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2008 Archive of "What's New" Items

Items appearing in the "What's New" section during the calendar year 2008 are contained here.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom.

Date Item Updated or Added
December 28, 2008 New contributor Mike Armstrong has sent us some photos of his 1/35 Bronco Models Lebanese Staghound Mk I and his 1/35 IMA Beaverette Mk 3 model kits.  Thanks Mike.

Also, Vajra Miniatures has announced another 1/35 Ford F350 Super Duty Pickup version; this one is a "gun truck" (FF35003).

December 23rd We've added another of Dave Haugh's Data Sheets as well as more photos, this time to the Daimler Mk II Armored Car Index.
December 21st We've added one of Dave Haugh's Data Sheets to the Daimler Mk I Armored Car Index as well as some new photos.
December 19th We've put up a vehicle index and Alan Wise's last set of photos for the VW Type 183/Bombardier Iltis 4x4 Utility Truck.
December 18th MIG Productions has announced three more 1/35 WFV model kits:  these are:

  MP 35-207   BJ44 LAND CRUISER "Technical" w/ PE and DUSHKA (New Tooled)

  MP 35-208   BJ45 LAND CRUISER "Technical" w/ PE and B11 Recoilless Rifle (New Tooled)

  MP 35-209   BJ45  LAND CRUISER HARD TOP "Technical" w/ PE and Tarp (New Tooled)


December 16th Belgian Correspondent, William Testaert has sent us some photos of the Humber Mk II Scout Car and Humber Mk IV Armored Car from the Royal Armored Museum in Brussels.
December 11th We have some model photos today from fellow AMPS-Chicagoland member Jerry Ben.  Jerry has sent us photos of his 1/35 Tamiya JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle.  Enjoy.
December 8th More photos have been put up courtesy of Alan Wise.  Today, we present photos of the Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen.

Also, Joseph Trevithick has updated his listing of modern US Wheeled Vehicles (in PDF format).

December 7th Courtesy of new WarWheels contributor Alan Wise, we have photos of the XM-706, XM-706E1 and USAF XM-706E-2 Command Armored Cars.
November 30th Sorry for the long periods where we haven't updated WW.  With the holidays and other stuff Dave and Patrick have been busy.  Well, not surprisingly more modeling goodies are being announced, hopefully in time for the Christmas holiday.  Some of these are:

Accurate Armour has released three new 1/35 ALVIS Stalwarts: A General Service vehicle (K160), a Royal Artillery Limber (K161) and a REME Fitter's vehicle (K162);

Echelon Fine Details have announced more 1/35 decals for the Sdkfz 231/232 8 Rad, these for the SS Division "Das Reich" (D356058);

JP Hobby has announced a 1/35 Skoda PA-II "Wireless" Turtle armored car (35C15);

Trumpeter has announced their 1/35 Italian B1 Centauro (386) and 1/35 M1134 ATGM Stryker (399);

and finally, Vajra Miniatures have released a 1/35 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pick-up (FF35002) and 1/35 DKW Boxer APC (FF35003).  Pat has seen these two along with their Buffalo MPCV and they look stunning.

November 29th A Data Sheet and additional scans have been added for the WWII Australian Dingo Scout Car.
November 13th An Index and photos have been added for the German WWII 4x4 SdKfz 221 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (Leichte Panzerspahwagen)
November 11th More modeling products have been announced including Voyager Model's 1/35 Kubelwagen Detail Set (35249) for the newer tooled Tamiya kit and two books by Wings & Wheels Publications: Humber Mk II Scout Car: In Detail (R053) and MB Jeeps: In Detail (R054).
November 7th We've added a data sheet to the OT-64C/SKOT 2A Personnel Carrier Index.

Also it looks like we are going to be having a bumper crop of new wheeled armor models; two new ones have come to light in the last few days, both are plastic kits in 1/35th scale. First, from Bronco (#CB35013) an early version of the German WWII 4x4 SdKfz 221 Leichte Panzerspahwagen (this model has an interior). And second, from Mini Art (#35067) the British WWII 4x4 Dingo Mark Ib with three figures (the Ib had four-wheel steering). Finally, a possible from Trumpeter (#01541) the US 4x4 M1117 Guardian as used in Iraq, this kit comes with three excellent modern figures. I've seen photos of the sprue shots but no definite time for release yet. We're all going to have to start saving our money, or begin giving the spouse some really obvious Christmas hints. -Dave-

November 2nd We've added a wonderful new resource from first time WW contributor, Joseph Trevithick of Virginia USA.  Joe has compiled a listing of modern US Wheeled Vehicles and we have it available in PDF format.

