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2010 Archive of "What's New" Items

Items appearing in the "What's New" section during the calendar year 2010 are contained here.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom.

Date Item Updated or Added
December 31, 2010 Today's update comes from Patrick's collection: photos of the Ford F60s 3-Ton Truck with 40mm Bofors AA Gun, M38A1 Jeep and M151A2 "Mutt".
December 30th Only another small update due to the holidays... We have one drawing of the 90mm Cockerill Cannon mounted on the LAV-150 Armored Car.

Also, a very interesting kit release has been announced by Commander Models Inc.: a resin 1/35 US T7 Scout Car (1-017).
December 29th Sorry, no more Landy's... for now.  But, we do have the last of our V100 Commando photos to put up (also for the time being).  Check out the V100 Commando Vehicle index to see some unique photos; including an VERY early V100 as well as a couple pics of a Commando with 20mm Cannon.
December 28th You haven't gotten your fill of Land Rovers?  Well... here are more photos of the Land Rover Series III Lightweight Recon Vehicle courtesy of Ron Bollen.
And yet again, more modeling products have been announced including Formations Models 1/35 M1200 Armored Knight conversion (F128) for the Trumpeter M1117 Guardian model kit and Tankograd In Detail's new book "DANA: Czech Wheeled Self-Propelled 152mm Gun-Howitzer" by Jochen Vollert.
December 26th More Landies!!  Today, we put up a vehicle index for the Land Rover Series III Utility Vehicle.

Also, even more modeling products have been announced including Azimut's 1/35 3.7cm FLAK36 auf MERCEDES 4500A FLAKWAGEN Conversion (10027) for Zvezda's Model kit AND Legends Productions 1/35 Stryker Engine set for the Trumpeter series of models (LF1220) and a 1/35 M1114 HMMWV Detail Set (LF1218) for Bronco's Model Kit.
December 24th Well, we have some good news or bad news, depending on your interests: More Landys!  Today's batch is of the IDF Land Rover Defender Mobile Observation Vehicle, courtesy of Israeli correspondent Rob Goldman.

Also, a few more modeling products have been announced including:
Black Dog's
1/35 USMC LAVA2 Accessory Set (T35038) for the Trumpeter model;

Blast Models' 
1/35 USMC Warlock IED Jammer: For M1114 & M1151 (BL35160K ),  1/35 US FS3 Fire Support Sensor: For M1114 AND Stryker (BL35161K) and 1/35 US Humvee Sagged Aggressive Pattern Tire Set (4 Wheels) (BL35162K);

Djiti's Production
(New Company?) 1/35 Type 96 Version B Conversion Set (35007) and Type 96 Wheel Set (35008) for the Trumpeter JGSDF Type 96 (Version A) APC Model kit; and

1/35 Rolls Royce (1914 Pattern) Armored Car (803) model kit.
December 23rd More Landy's are up today in the guise of a Defender HS/XD Winterized/Waterproof "Wolf" (FFR) Hard Top, courtesy of Clive.  Also, we have more V100 Commando stuff available, including photos of the Commando (via Neil Baumgardner), ARVN V100's and a PDF of a Cadillac-Gage Sales Brochure (both via Content Editor Dave Haugh).
December 21st We're on a Landy Roll!  We've put up a vehicle index and photos of the Land Rover Defender Utiltiy Vehicle.
December 19th Israeli Correspondent Rob Goldman has sent us a bunch of photos he took at the IDF History Museum.  For starters, here are a small number of photos of the BRDM-2 Scout Car, BRDM-2 ATGM Vehicle (9P122), and BTR-60PB APC.  More coming soon.
December 18th We've gotten up photos (via Clive Elliott and Martyn Smith) and a vehicle index of the Land Rover Defender HS/XD "Wolf" Utility Vehicle.

Also, a couple more model hobby products have been announced by ET Model , both for the 1/35 Trumpeter Centauro Wheeled Tank Destroyer.  They are a B1 Centauro Late Version (3rd Series) Basic detail set (E35060) and a Late Version (3rd Series) Machine Gun detail set (E35061).  That last set seems more like a turret detail set based upon the photos I've seen.
December 17th It's Commando Chaos time today At WW. Content Editor Dave has provided us with some photos of the USAF XM-706E2 Commando.
December 16th John Charvat is back with over 100+ photos of an M706 Commando Armored Car.
December 15th In the past week or so, there have been some incredible announcements of upcoming WFV-related hobby modeling products.  Here they are, consolidated for your viewing pleasure by longtime friend of WarWheels (and creator of our newest site logo) Al Crawford:

Bronco Models: 1/35 Humber Mark IV Armored Car with clear hull & interior (CB35018SP);

Hobby Boss: (all in 1/35) M3A1 White Scout Car -Early Production (82451), Land Rover Defender 'Wolf' with WMIK (82446), Land Rover Defender 110 with Hard Top (82447?), Boxer MRAV (82480), Chinese PLA PTL-02 Wheeled ATGM Carrier (On ZSL-92 IFV Chassis)(82485), PLA ZBL-09 IFV (82486), PLA PLL-05 (self-propelled mortar on ZSL-92 chassis) (82487), PLA AFT-09 ATGM Wheeled Carrier (82488),  PLA BJ2022JC Yong Shi "Jeep" (83466) and PLA Dongfeng Meng Shi (Similar to the HMMWV) (83467);

Mouse House Enterprises 1/35 ASLAV (Phase III) "Fitter" with Type 3 Hull Conversion (MA124) for the Trumpeter LAV-R Model kit;

Real Model:  1/35 LAV III Update Set (RMA35214), 1/35 LAVIII LORIT Conversion (RMA35215), 1/35 LAVIII C&C Vehicle Conversion (RMA35217) and M1133 MEV Stryker Update Set (RMA35216) all for the applicable Trumpeter Model Kits (LAV III and M1133 MEV);

