today.  But instead, we have a ton of M1117 Guardian ASV detail photos courtesy of Matt Riesmeyer.
February 21st Today's addition are photos of the Fennek Engineer (Pioner) Vehicle, not suprisingly also courtesy of KMW.
February 19th Sticking with the "Desert Fox", we've added more photos of the "straight" Fennek Armored Recon Vehicle, also via KMW.
February 18th Our newest addition to the site are photos of the Fennek Stinger Weapon Platform Vehicle via Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.
February 9th And since we're able to do some work on the site lately, here's some photos of the Dingo 2 All-Protected NBC Recon Vehicle.
February 7th Today we've got some new photos on the site, these showing the Belgian Pandur 1 Reconnaissance & Observation Vehicle.
February 6th   We've received the December 2018 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine and it contains the article "Khe Sanh Cruiser" by Louise Limb.  The article covers the M151A1 Mutt Utility Vehicle.
February 5th Here's a few more hobby modeling products that have been recently announced.  They are IBG Models’ 1/35 Rosomak WEM Medevac Model Kit (35035); Meng Models’ 1/35 96K6 Pantsir-S1 Air Defense System Model Kit (SS-016); SP Designs’ 1/35 BTR-80 Engine Compartment (339) for Trumpeter’s BTR-80 & BTR-80A kits; and W-Model’s 1/72 resin ABM-1 (A350) Galosh Nuclear Anti-Ballistic Missile Model Kit (A-350ZH).
January 28th A few more hobby modeling products have been announced.  They are Copper State Models' resin 1/35 Romfell Panzerwagen Model Kit (CSM35002) and Star Decals' 1/35 "Vietnam Gun Trucks #4 -Quad .50 cal Gun Truck" (With 'Easy Rider' & 'Young Crusaders') (35-C1197); "Vietnam Gun Trucks #5- Quad .50 cal Gun Truck" (With 'Freedom Fighters & 'Mad Man') (35-C1198); "Vietnam Gun Trucks #6- Quad .50 cal Gun Truck & Quad .50's" (With 'Bounty Hunter') (35-C1199); and "Vietnam Gun Trucks #7- Up-Armoured M37 3/4 ton Trucks" (With 'Mr. Nice', 'Malfunction' & 'Otto') (35-C1200).
January 26th   WW sponsor Minor Model and resin aftermarket set manufacturer AGV Models, combined talents to form the joint venture named BSM.  BSM's latest newsletter contains information about their newest product, a 1/35 Spanish Army Santana Land Rover Series 2 CSR “Sahara Occidental” Model Kit (350002).  For more information and photos, you can check out the Newsletter.
January 15th Here's the latest hobby product news just announced.  The items are, Echelon Fine Details' 1/35 Decal Sets "Gun Trucks in Vietnam: M54's (Part 2)" (D356257) and "Gun Trucks in Vietnam: M54's (Part 3)" (D356261); FPW Model's 1/72 Sdkfz 247 Ausf. B Armored Command Car Model Kit; Gaso.Line's 1/48 M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV Conversion Set (GAS48138) for the Tamiya Kit; Miniart's 1/35 BM-8-24 Rocket Launcher on 1.5 Ton Truck Model Kit (35259); MMK's 1/35 M-915A1 Gun Truck Conversion (F3071) for the Trumpeter Kit; Passion Models' 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car PE Detail Set (P35-143) for the Tamiya Kit; Toro Model's Decal Sets "Polish Army Vehicles on Foreign Missions Vol.1" (72D42) (Includes markings for the Cougar, Maxx Pro and M-ATV MRAP's and BRDM Scout Car) and "Armoured Scout Car BRDM in Polish Service Vol.1" (72D43); and Zvezda's 1/35 GAZ Tigr with Arbalet Remote Weapon Station Model Kit.
January 13th At yesterday's AMPS Chicagoland Model Club meeting, fellow member John Wendt brought in a VERY nice 1/35 Syrian URAL 4320 Self-Propelled Artillery Gun Truck conversion we'd like to share with you.  John was also kind enough to include a write up of his project.  Enjoy!
January 3, 2019 With the New Year, we've tied up the newer Textron vehicles by adding a new index covering the Commando Select Armored Vehicle/Mobile Strike Force Vehicle.

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