Also we have a couple new products starting with wheel sets by Hussar;  These include cross country wheels for the 1/16 Eduard  Schwimmwagen (16008) and a 1/35 set for the Tamiya  Schwimmwagen (35073)

And finally, Resicast is releasing a 1/35 Model 1914 Rolls Royce armoured car (35.1185).

October 22nd Additional photos have been added to the Willys/Kaiser M606 (CJ-3B) Index.
October 21st An Index, drawing and photos have been added for the Willys/Kaiser M606 (CJ-3B) series of 1/4-Ton Utility Trucks.
October 19th Another couple of WFV model products have been announced including Vajra Miniature's 1/35 Buffalo MPCV (FF35001) and Voyager's PE detail set for the 1/35 Italeri/ Tamiya Staghound Mark I (35250).
October 17th We're still on a roll, and have added an Index and photos for the French Hotchkiss et Cie Mod 1909 Armored Car as used by Turkey.
October 16th The 1915 Jeffery Armored Car Index has been updated with a data sheet and additional photos.
October 15th We're getting close to finishing up with Ian Young's contributions.  Today, we have put up a number of photos of the Humber "Pig"; including the APC, EOD vehicle, and special variants, the Flying Pig and the Foaming Pig. We've also added a new Index and photos of the Russian BRDM-1 9P110 (AT-3 Sagger Carrier).
October 14th More mine protected vehicle photos and info have been added; Today up went the Cougar and Tempest MRAP vehicles.
October 13th We put up photos and vehicle indices for the IVECO Panther MLV, Mastiff 6x6 PPV MRAP and BRDM-1 2P27 AT-1 Snapper Missile Carrier.

Also, one more WFV modeling product has been announced.  It is by Best Value Models (subsidiary of Azimut) and it is a 1/35 Conversion of the Panhard VPS (BVM350065) for the Revell of Germany Mercedes G-Wagen "Wolf".  The VPS is a long based French Special Forces vehicle.

October 12th We put up photos and vehicle indices for the Saxon and Simba APC's.

Also, one new wheelie modeling product has been announced.  It is by Echelon Fine Details and it is a set of 1/35 decals with markings for a captured AB41 of the Polish Carpathian Lancers (D356046).

October 10th A new Index and photos have been added for the Soviet BRDM-1 Scout Car.
October 9th An Index for the British AEC Deacon Mk I 6-Pdr Gun Carrier has been added.
October 8th An Index for the British AEC Mk III Armored Car has been added.
October 7th An Index for the British AEC Mk I Armored Car has been added.
October 6th One of Dave Haugh's Data Sheets has been added for the AEC Mk II Armored Car Index, as well as more scans.
October 5th We've put up some more photos via Ian Young, the Editor of Military Machines International Magazine. This next installment includes photos of the RG-31 Nyala Mine Protected Vehicle, pics of a huge selection of versions of the Saracen APC, and the Saracen Armored Command Vehicle.
September 30th Irish correspondent Roy Kinsella has sent us a couple more photos of his prodigious Hummer model collection.  This time we get some photos of his 1/35 USMC M1043a1 HMMWV with MAK.
September 29th Dave Haugh has completed his build and review of the 1/35 MIG Productions M325 "Nun Nun" (Mid Version).  FYI, it is posted at the Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS) website rather than here.
September 23rd More photos from Ian Young... A vehicle index and photos are up of the Australian Bushmaster IMV.
September 22nd Big "news" for today!! Pat has actually finished another model!  This one is a 1/35 Jeep CJ5 "Technical".  It is based on the AFV Club M38A1 Jeep and uses the Accurate Armour CJ5 Civilian Jeep Conversion set.
September 21st Today, we've put up photos and a vehicle index of the M1117 Guardian ASV courtesy of... (you guessed it) Ian Young.

And finally, I've found a cool link on Somali Technicals and AFV Photos.  There's some pretty interesting photos.

September 20th This next installment from Ian is one pic of the Ferret 1/1 scout car and a couple of the URO Vamtac Utility vehicle.
September 18th We've put up some more photos via Ian Young, the Editor of Military Machines International Magazine. This first installment is of the BTR-152 APC.
September 15th We've put up a nice selection of photos courtesy of Belgian correspondent William Testaert.  These include the AEC Mark II, C15TA Armored Truck, Daimler Dingo Scout Car, and Staghound Mark I.

And yes, there are even more hobby modeling products coming out for us. Sweet.  These include Black Dog's 1/48 accessory sets for the Tamiya Schwimmwagen (T48031), US Jeep (T48032), and Kubelwagen (T48033) and Panzer Shop's 1/35 conversions for the DML/Dragon BRDM-2 scout car models to make the BRDM-2 RCh (35025) and 9P122 AT-3 Sagger Carrier.