(All in 1/35) M1083 FMTV Armored Cab (01008), M1083 LMTV Armored Cab (01009), Canadian Cougar 6 X 6 APC (01501), Canadian Grizzly 6 X 6 APC (01502), 01503 - Canadian Husky 6 X 6 APC -Improved version (01503), M1129 Mortar Carrier Stryker (MCV-B) (01512), M1135 NBC Stryker (01560), B1 Centauro - Early Version 1st Series (01562), B1 Centauro - Early Version ROMOR (01563), B1 Centauro - Early Version 2nd Series with Upgraded Armor (01564), BTR-40 APC (05517), BTR-60P APC (01542), BTR-70 APC (01590) and BTR-80 APC (1591);

Voyager Models 1/35 USMC M1114 HMMWV Detail set (PE35397) for the Bronco Models M1114 kit and 1/35 Canadian LAVIII Detail Set (PE35398) for the Trumpeter model and 1/35 Willys Jeep Detail set (PE35194) for the newer tooled Tamiya model.
December 14th We put up two sets of photos of the M54 Gun Truck "Wild Thing" displayed at the WWII Victory Museum in Auburn, Indiana USA.  One from Editor Patrick and the other from fellow AMPS-Chicagoland member Bill Soppet.
December 12th John Charvat has sent us 100+ detail photos of the unique XM-800W Armored Recon & Scout Vehicle.
December 8th Ron Bell is back with photos of his 1/72 Scratchbuilt AEC Mark II Armored Car Model.
December 7th Today we put up a vehicle index and a whole slew of photos of the Fennek Light Armored Recon Vehicle.
December 5th We've received a bunch of photos of the Ratel IFV Series of vehicles from Marius van Aardt, Editor the SA Bushwar Webpage.

Also, WW Sponsor AFV Club, has released their 1/35 Anti Reflective Coating Lens Sticker Set (AC35011) for their Stryker Series of Model Kits.  The set comes with enough stickers to finish five models.
December 4th Jaizon Allas is back with a couple photos of the Filipino M35 "Talisman II" Armored Gun Truck.
December 3rd It's LAV III Friday here at WW.  We have photos of the Canadian and New Zealand LAV 3 photos via GDLS-Canada, as well as Canadian LAV III pics via Neil Baumgardner.
December 2nd Today we have a new Transportpanzer Fuchs vehicle index photo courtesy of noted military vehicle author Ralph Zwilling, as well as some VERY interesting photos of US Pandur 1 APC's courtesy (again) of Neil Baumgardner.
December 1st Brent Sauer, Editor of HMMWV In Scale is back with some photos of the M1152A1 HMMWV Cargo/Troop Carrier with B2 FRAG Armor.  He's got another 130+ pics of this vehicle at his site too, so check them out.
November 30th Today we have more photos from Neil Baumgardner, although they aren't Strykers; They're the Boxer MRAV (and index) and the SEP 8x8 APC.
November 29th One last set of Stryker Photos (and vehicle index) are up courtesy of Neil; the M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle.
November 28th More Stryker Photos (and vehicle index) are up courtesy of Neil Baumgardner: these of the M1134 ATGM Vehicle.
November 27th We've got an interesting selection of photos posted for your viewing pleasure.  Neil Baumgardner has sent us an impressive array of photos of the M1128 Stryker MGS, spanning the time frame fromf some of the earliest vehicle testing until present.
November 26th Today, we have more photos from Patrick's trip to the WWII Victory Museum.  This installment includes photos of an Armored Jeep and M3A1 Scout Car (3 different vehicles In American, Canadian & Soviet Markings).
November 25th Accurate Armour has sent us photos of their newly released 1/35 Malayan Dingo Scout Car Conversion set for the Miniart model series (C094).

November 24th We've redone our Transportpanzer 1 Fuchs index to make it more inclusive of the different variants of the vehicle, while also adding some pics of the Fuchs "HELAS" radio detection vehicle, courtesy of Dutch Correspondent Erik Hendriks. 
November 23rd Brent Sauer, Editor of HMMWV In Scale has sent us some photos of the M1151A1 HMMWV with B1 FRAG Armor.  He's got another 150+ pics of this vehicle at his site too, so check out the direct hyperlink provided with his pics here at WW.
November 22nd Today, we've put up more M8 Greyhound Pics from Patrick's collection.  These photos are more detail oriented.

Also, we've added a hyperlink in our "Links" section to another great website; this one by noted military vehicle author Ralph Zwilling.  It's called Tank-Masters.DE and has quite a collection of photos of modern German and American WFV's.  Check it out!
November 21st It's Kubelwagen Sunday.  Patrick has posted a bunch of Kubelwagen Type 82 photos, also including some of the Porsche Type 823 Kubelwagen "Dummy Tank".
November 20th Since we're on the subject of the Dingo, Editor Patrick has posted some photos of the Dingo Mark III Scout Car.
November 19th Today, we present a boat-load of Dingo Mark II Scout Car Photos (Vehicle Owner - Andy Hacking) courtesy of Martyn Smith.
November 18th Content Editor Dave is on a roll.  Here are some vehicle photos (and vehicle index) of the Rhodesian Kudu 4x4 Mine Protected APC.

Also, Ron Bell is back with more armored car/WFV model photos, this time of his 1/40 Midori Humber Hornet Anti-Tank Vehicle.
November 17th Another long time contributor and friend of WW, Clive Elliott, has sent in some photos for our viewing pleasure; these of a Canadian Fox Mark I Armored Car.
November 16th Good friend ans WW supporter Steve Allen has sent us some photos of his 1/35 Tamiya M8 Greyhound and his 1/35 Bronco Models Sdkfz 221 Panzerspahwagen model kits.
November 14th More Former Eastern Bloc photos are up via Content Editor Dave.  These are of the Czech/Polish OT-64/SKOT APC.
November 12th Mark Aldrich of IPMS/USA Tacoma Green Dragons has sent us some photos of the PSZH-IV/OT-66 APC.

Also, Pro Art Models has announced upgraded sets (Including new parts and photo-etched details) for their 1/35
US Special Forces “Dumvee” Conversion (PAU35022- Upgraded Set is PAU3503) and 1/35 HMMWV Interior Set (PAU35024 - Upgraded Set is PAU35032).
November 11th Again, "Blackhand" and Jaizon Allas are back at it with some photos (and vehicle index) of the LAV-150 Series AFV.
November 10th Courtesy of "Blackhand" and new WW contributor Jaizon Allas, we have photos (and vehicle index) of the LAV-300 6x6 AFV.  Also, Jaizon has sent us more photos of the Simba APC.
November 9th Today's feature is Rob Teubert's model kit review of the 1/72 W^D Models Austin (3rd Series) Armored Car.
November 7th Ron Bell has sent us some photos of his 1/72 Hasegawa Daimler Mark II Armored Car model kit with interior.

Also, Wild Hogs'Models has announced a new model kit in their arsenal: a 1/72 Marmon-Herrington Mark IV/IVF armored car (72-007-0).
November 6th Ron Bollen is back with some photos of a Luxembourgish HMMWV.  Also, Content Editor Dave and new WW contributor, Patrick Mooney have provided us some photos and info on the King Armored Car.
November 5th New WW contributor Douglas Cornejo has provided us with some photos of the Colombian M8 Greyhound with Quad .50 cal turret.  Also, Julio Montes has provided us with more pics of some interesting Central and South American WFV's; including the Danto AFV and Rayo Armored Truck.
November 4th Australian Correspondent Ley Reynolds is back again, this time with photos (and vehicle index) of the Land Rover Series IIA SWB "Gun Buggy" with 106mm Recoilless Rifle as well as the Local Pattern 4 Armored Car.

And, speaking of Aussie subjects, I've added an entry in our WW Links section to the website ANZAC Steel, which is dedicated to the military vehicles of Australia, New Zealand and the British Commonwealth.
November 3rd Rob Goldman's last submission for the time being consists of photos of the IDF HMMWV "Rakoun" Surveillance/Recon Vehicle.

And, here's even more hobby modelling products that have been announced:

New manufacturer Bestfong is coming out with a 1/35 set of decals for WWII era Nationalist Chinese Vehicles called "Chinese Tank (AFV) Part 2" (35003) which covers, among other things the Sdkfz 221, Sdkfz 222/223, BA-3, BA-20 and M3A1 Scout Car;
Black Dog is releasing the 1/35 Canadian LAVIII Accessories Set (T35033) (Trumpeter);
Dtoys has released their 1/35 M1126 Styker Interior Set (DT35-019) for the AFV Club Kit and is coming out with a 1/35 M998 Canvas cover set (with Weighted Wheels) (DT35026) for the Tamiya model;

and finally, ET Models hits the ground running with a 1/35 Canadian LAVIII photo-etched Detail Set (T35-050) and resin LAVIII Weighted Wheel Set (ER35-012) both for the Trumpeter model kit,  as well as 1/35 Stryker Weighted Road Wheels (ER35-010) and Centauro Weighted Wheels (ER35-013), all for the applicable Trumpeter Model Kits (Speciifically The Centauro 00386/00388].
November 2nd Rob Goldman is back with some more photos.  Today he sends us pics of the IDF M1114 Uparmored HMMWV.
October 31st Courtesy of new contributor "Blackhand", we have more photos of the Filipino Simba APC.

Also, we've come across another resin model manufacturer that produces some interesting "wheelies".  Kit Form Services of the UK produces a multi-media (mostly resin) 1/24 Saracen Mk 5/6 APC, 1/24 Humber Pig Mark 2 and has a Saladin Mk 2 coming out in January.
October 29th From the "Twilight Zone" comes some photos of the 2009 IPMS/UK Model Scaleworld courtesy of longtime WW contributor "Mechanix" of Eire. Ok, they didn't suddenly appear: Patrick lost them...

Also, one new hobby product has been anounced by Model Miniature: the 1/72 Shelter "Gichner Ramim (MM-R015). The shelter could be mounted on many different vehicles (including the M-325 Cargo "Nun-Nun") and was  used by the forces of Germany, Israel, Lebanaon (Including the SLA) and the USA.
October 28th Ian Young, Editor of Military Machines International Magazine, has provided us with some photos of the Wolfhound 6x6 TSV (Heavy), which is also featured in the November 2010 issue of MMI.
October 27th "Sparky" Ross' last photos for the time being) are up now.  They are of the pre-standardized Ford GP "Jeep" 1/4 Ton 4x4 Utility Vehicle.
October 26th More photos from Keith Ross have been posted today; these of two replica versions of the John Deere 4x2 Machine Gun Tractor.

Also, Accurate Armour has announced a conversion set to model a Malayan Dingo Scout Car (C094).  It comes complete with a Ferret turret, decals and photo etched parts.
October 24th Keith "Sparky" Ross is back with some more photos.  This time he has sent us pics of the American Bantam Special Reconnaissance Car (Pilot Car No. 1) and the M38A1C Jeep with Recoilless Rifle.

Also, two more vehicle references have been announced by Wings & Wheels Publications.  These include "DANA ShKH vz.77 in Detail" (G028) and "SAS (Pink) Panthers in Detail" (R060).
October 22nd Jacques' last submission for now is photos (and vehicle index) of the Centauro VBM "Freccia" Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
October 21st Again, thanks to French correspondent Jacques Dujardin, we have a photo (and vehicle index) of the Swedish SEP 8x8 APC.   