September 1st Well, with this First date of September, Autumn/Fall is coming and that means (theoretically) more modeling time.  Hopefully, that also means we'll be able to update WarWheels more often too.

A bunch more wheelie related modeling news has surfaced in the past week or so.  Starting with Azimut, they've announced another product for the 1/35 Revell of Germany Mercedes G-Wagen "Wolf": A conversion set to build a French Peugeot P4 utility vehicle with AA52 LMG (35179);

Also for the 1/35 RoG "Wolf", Echelon Fine Details is releasing a windscreen masking set (356048) and a Peel & Stick Mirror Set (357131).  In addition, they are releasing a set of mirrors for the 1/35 Trumpeter LAV series too (357132).

Eduard is releasing a detail set for the 1/35 Trumpeter LAV-C2 vehicle;

Griffon Models is back in the 1/35 scale product mix with a bunch of stuff including two exterior storage box sets for the Dragon Sdkfz 234 Panzerspahwagen series: Volume 1 = 35A018 and Volume 2 = 35A019, Sdkfz 234/3 Fighting Compartment Armor set (35A020) and finally a 2cm Hangelafette 38 Universal Turret (35A021) which should fit both the Dragon 234/1 and Tamiya Sdkfz 222 .

And finally, Voyager Models is releasing their own turret for the 1/35 Tamiya Sdkfz 222 armored car named, Alte Turret Anti-Grenade Mesh Set - Type 3 (PEA147)

August 22nd Real Model  has announced another conversion to make the 1/35 M54 "Satan's Li'l Angel" Gun Truck(RM35130) using the Italeri  5-Ton M923 "Big Foot" Model.
August 20th We've put up a hyperlink to Patrick's review of the new Blue Steel  title: "White Thunder: Centauro Inside and Out" which is posted at the AMPS website.

Also, speaking of Blue Steel... they are coming out with a new series this September focusing on the civil war in Lebanon.  Their first volume will be called (not surprisingly) "Civil Wars: Volume1 - The Gun Trucks".  This book will be dedicated to the myriad types of "technicals" that fought during that time.

August 17th Courtesy of Blue Steel Books' Moustafa Assad (Lebanon), we have a photo and vehicle index of the Centauro B-1T Long Hull "Station Wagon" Tank Destroyer.

Also, a few more model hobby products have been announced including set of 1/35 decals by Bison called "ISAF in Afghanistan" (35087) which includes markings for modern German Luchs and VAB's as well as a 1/35 Rolls-Royce Model 1916 Pattern Armored Car by Resicast.

August 15th Once again, we've gotten photos taken at a very large model show.  This time, courtesy of Bob Hester, Mike Lindsey and Dick Montgomery we have armored car/wfv photos from the 2008 IPMS/USA National Convention held in Virginia Beach, VA USA.
August 12th We've put up a vehicle index and photos of the Humber III / Fox I Armored Car.
August 11th Aussie Nick is back with photos of the Ferret 2/4 Armored Car from Bandiana and Puckapunyal museums.
August 10th We've put up photos and a vehicle index for the Australian Rover Mark I Light Armored Car.

Also, some photos of the Ferret 2/3 with ENTAC ATGM at the Bandiana Army Museum; courtesy of Aussie Nick.

Finally, a bit more model product news.  Echelon Fine Details is releasing two more 1/35 sets for the Panzerspahwagen 232 (8 rad): Panzer Division Grossdeutchland (356042) and Wiking Divisional markings (356043).

August 8th Dennis Trowbridge is back and better than ever with some new photos!  Today we're putting up a vehicle index and pics of the IVECO Panther MLV.
August 5th I've done a review on Tankograd Publishing's book "Panzerspahwagen Sdkfz 231/232 Wehrmacht Heavy 6 & 8 Wheeled Armoured Cars and their Derivatives".  The original review is available at the Armored Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS) website.

Also, Real Models is delving into the reference market with the book "Canadian LAV III in Afghanistan" (MPA001) which is their first offering in their Modeler Photo Assistant Series..

August 3rd We've put up an index, photos and line drawings of one of Pat's favorite vehicles: The Canadian C15TA Armored Truck.

Also, more hobby product releases are incoming as well.  These include Blast Models 1/35 M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle with V-Blade Surface Mine Plow Conversion set (BL35139K) for the AFV Club Stryker and Trumpeter's new 1/35 M1130 Stryker Command Vehicle, M1078 LMTV Truck and B1 Centauro (Spanish).  I've not seen any kit numbers for these yet.