, we've found another great modeling/vehicle website for you "wheelies" called "HMMWV In Scale"

Finally, a couple more 1/35 wheel sets have been announced by Hussar.  They are for the Adler Kfz 13/14 (35094) and the BA-64B armored cars (35100).
October 19th Courtesy of Dave Haugh and Uri Weiner, we have some pre-World War Two photos of Palestine Police Force Armored Trucks.
October 16th Today, we present Ken LeClair's latest photo addition to WW; the LAV Coyote Recon Vehicle (and index).

Also, we have a few more model products that have been announced including:

ET Model's 1/35 detail set (E35-036) for the Hobbyboss Chinese PLA ZSL-92B IFV (82456);

Miniman Factory's 1/35 resin models of the M1008 CUCV Pick Up (MMF35014) & M1009 CUCV (MMF35015) utility vehicles

Model Victoria's 1/35 Centauro B1 Wheels (0005) for the Trumpeter Model kits; and

Real Model's 1/35 M54 Gun Truck 'Uncle Sam' Gun Truck Conversion Set (RM 35138) and 1/35 Wheel Set (RM35213)
Trumpeter's LAV-A2 Vehicle.
October 15th Ken LeClair has given us permission to use some of his great photos (see explanation below) of the Bison Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle (MRV) and Bison Command Vehicle.  Check out the LAV Bison Index if you like these Canuck Beasties.

Also, we've added another hyperlink in our "Links" section:  John Vojtech's Unique Master Models-USA.  UMM-USA specializes in high quality tools and model kits from the Czech Republic. 
October 12th Julio Montes is back with some photos of the Cashuat Light Assault Vehicle.  Also, we've posted some photos of the Dodge M37B1 3/4 Utility Vehicle from Editor Pat's visit to the First (US Infantry) Divsion Museum at Cantigny Park.  Normally, the "regular" M37B1 wouldn't be considered a "wheelie", but since the Cashuat and M37B1 gun truck are based upon it, we've decided to post some pics for your viewing pleasure.
October 7th New WW contributor Chris Graeter has sent us some photos of his 1/35 Tamiya Sdkfz 223 Funkwagen model kit.

Also, we have found out about another interesting product line dedicated to WFV's.  These are "Walk Around" Photos CD's and are available from JK "Ken" LeClair of Canada.  Among other products, he as two of interest to us "wheelies": Photo collections covering 1) Canadian MRAPs (Buffalo, Husky, NG-31, and Cougar 6x6) and 2) LAV-III/Coyote/Bison Vehicles.  These CD's are chock full of photos and the price is a very reasonable $10/$11.50/$14 POSTAGE INCLUDED depending on where you live.  Pat has both CD's and finds them well worth the money spent.  If interested, you can contact Ken via e-mail at koolken19624@gmail.com
October 5th Bill Powers has sent us some photos of his excellent 1/72 scratchbuilt ADGZ Armored Car.
September 27th Mike Winters has sent us some photos of his very nice 1/35 Italeri "Kiwi" M3A1 Scout Car.
September 26th Paul's final installment of pics for WW is HUGE;  It is a 100 photo spread of the M1126 Stryker ICV.
September 24th More photos are up today courtesy of Paul Cote'.  The photos cover the M1129 Stryker Mortar Carrier.

Also, we've listed another WFV resource in our "Links" section, this one called the Ferret FV701 Website.
September 19th New WW contributor Paul Cote' of AMPS Anchorage, Alaska has sent us photos of the Caiman 6x6 and MaxxPro MRAP vehicles.
September 17th Erik's final installment for now is a bunch of photos of the BRDM-2 scout car and YP-408 APC.
September 16th Dutch Correspondent Erik Hendriks has sent us some photos of the Otter Mark 1 Recon Car and Bantam BRC-40 Jeep.
September 15th Belgian Correspondent William Testaert is back with a few photos of the Daimler Dingo and Daimler Mark 2 armored car.
September 14th Guatemalan Correspondent, Oscar Valladares, has provided us some photos of the Armadillo Armored Troop Transport Vehicle.

Also, Miniarm has announced that they are releasing some 1/35 BTR-80 APC "Late" Wheels (Dragon/Zvezda) (B35042)and BRC-40 Bantam Jeep (Miniart) Wheels (B35044).
September 11th Julio Montes has sent some awesome photos of the Colombian M8 Escarabajo Anti-Riot Vehicle.  The "Beetle" is a heavily modified M8 Greyhound!!
September 10th We've got some great photos today courtesy of new WW contributor Lee Dager.  He's sent us some photos of the unique Howie Machine Gun Carrier "Bellyflopper".

Also, we have some incredible news on the hobby modeling product front: Bronco Models is releasing an injection molded plastic 1/35 M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV (CB35080).
September 9th One more hobby modeling product has been announced by Model-Miniature of France.  It is their 1/72 M325 "Cargo" Nun Nun (MM-R013).
September 7th We'd like to announce that we have a new sponsor of WW; Echelon Fine Details.  EFD is the producer of some excellent hobby modeling products including decals and "stick and peel" mirror reflectors.  If you haven't checked out their website, click on the banner above to do so.  And, as always please support our sponsors!
September 6th A few more hobby modeling products have been announced including:

Archer Fine Transfers' 1/35 LRDG Command Car instruments and placards (AR35329) (Tamiya), Sd.Kfz. 221/223 Instruments, placards and interior stenciling (Bronco 221 and Hobby Boss 222/223) (AR35330)10HP Tilly Instruments (Tamiya) (AR35331) and M35A2
2 1/2 Ton Truck Instruments and placards (AFV Club) (AR35332) AND;

1/35 AUTOBLINDA AB41 PE detail parts for the Italeri  model (HLU35030).
September 5th Julio Montes has again provided us with some photos of a unique Salvadoran vehicle: This time, the "Astroboy" APC.
September 2nd Today is "Armored Mutt Mania".  We have photos of the Salvadoran Centauro M151A2 Gun Jeep courtesy of Julio Montes and photos of the US 75th Ranger Regiment M151A2 SOV "Super Jeep" thanks to Keith Ross of Oklahoma USA.
September 1st Chris Reynolds is back with pics of the Ferret 2 scout car and the Staghound 1 armored car at the Army Museum Bandiana, Australia.
August 30th Ron Bollen, Editor of the model club website Modelbouw Leuven, has provided us some photos of the Ferret Mark 1/2.

Also, courtesy of Arthur Macon, we have more pics of the Caiman Plus 6x6 and Maxx Pro MRAP vehicles.
August 29th The final installment of Patrick's Ft. Knox tour pics are here: 80+ photos of the Sdkfz 234/4 Panzerspahwagen.  The Patton Museum's vehicle is only one of two surviving vehicles in the world.
August 26th We're finally finishing up with Patrick's photos taken at Ft. Knox, this time with some of the Sdkfz 223 Panzerspahwagen. Only one more remains to be posted and in our opinion, we're saving the best for last.  Stay tuned.
August 24th Today's photos are again from Patrick, including some of an M3A1 scout car and some depicting Patton's Willy's Jeep.
August 23rd More photos from Patrick's Ft. Knox trip are up today: including those of an M20 Utility Vehicle and Type 166 Schwimmwagen.
August 22nd This past weekend, Patrick took a trip to the General George S. Patton Museum at Ft. Knox, Kentucky USA.  He took some photos of the wheeled vehicles located in the museum as well as some of those in storage which are not available for public viewing.  Today's selection includes a Willys Jeep and M8 Greyhound armored car marked as US Constabulary Army Vehicles (1946-1952).  
August 19th We have more Central American Wheelies up today courtesy of Julio Montes and new WW contributor, Oscar Valladares.  The vehicles include a number of different M8 Greyhounds, including the Guatemalan Greyhound, as well as Salvadoran Panhard AML-90 armored cars.
August 18th Today, we have Patrick's review of Platypus Publications' "Moscow Armed Forces Museum: 2010" Photo CD.
August 17th We have more photos from Julio Montes including the UR-416 APC (and vehicle index) and EE-11 Urutu.

Also, Lead Warrior  has announced an upcoming 1/35 VW Kubelwagen Typ-155/4c Schneeketten (HALF-TRACK) Conversion(LW35203) for the Dragon or Tamiya Kubel.
August 12th Today we've put up photos and a vehicle index for the Dingo 1/2 All-Protected Vehicle.  Photos come courtesy of William Testaert and Rainer Tunkowitsch.
August 10th Israeli Correspondent Rob Goldman has sent us some more model photos; including a 1/35 Tamiya IDF M151A2 Mutt (Circa 1988-89) and a 1/35 Hobby Boss M706 (Improved) Commando Armored Car.
August 9th Clive's last contribution for the time being is up today.  It is a bunch of photos from the hobby model show held at the 2010 War & Peace Show in Beltring UK. Also, we have more photos from Julio Montes, these being of the Armored Gaucho LSV.
August 8th Good friend of WW (and founder of the Shorland Site) Clive Elliott has sent us some pics of the C15TA Armoured Truck, Staghound 1 as well as his Shorland APC Mark 1 (with flat tire).
August 7th We've got photos from a couple more new WW contributors again.  This time we have a pic of a Mexican M8 Greyhound Modificado courtesy of Julio Montes, as well as several of the M20 Utility Vehicle, courtesy of Neil Baumgardner.  Thanks guys. 
August 6th New contributor Ley Reynolds, of Platypus Publications, has sent us 30 photos of the Australian Dingo 4x4 Scout Car.

Also, more modeling products have been announced, including Hussar Productions 1/35 Kubelwagen Wheels (HSR35096) and Kubelwagen Sand Wheels (HSR35091) sets and Trumpeter's 1/35 LAV25 (SLEP) (1513)
August 5th We're on a roll!! We have a vehicle index and photos of the M-ATV (MRAP-All-Terrain Vehicle), including some close up pics from AMPS-Chicagoland brother, Joel Gewirtz.
August 4th Today, we have another "funky" armored truck posted for your viewing pleasure; this time we present the "Tavern" APV.

Also, we've put up a link to a new modeling website called Hobby Link International.  Check it out!.
August 3rd It's about time, but we've FINALLY put up a vehicle index of the "Snatch" Land Rover; including photos from Martyn Smith and Ian Young (Editor of Military Machines International Magazine)
August 1st We have a really interesting photo of the T7 Scout Car courtesy of Andy Andreasen.  The really cool part of the photo is that Andy is in the photo with his mount, circa 1936! 
July 24th

Courtesy of WarWheels.Net Sponsor, AFV Club, we have some more photos of their forthcoming 1/35 model kit,
the M1132 Stryker ESV with Mine Plow.
July 23rd John is back with more model photos: this time of his diorama including the 1/35 Tamiya Sdkfz 222 and Sdkfz 233 panzerspahwagen.

Also, more model hobby products have been announced, including:

Kamizukuri's 1/35 Sd.Kfz.223 honeycomb engine deck set (FP-11) for the HobbyBoss model kit;

Legend Productions  1/35 Special Forces GMV(Dumvee) Conversion set (LF1212) for the Tamiya HMMWV series of model kits; and

Trumpeter's 1/35 M1133 Stryker Medical Evacuation Vehicle Model Kit (01559)
July 18th We've posted photos of John Staehle's 1/35 Tamiya M8 Greyhound model.
July 15th Today, we've put up a vehicle index of the ACMAT TPK 4.20 BL4 ReconVehicle /APC
July 14th Friend and prolific armored car model builder Steve Allen, has sent in more photos of his work; including an 1/35 Italeri Autoblinda AB-41 and a 1/35 Bronco Models Staghound I Armored Car.
July 13th First time WW contributor Martyn Smith has sent us some photos of the Saxon APC.