July 31st More Aussie stuff today courtesy of Brad again.  Today we have photos and vehicle indices of the Dingo Scout Car 4x4 (The Australian version not the Brit Daimler version) and the Rover Mark II Armored Car.

Also, I've put up a link to the Sentinel website which is dedicated to the research and modeling of Australian and Israeli military vehicles.

July 30th Today, we have some new photos of Australian vehicles, courtesy of Aussie (not surprisingly) Brad James.  The vehicles include a Ferret 2 or 2/3, a Ford Lynx Mark II and a M3A1 Armoured Observation Post (scout car).
July 29th Well, I (Pat) have been lax lately about listing new model product announcements.  So here comes my latest and it is a big 'un...

Ace Models 1/72 ADGZ (FU)-M35 Mittleren Panzerwagen model kit (72-262);

AFV Club's 1/35 M1128 Mobile Gun System (MGS) Stryker (35-128) Model Kit;

Armorscale's Chained Wheel Sets (Set A=35-024 & Set B 35-025) for all 1/35 Sdkfz 234 version Panzerspahwagen Models;

Azimut's Update Sets for the 1/35 Revell of Germany Mercedes-Benz "G-Wagen"/Wolf including a wheel set (35378) and an update set (35379).  Supposedly, the wheels do NOT come in the update set though.;

Blue Steel's new book "White Thunder: Centauro-Inside and Out";

Hauler's new Photo-Etch Detail Sets for the 1/48 ICM Sdkfz 222 Panzerspahwagen model kit including a basic update set (48251) a grill/turret mesh screen set (48249) an entire turret (48250) and their detail set for the 1/48 Italeri AB41 Armored Car (48252);

Lion Roar's Photo-Etch Detail Sets for the 1/35 Trumpeter JGSDF NBC Vehicle (35082) and JGSDF Command Post (35083) Models;

MIG Productions offers new sets for the 1/35 Tamiya Opel Blitz truck including a wheel set with late 8-hole rims (35-122), Cargo Tarp (35-170) and Winter Upgrade set including Cargo tarp, wheels and radiator cover (35-169);

Real Model's 1/35 M54 "Black Widow" Gun Truck Conversion (RM35128) for the Italeri 5-Ton M923 "Big Foot" Model and their 1/35 Conversion set to make an uparmoured NZLAV Phase III Vehicle (RM35127) from the AFV Club Stryker;

Trumpeter's 1/35 M1127 Stryker Recon Vehicle (039) model kit;

and finally... a Voyager Detail set (35216) for the 1/35 Tamiya Sdkfz 223 Armored Car.

July 27th A new Index, scans and data sheet has been added for the (Soviet) Russian 2P32 Falanga (AT-2a Swatter) Carrier.
July 24th A Data Sheet and new images have been added to the US T7 Armored Car Index.
July 20th A new Index has been added for the British Morris AC9/CS9 Armored Car. This index includes one of Dave Haugh's data sheets.
July 10th A new Index has been added for the US Bantam Reconnaissance Car (BRC40). This index includes one of Dave Haugh's data sheets as well.
June 26th One of Dave Haugh's data sheets has been added to the Crossley Mk I Armored Car Index.
June 20th Erik Hendriks has sent us some photos of the Dutch TPz 1 Fuchs (NBC) Vehicle.
June 19th First, I'd like to announce that Content Editor Dave Haugh has taken on a bigger role here at WarWheels and has now become Co-editor with me.  Congrats and thanks to Dave!!

On that note, we've added a cool photo of a Belgian Gendarmerie (Police) Staghound I courtesy of Belgian Correspondent, William Testaert.

Also, French Correspondent Jacques Dujardin has sent us photos from his latest trip to the Saumur Tank museum.  We now have his photos of the EBR FL 11 armored car, Humber Scout Car Mark I, M3A1 "White" Scout Car, Staghound Mark I, and VAB 4x4 APC.

Finally, more modeling hobby news has hit and announced releases are as followed: (WW Sponsor) Accurate Armour's  1/35 Land Rover Series III 109 GS Hardtop (LRO12) , Series III 109 GS Softtop (LR013) and Series III 109 Helicopter Support Platform (LR014) ; ;

Hauler's detail sets for the 1/48 Tamiya M20 Utility Vehicle [ "basic" set (HLX48245) and Interior Set (HLX48246); Hobby Boss'  1/35 V150S Commando armored car with 90mm Cockerill Gun (82422); JP Hobby's Maxon .50 cal Quad Turret Gun truck conversion (JP35020)for Tamiya's 1/35 GMC 2 1/2 ton "deuce and a half"; Miniart's 1/35 Bantam 4x4 utility vehicle (35014) and PanzerShop's 1/35 Bussing A5P Armored Car (PS35C142).