Also, Hobby Boss has announced their future release of an injection molded plastic 1/35 ZTS "Dana" 152mm SPG (85501)
July 12th More Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS) Chapters have been added to the "links" section; including AMPS Israel and Sooner AMPS (Oklahoma).
July 11th We've put up more photos courtesy of Jacques Dujardin; specifically of the Caesar 155mm SPG.
July 8th Patrick's AMPS-Chicagoland mate, Chuck Aleshire, has sent in photos of his 1/35 "Camouflaged" Kubelwagen Model kit (Tamiya Model and Neograde Conversion).
July 6th Old Friend of WW, Jacques Dujardin of France, has sent us more photos. Today, we post some of the RG-31 Mine Protected Vehicle and Coyote TSV 6x6.
July 2nd We've put up photos and a vehicle index for the India Pattern Wheeled Carrier Mark II.

Also, a few more hobby products have been announced by Lead Warrior including 1/35 VW Schwimmwagen Snow Rollers (LW35201) and VW Kubelwagen Typ 157 Railroad Wheels (LW35202) which are for any model manufacturers' models.
June 24th Today we have Part 2 of the latest hobby news.  New products announced include:

Katana's 1/35 Laffly W15T (KM3516) Model Kit;

Legend Productions
1/35 Rhino Anti IED Device for M1117 ASV (LF12A8) for the Trumpeter Model Kit;

Miniarm 1/35 BTR-80 Road Wheel Set (B35039), 1/35 BRDM-2 Road Wheel Set (B35040) and 1/35 BTR-70 Road Wheel Set (B35041) all for the Dragon/Zvezda Model Kits;

Mirage Hobby's 1/35 Polish Armoured Car Model 1934/II (35406) kit;

PanzerShop's 1/35 Autoblinda AB 41/43 Wheel Set (PS35A333) for the Italeri/Tamiya Model Kit and 1/35 SdKfz.234/2 Puma Wheel Set (PS35A334) for the Italeri  Model;

REAL Models' 1/35 Tire Fire Suspension System (TFSS) Stryker Update Set (RMA 35209) for the AFV Club Series of Strykers;

Showcase Models Australia 1/35 IMV Bushmaster (Injection Molded Plastic) Model Kit; and

Voyager Models 1/35 Chinese PLA ZSL-92A APC Detail Set (PE35379) For the forthcoming Hobby Boss kit.
June 23rd It's been awhile since we had some hobby model news, so we figured it might be nice to add some today and tomorrow.  The following products have been announced:

Best Value Models (Affiliated with Azimut) 1/35 SDKFZ 223 Funkwagen Conversion w/DAK crew (BVM35075) [To combine with BOTH the Bronco Sdkfz 221 (using chassis parts) and Tamiya 222/223 (using the hull) model kits];

Blast Models 1/35 US M1117 Guardian Sagged Wheels Set with Control Air Pressure (BL35155K) and 1/35 US M1117 Guardian Update Set (BL35158K) and 1/35 USMC WARLOCK DUKE EWS FOR LAV25/ MORTAR/C2 (BL35159K); All for the Trumpeter Model Kits;

D-Toys 1/35 M151A1 Gun Jeep Conversion (DT35-022) For the Academy and Tamiya Models;

Echelon Fine Details 1/35 Decal Set "81st BCT M1117s in Iraq" (D356103), 1/35 M1117 ASV Guardian Window Mask (D356107) and 1/35 M1117 ASV Guardian Mirrors (M357142) all for the Trumpeter Model kit;

E.T. Model 1/35 M1117 Guardian Weighted Wheel Set (R35-003) and M1117 Guardian Detail Set (35038) for the Trumpeter Model kit and a 1/35 Chinese PLA ZSL-92A APC Detail Set (E35-035) for the forthcoming Hobby Boss Model Kit;

Hauler 1/35 Kubelwagen (HLU35025) and 1/35 Schwimmwagen Detail Set (HLU35026) for the corresponding Tamiya Model kits; and

Hobby Boss 1/35 ZSL-92A Wheeled APC (82455) and 1/35 ZSL-92G Wheeled IFV (82456) Model Kits.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Hobby News tomorrow.
June 22nd Sorry for the short lull in posting content at WW: Patrick was on vacation (AKA "Holiday" to our UK visitors) for a bit.   Anyway, courtesy of Uri Weiner (Editor of the IDF Armor Blog Website) we've added a contemporary photo of an IDF M3A1 Scout Car.
June 6th Patrick's review of David Doyle's new book "M3A1 Scout Car Walk Around" (Squadron/Signal Publications) is now up for your viewing pleasure.
June 6th Co-Editor Dave Haugh has found an interesting photo of a "Quad .50" M35A1 Guntruck.

Also, Joe Trevithick has sent in his latest update of his very useful and interesting US Wheeled Vehicle Listing.  It has been expanded even further and is up to over 100 pages.
June 1st Larry's final batch of photos is of a US Navy SEAL operated M1165A1 Expanded Capacity Command/General Purpose HMMWV.
May 31st Larry's next batch of photos is of the M1151A1 Expanded Capacity Armament Carrier HMMWV.

In addition, with these added HMMWV photos, we decided to create a new HMMWV "general" index that includes a pseudo-hummer homepage at WW.  The most prominent change is that it has a much expanded hobby product listing.

Finally, we have some more hobby product news announced by Resicast, which is coming out with their 1/35 Humber Scout Car Stowage set (35.2298) which includes resin wheels, stowage items and a clear windscreen.
May 30th We have more MRAP photos courtesy of Larry; including the RG-33L Plus 6x6 and MaxxPro Plus vehicles.
May 29th More photos from Larry Lawler today.  They are of the Caiman-Plus 6x6 MRAP.
May 27th New WW contributor Larry Lawler of Florida has provided us with a bunch of modern US vehicle photos including today's selection on the M1117 Guardian ASV.
May 26th Chun Hsu has sent us more Stryker photos, this time of the M1127 Recon Vehicle.
May 25th Dave has found a really interesting photo to share of a Marmon-Herrington Mark 3 during the 1946-47 time frame.
May 21st Franz Tinio-Lopez of the Philippines has sent us his review of a DVD called "Military Police in Vietnam", which features a bunch of footage of V-100s.
May 20th One more set of IDF vehicle photos from Rob Goldman is ready for your viewing pleasure. This time we have pics of a "Sandwich" Armored Truck with vehicle index.
May 19th New WW contributor Andy Brend has sent us some interior photos of the Mastiff 2 PPV.
May 18th Rob Goldman is back with more Latrun photos including the Panhard AML 90 and Ferret Mark 2/3 Scout Car.
May 17th Israeli correspondent, Robert Goldman has sent us some photos of the IDF M3A1 Scout Car and Ford Lynx Mark II Scout Car preserved at Latrun.
May 16th Dave Haugh has come up with some unique photos of the Chrysler XM-966 Vehicle; a predecessor of the HMMWV.
May 15th Dennis Meares has sent us more photos of the M2 Scout car, as well as some of the M3A1 Scout Car; courtesy of Diebold Company.
May 14th We Our Irish contingent of Roy Kinsella and "Mecanix" have sent in some wonderful photos for us to post.  First, we have photos of the newly procured Irish RG-32M MRAPs courtesy of Roy and next we have photos of Mecanix' 1/35 model of the Humber Hornet Anti-Tank Vehicle.
May 6th We have put up a hyperlink to the website ALS Miniature. It is dedicated to presenting information about and modeling South Lebanese Army (SLA) subjects.

Also, with Terry Ashley back up to speed at the Perth Military Modelling Site (PMMS), we're back to getting a steady flow of good intel about upcoming model products coming out.  Two expected releases are:

Blast Model’s USMC LAV A2 IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN UPDATE SET (BL35157K) for the Trumpeter kit and REAL Model’s 1/35 Canadian LAV III LORIT Conversion set (RM35144)for the AFV Club Stryker kit.

May 3rd Finally, we've got up Armored Car/WFV Photos from the 2010 AMPS International Show available for viewing.
May 2nd At the 2010 AMPS International Show last week, WarWheels.Net sponsor AFV Club had model kit sprues displayed of their soon to be released 1/35 M1132 Stryker ESV with Surface Mine Plow (AF35132) on display.
April 30th We are proud to announce we have a new sponsor here at WarWheels.Net.  It's AFV Club/Hobby Fan!!  Thank you to them for their committment to us here!!   If possible, please support them and our other sponsors!!
April 29th Courtesy of Diebold (via Dennis Meares of Oklahoma), we have another photo of the M2 Scout Car on the site.
April 28th Today, we've put up photos of Roy Kinsella's 1/35 Model Irish MP Jeep in the Congo.

  Also, a new manufacturer called Model-Miniature of France have released their first kit: a 1/72 M325 "Patrol" Nun Nun (MM-R001). We've also put up a hyperlink to the company in our "Links" section.

April 27th Accurate Armour has FINALLY released their Jackal 1 4x4 SRV (K176), Jackal 2 4x4 SRV (K177) and Coyote 6x6 TSV (K178).  Check out the photos of these incredible vehicles!
April 19th Prolific WW contributor, Roy Kinsella has provided more photos of the Irish MOWAG Piranha IIIH CRV, as well as new photos (with vehicle index) of the Piranha IIIH Medium Recon Vehicle (MRV) .
April 6th New WW contributor, Mike Armstrong of California, has sent in some photos of his very nice 1/35 Bronco Models Kfz 13 "Adler".
April 5th "Mecanix" has struck again with his model of a 1/35 M289 Truck and "Honest John" Nuclear Missile.
April 4th We've got more photos from "Mecanix". This time we have pics of his 1/35 BEREG A222S1 Coastal Defense Gun.
March 28th Irish modeller "Mecanix" has sent us some photos of his 1/35 M38A1D "Davy Crockett" Jeep.
March 22nd Austrian correspondent Rainer Tunkowitsch is back with Photos (and we've added a vehicle index) of the Pandur II 6x6 APC.
March 20th We've put up photos and a vehicle index of the Panhard M3 APC.

Also, we have a more photos from Robert Goldman; these being of the IDF Jeep.
March 19th Przemyslaw Skulski of Wild Hog's Models has sent us photos of their even more of their new 1/72 resin model kits: The BTR-40 APC and
the Polish Wz. 28 Halftrack.

Also, we've added a hyperlink to the M38A1 Restoration Site in our Links section.
March 17th Courtesy of Uri Weiner and Robert Goldman, we have photos (and vehicle index) up of the RBY Mark 1 Light Armored Recon Vehicle.

Also, we have a photo of a Staghound I at Latrun courtesy of Robert.
March 15th Joe Trevithick has sent in his updated US Wheeled Vehicle Listing.  Even better, he has expanded the listing by adding vehicles starting from WWII.