June 14th The US M1 Scout Car Index has had one of Dave Haugh's data sheets added as well as new photos.
June 13th A new Index has been added for the US T7 Scout Car. This index includes one of Dave Haugh's data sheets as well.
June 6th Another of Dave Haugh's data sheets has been added; this one on the Coventry Mk I.
June 3rd I've put up two more hyperlinks in our "Links" section.  The first one is for Anubis Creations (specializing in Soviet AFV conversion parts) and Modeler's Warehouse (Home of WARPIGS Modeling Pigments).

Finally, one new modeling release: Eduard's 1/35 PE Blast Panels (36033) for Trumpeter's M1126 Stryker. 

May 25th Here is some more news on upcoming modeling products being released; Bronco Models has announced the release of a 1/35 Staghound AA Vehicle (35026); Echelon Fine Details is coming out with decals for the kit mirrors of the Revell of Germany 1/35 TPz 6x6 Fuchs (357127) and the 1/35 SpPz 2 8x8 Luchs (357128); Jordi Rubio is coming out with a full kit of a 1/35 Kfz 13 "Adler" (KR002) and Resicast is releasing a bunch of accessory sets for the Staghound I armored car including Stowage Set #1 (35.2300) and Steerable front suspension sets for the Italeri Staghound I (35.2301) and Bronco Models (35.2302) kits. 
May 18th I've added another of Dave Haugh's data sheets; this one on the T4 Armored Car.

Also, courtesy of George Moore, I've added some photos of the Guy Mark I Wheeled Tank.

Finally, more news on upcoming modeling products being released.  New products include Eduard's "Big Ed" set for the 1/35 AFV Club M1127 Stryker (3551) and Hussar's 1/35 wheel set for the Italeri/Revell M3A1 "White" Scout Car (35070).

May 17th It's Belgian Bash 2008 today!  William Testaert has provided us with photos of Belgian WFV's including the Daimler Armored Car Mk II, "Winklers" Recce Jeep and the Staghound Mark I Armored Car.
May 4th Irish correspondent Roy Kinsella has sent in more photos of his HMMWV model collection: This time we see a 1/35 M1097A2 Hummer with additional armor as seen in Tikrit, Iraq (June 2004).

Also, I've added two more hyperlinks to very nice websites including "Landships" a website that specializes in WWI era military hardware and Gerry Chester's North Irish Horse/Tanks of the Royal Armour Corps website.

May 3rd Today is Model Mania!  I have Mike Griffin's 2008 AMPS International award winning scratch built 1/35 T18E2 Boarhound and Steve Allen's 1/35 Miniatur Models Marmon-Herrington Mark III Armored Car.
May 2nd George Moore is back from hiatus and has provided us with some line drawings of the Daimler Mark I Armored Car.
April 28th More cool model release news for us "wheelie" modelers.  The big ones are Masterbox's 1/35 French Panhard 178 AMD 35 armored car (Kit # 3554) and 1/35 German KwK38 L/42 auf Panzerspahwagen 204(f) (Kit #3556).

Also, Real Models is at it again with their 1/35 M54 "Eve of Destruction" Guntruck conversion - RM35123 (for the Italeri 5-ton 'Big Foot' model).

Finally, Leadwarrior has announced their 1/35 Steyr Type 2000A FLAK 103/38 'Jaboschreck' truck conversion (LW35030) for the Tamiya Steyr 1500 truck model kit.

April 22nd  I am proud to introduce WarWheels' latest sponsor: GCLaser Innovations.  GCL is the producer of laser-cut micro-plywood 1/35 products such as ammunition boxes, crates and fencing.  Check this stuff out as it is really cool.

Also, I've got some more exciting news for us WFV modelers including Cromwell Models' 1/35 US 6x6 Cougar MRAP (CK110), 1/35 US 4x4 Cougar MRAP (CK111) and 1/35 M1117 Guardian ASV (CK115); Real Models' 1/35 Canadian LAV III Conversion (35125) & New Zealand Uparmored LAV III Conversion (35127) and M1133 Medical Evacuation Stryker (35126) - all for the AFV Club Stryker Kits) and their Rhino Anti-IED device (35180); and finally Wings and Wheels Productions' book "In Detail Special No.9: Staghound"

April 17th I've put up model photos of Roy Kinsella's 1/35 Accurate Armour Land Rover 110 WMIK, in Irish Ranger Wing livery.
April 16th Sorry for the long delay in posting stuff, but between for preparing for and going to the 2008 AMPS International Show, I was mega-busy.  The show was held at the WWII Victory Museum in Auburn, Indiana.  A great time was had by all!  Here are a bunch of photos from the show!!

Also, I've put up a hyperlink to the National Museum of the (US) Marine Corps.

Finally, we have more model products coming out for us wheelies including Maple Leaf Models 1/35 LAV/Stryker Tire Set (MLM1034) and LAV/Stryker Spare Wheel Set (MLM 1033) and Resicast's Staghound Stowage Set and 1/35 Rolls Royce WWI Armoured Car Model Kit!!

April 3rd I've finished my first look review of the 1/35 IMA Marmon-Herrington Mk 2 Armored Car Model Kit.

Also, Eduard is releasing a photo etched detail set for the 1/35 Italeri (and Tamiya Re-box) Staghound I (36024).

April 1st I've added photos and a vehicle index for the Sdkfz 233 Panzerspahwagen.

Also, I've put up a new World of Wheelies vehicle index; Sweden.

March 27th Today, I've finished my Full Build Review of the 1/35 Accurate Armour Staghound AA Vehicle Conversion.
March 25th James Kellett, has sent in a write-up and some additional photos/scans on his 1/35 T17 Deerhound Armored Car model by Best Value Models.

Also, per Dave Haugh I've updated the index and added some photos of the Sdkfz 263 (Fu) 8 Rad Armored Car.

March 22nd I've updated the index and added some photos of the Sdkfz 231/232 8 Rad Series of Vehicles.
March 21st Courtesy of James Kellett, he's provided us with photos of his 1/35 T17 Deerhound Armored Car model by Best Value Models.

Also, Archer Fine Transfers is releasing a 1/35 set of New Zealand markings for the Staghound Mark I (AR35279)

March 17th I totally forgot about another of the Staghound variants I had info for.  Today, I've put up a photo and information on the T17E1 Staghound II Close Support (C.S.) Armored Car.

Also, Service Publications has released their book "M38A1 1/4 ton Truck in Canadian Service, The" (WOW020).

March 11th The final installment of Duncan's photos are available.  These are of the BTR-60 PU Command APC, which includes some really nice interior shots as well.
March 10th I've put up another BRDM-2 variant courtesy of Duncan; This time, I've got up a vehicle index for the BRDM-2 9P148 ATGM Scout Car.
March 9th Today, I have some more stuff from Duncan; a vehicle index and photos of the BRDM-2 RKhB Chemical Recon Car.
March 6th Courtesy of new WarWheels contributor, Duncan Nicholson of "Tanks for Sale", I've put up photos of the OT-64 R4 with APC Turret and new vehicle indices for the OT-64R4 Command Vehicle and ZTS "DANA" 152mm SPG.

Also, I've put up a hyperlink to a really cool website called Afrika Korps.org that has tons of interesting info including WFV photos.

Finally, a couple more products you might be interested in: Eduard is releasing a photo etched detail set for the 1/35 Trumpeter LAV-R (36008) as well as a 1/35 "Rhino" Anti-IED array set (TP097) for any US vehicle kits mounting that device (HMMWV's, Strykers, etc).

March 2nd It's the final Staghound Sunday for the time being.  I've put up vehicle indices for the T17E3 staghound and the Lebanese AEC Staghound.

Dave Haugh has provided another excellent datasheet, this time for the Panhard 178 Armored Car.

Finally, more hobby products are available for those of us who model armored cars. I just saw an entry on ADV/AZIMUT's website offering a 1/35 Best Value Models T17 Deerhound Armored Car (35055).  Not sure when this might be coming out or what it is exactly but it would probably be one of BVM's Model Kit/Conversions.  Also, Echelon Fine Details will be releasing a decal set for the 1/35 Tamiya Sdkfz 232 (8 rad) armored car called "Sdkfz 232 on the Eastern Front" (356017) and Voyager Model has two new modern era products including a 1/35 US Army Humvee Detail set (PEA119) and M2HB Heavy Machine Gun -Remote Weapons System (RWS) Version (VBS0204); both sets useable with any 1/35 model kit on the market.

February 28th Courtesy of William Testaert of Belgium, I've added vehicle indices for the Pandur APC and Tenix S600 APC.

Finally, also thanks to William, I've put up a link to the Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels.

February 27th Irish correspondent Roy Kinsella is back with yet another 1/35 Hummer model to show us.  This time, it's his Iraqi M1114 Uparmored HMMWV, using the Tamiya M1025 and Mig Productions Update set (new edition).

Also, I have more stuff up on the Marmon-Herrington Mark III Recon Car courtesy of Dave Haugh.  This info includes a new datasheet as well.

Also, Accurate Armour has announced yet another batch of hobby products, including one of particular interest to us "wheelies", their 1/35 Hillman 'Tilly' 4x2 Utility Vehicle (K157).

February 26th My Review of the 1/35 Accurate Armour Staghound Anti-Aircraft Armored Car Conversion set is now available for viewing.

More hobby products are available still again including the 1/35 Best Value Models (subsidiary of Azimut) 6x6 Husky AVGP (35060) and the Tiger Models 1/35 Staghound with M8 HMC turret conversion set (You need the turret = 28001 and staghound parts = 42910) for the Bronco Models kit.

Finally, another hyperlink is up on the "links" section: this one is for the Russell Military Museum [ex-Kenosha (WI) Military Museum]

February 25th Since we're on the theme of Staghounds, I've put up a vehicle index for the Staghound III Armored Car.
February 24th It's Staghound Sunday with the addition of some Staghound I Line Drawings and Staghound I photos courtesy of Dave Haugh.  Also, I've put up the vehicle index for the T17E2 Staghound Anti-Aircraft Armored Car.  More Staghound stuff very soon.

And, guess what?  More hobby products including SOME BIG NEWS including Hobby Boss' 1/35 Delta Force FAV (82406), M706 APC (82419) & V150S Commando APC with 90mm Cockerill gun (82422) and Italeri's 1/35 1/4 ton Utility Vehicle (i.e. Jeep) and T17E2 Staghound AA armored car (6468)

February 22nd I've put up my review of the 1/35 Archer Fine Transfers Jeep Instrument and Placard Set (AR35241).
February 21st

I've added another photo to the WarWheels Collection.  This one is of the CVR(W) Fox courtesy of William Testaert of Brussels.

In addition, I've finally finished my full build review of the Retrokit 1/72 AM White Armored Car.

Also, I've added a link to the South African National Museum of Military History in the WW Links section.

And finally, we have a whole bunch of new armored car stuff for from the hobby companies including the Hauler 1/48 SAS Jeep Conversion (48229) for the new Tamiya kit; Hussar's 1/35 AS42 Sahariana Wheels (HSR35064) & 1/35 Panhard 178 Wheels (HSR35065); JP Hobby 1/35 Staghound with M8 Howitzer Turret (JP35022); Legend Production's 1/35 Humber Scout Car Stowage Set (LF1158) & 1/35 IDF Uparmored HMMWV Conversion LF1159) for the Academy series of Hummers; Real Models M1127 Stryker RV conversion set with SLAT armor, Blast Panels, and "Rhino" Anti-IED device (35124); Tamiya's re-boxing of the 1/35 Italeri Staghound I (89770) and finally Tank Workshop's Wheel set (TWS0086) for the 1/35 Tamiya JGSDF LAV model kit.

February 12th

Nicaragua has been added to the World of Wheelies Index.

Also, I've added a photo and information about the M38 Wolfhound with M24 Light Tank Turret.

Finally, I've added a hyperlink to the US Patent Office's copy of the Howie "Belly Flopper" Machine Gun Carrier courtesy of a tip from David Aro.

February 7th

After the posting of my review of the 1/35 Archer Fine Transfers  27th Armoured Brigade (UK) Humber Scout Car markings set (AR35267), I was contacted by Bob Gregory, the researcher of the markings sheet.  Not only did he send me a photo of the vehicle in question, he also provided clarifications and corrected info.  Therefore, Iíve made changes based upon this new information.

February 4th

WarWheels Sponsor Retrokit has announced a couple new 1/72 wheeled vehicle model kits including, Automitrailleuse Dodge-White [with decals for one French (FFL) vehicle] (R72034) and Automitrailleuse White Mle.1917 (with PE set & decals for one French vehicle) (R72037).

Finally, Dave Haugh has provided more WOW indices including new ones for Belgium and Timor Leste (East Timor) and updated ones for Australia, Canada and Cuba.

January 31st I've put up my review of the 1/35 Archer Fine Transfers 27th Armoured Brigade (UK) Humber Scout Car markings set (AR35267).

Also, I've put up Dave Haugh's updated USA WOW index.

January 30th Today, I've put up even more model photos by Roy Kinsella.  This time more 1/35 HMMWV models as well as a 1/35 Italeri USMC LAV TUA Tank Killer.
January 29th I've put up two new updates for the Netherlands and Spain entries in World of Wheelies.

Also, guess what?  More modeling products are coming out for us who do such things.  These include CGM Productions 1/35 Wheel Set for the AFV Club/Skybow Dodge Weapons Carrier (034A) and the very active Voyager Models' 1/35 PE Detail Set for the Tamiya Sdkfz 222 armored car (PE35204)

January 22nd It's Irish Panhard Pandemonium courtesy of Roy Kinsella.  I'm posting model photos of his 1/72 Ace Panhard M3 APC, 1/72 Ace AML-60 and 1/72 Ace AML-90.
January 21st Today, fellow AMPS-Chicagoland lad, Chuck Aleshire presents his photos of the 1/35 Heller VAB 6x6 APC.

Also, Dave Haugh has provided more info on the M38 Wolfhound Armored Car including an updated datasheet, T28 datasheet and new photos.

And, here's another hyperlink to check out: Duncan Nicholson's TanksForSale website.  Duncan is a new contributor to WW (photos coming up shortly) and vehicle enthusiast with a bunch of great info and photos of WFV's at his site.

Finally, there are a TON of new modeling products that were announced this past week.  These items include: Bronco Models 1/35 Staghound III Armored Car(35021); Italeri's new 1/35 Staghound Anti-Aircraft Armored Car (6463s), and re-released 1/4 ton 4x4 utility truck - AKA Jeep (6468s); and Wings and Wheels Publications book on the GPW (Ford) Jeep.  Finally, Royal Model has announced a  HUGE number of new releases including 1/35 Staghound Wheels (RM558) for the Bronco and Italeri model kits and a staggering array of detail sets for the 1/35 Dragon Models 234 Panzerspahwagen series.  These include general detail sets for  234/1 (RM545), 234/2 Puma (RM540) and 234/4 (RM 515) as well as 2341 & 2 Stowage Boxes (RM 544) and 234/4 stowage items (RM542).

January 18th Roy Kinsella is back with more model kits for your viewing pleasure.  Today, I present his 1/35 Accurate Armour Land Rover XD Wolf TUM.
January 17th Sorry for the absence.  I've been really busy, especially since I've been offered and accepted the Review Coordinator position with the Armor and Modeling Preservation Society (AMPS).  My acceptance of this position will not impact my WW activity, besides giving me more stuff to do.  WW will be up and running as normal.  I am presently looking for current (or even new) AMPS members to conduct product reviews.  If interested in doing reviews and/or joining AMPS, contact me at editor@warwheels.net .

On to WW stuff... Dave Haugh has provided another World of Wheelies entry. This time he has taken us to the Philippines

Finally, Dave provided a very cool photo of the M37 utility truck (which the gun truck was based upon) on a factory assembly line.

January 7th Another Archer Fine Transfers product is reviewed.  This time fellow AMPS-Chicagoland member Tom Kondziolka gives us his opinion of Archer's 1/35 US Armor Propaganda Poster and Pin-Up Set (AR35271).

Also, I've been able to add to my Vietnam era gun truck information with the help of James Lyles.  I've added more photos and information on the M37B1 3/4 gun truck, a photo of the M35 2 1/2 ton gun truck and lastly, photos and a vehicle index of the M54 5 ton Gun truck.

Finally, yet another WFV modeling product has been announced.  This one is by Blast Models and is the 1/35 US Jeep Stowage Set (BL35125K).

January 6th Today is the last of the Irish WFV's from Roy.  Photos of the URO Vamtac 4x4 utility vehicle are available.
January 5th We have more Irish vehicle photos courtesy of Roy Kinsella. Today, I've put up photos and vehicle indices of the Piranha IIIH APC and Piranha IIIH Cavalry Recce Vehicle (CRV).

Also, I have a 1/35 model product to mention: Legend Productions Staghound Stowage Set (LF1157) for the Bronco Models Kit.

January 4th Courtesy of Roy Kinsella, I've put up a vehicle index and photos of the Irish VLRA (ACMAT) TPK420 SM3 2 1/2 Ton 4x4 "Gunship" Truck.
January 3, 2008 The first entry for 2008 is John Ratzenberger's review of the Archer Fine Details "Raised Panel Lines" Surface Detail Set.

Also, I've added a hyperlink to the Royal Australian Armour Corps Museum in Puckapunyal.

Finally, some additional model product new release info including Eduard's two PE sets for the Bronco Models 1/35 Humber Scout Car: Humber Scout Car Interior Set (EU36007) and Humber Scout Car Exterior Set (EU36012) and Revell of Germany's new 1/35 Mercedes LKW leicht gl Wolf "G-Wagen" (03069).

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