Also, SKP Model has announced a set of 1/35 Early BRDM/BTR Wheels (SKP093) which also includes a spare tire as well.
March 14th Roy Kinsella has done it again with his incredible 1/35 model of a Humber "Flying Pig" APC. 
March 9th Patrick has finished his review of the new Squadron/Signal Publications book "Italian Truck-Mounted Artillery: In Action" authored by Ralph Riccio & Nicola Pignato.  Check it out.
March 5th Robert Goldman of Israel has sent us some photos of his 1/35 Trumpeter M1130 Stryker TACP Command Vehicle.
February 24th We've set up a vehicle index for the Panhard VCR-TT APC.
February 23rd Robert Langham of the UK has provided us with some photos of the Morris LRC Mark II.
February 21st Courtesy of Ashley Abernathy, we have 50 photos of the M1078 LMTV 2 1/2 ton Truck.
February 20th We've added some model photos of a 1/35 Sdkfz 247 Type B Personenkraftwagen by Tom Kondziolka and a 1/35 "Wisconsin Dells Duck" 2 1/2 Ton Amphibious Truck.
February 19th One thing we found in WW which was fairly non-user friendly was how our Armored Car Journal Issues were set up.  To make them easier to read, browse and print, we've converted  all 36 issues into Adobe PDF format.  To check them all out, go to our ACJ Index.  We hope you welcome the change.
February 17th Przemyslaw Skulski of (new company) Wild Hog's Models has sent us photos of their new 1/72 resin model kits WZ.29 Armoured Car (72001) and WZ.34-II Armoured Car (72002).
February 16th We've put up a link to an interesting website called Tsahal Miniature. The site is dedicated to presenting information about and modeling, IDF subjects.
February 12th To go with the Jackal, we've put up a vehicle index for the Coyote 6x6 TSV. Tsahal Miniature - Dedicated to Presenting Information and Modeling Subjects of the IDF
February 11th We have an index available for the Jackal 1/2 4x4 Patrol Vehicle.
February 10th Irish correspondent Roy Kinsella has done it again with his beautiful 1/35 Accurate Armour Saxon "Patrol" APC Model Kit.
February 9th Accurate Armour has sent us some "test shot" photos of their upcoming Jackal 2 4x4 SRV (K177) and Coyote 6x6 TSV (K178).  Check out the photos of these incredible vehicles!
February 8th Our biggest addition to the site today is the inclusion of  the massive tome (an Adobe PDF File) "A Moment In Time: The British Army at a Moment of Time - A Look at It and
from It of the Make Up of the Regular and Territorial Army (2008 Version)"
by Gordon Angus MacKinlay - New South Wales, Australia.  Alhtough the scope of Mr.MacKinlay's work is much beyond wfv's it is a great resource to have available here at WW.

Also, we have a new armored car link for the Crossley Military Vehicles After WWI webpage.  And finally, updates to the Shorland Site have been finally added.  In case you didn't know, Patrick is the webmaster for that site as well. Shhh...
February 7th Barry Williams of W^D Models has sent some more photos of his 4mm (1/76) Austin (3rd Series) Armoured Car.  This time, we have some photos of the built up model kit.
February 5th Some more modeling products have been announced, including:

Model Kits

AFV Club's 1/35 M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle (With Small Mine Plow) (AF 35132);
Tamiya's 1/35 35308 Austin 10HP Light Utility Truck (Tilly); and

Vision Models' WWII Russian BA-64 Armored Car (VM35002) is finally coming out shortly.

Aftermarket/Detail Sets

Hussar Productions ' 1/35 wheel sets for the BTR-70 APC (35082), Daimler Dingo Type 1 and 2 (35084 & 35085), S.A.S. Pink Panther Land Rover (for Tamiya) (35086), Sd.Kfz.222 Armored Car Type 1 and Type 2 (for Tristar) (35087 & 35088) and Sd.Kfz.231 Series 8 Wheeled Armored Car (for Tamiya) (35090); and

REAL Model 's M1127 Stryker RV Conversion & upgrade set (RM 35146) and M1127 RV Converion w/ Slat Armor, Blast Panels & Rhino Anti IED (RM 35147) (for the AFV Club M1134 Stryker ATGM) and Driver's (Area) Enhancement Set (for all AFV Club Strykers) (RMA 35208)

Reference Material

Wings & Wheels Publications' "Guardian (M1117) In Detail" (G026)

February 2nd Barry Williams of W^D Models has sent us photos of his upcoming releases in 4mm (about 1/76).  The kits are a Lanchester Armoured Car (WDAC3) and an Austin (3rd Series) Armoured Car (WDAC1)
January 29th Courtesy of Chun Hsu, we have put up a vehicle index for the M1128 Stryker MGS.
January 28th Now, we've got a vehicle index for the Kfz 14 Funkkraftwagen 'Adler' 4x2 Armored Car.
January 25th Courtesy of Austrian correspondent Rainer Tunkowitsch, we've put up a vehicle index of the Sandviper Puch G290LP Special Operations Vehicle (SOV).
January 24th We've put up a vehicle index for the Kfz 13 Maschinegewehrkraftwagen 'Adler' 4x2 Armored Car.
January 23rd Today, we're finally posting our results of our 2nd Annual "Wheelie" Awards.  It was very hard to make our decision sas there were TONS of great modeling products released last year.  So, a hearty Congratulations to the companies who we recognized.
January 17th With 2010 being the 5th Anniversary of us starting WW, we've decided to change the logo. So, if you haven't noticed you can check above to see it.  We hope you like it as much as we do.  A special thank you to Al Crawford for creating the logo.  Thanks AL !! If you want to order WarWheels.Net products with the new logo, you can go to our WW Shop at Cafe Press.  All sales proceeds go to the running of the site.

BTW, the armored car on the lower left is a Rolls Royce and the vehicle in the upper right is a M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS) Vehicle.  To us, these vehicles are great symbols representing the beginnings of AC use as well as what they have evolved to.
January 13th A couple new modeling products have been announced. They are Blast Models' 1/35 'SPARK' Mine Roller (For M1114 & M1151 HMMWV's) (BL35150K) and Bronco Models' 1/35 Kfz 14 Adler Radio Car (CB35051)
January 12th Per fellow AMPS-Chicagoland member, Sean Lynch, we've got some new photos of the M1117 Guardian ASV.
January 8th As WarWheels has gotten bigger over time, we finally felt it was time to add more search capabilities to our "arsenal".  Check out the Google search function on our homepage.  It should better help you find what you're looking for here at WW.
January 3, 2010 First of all, Happy New Year from us at WarWheels!  Thanks much for coming here and supporting us in our 5th Year of existance. Not only has it been fun, but we've also learned alot about armored cars/wheeled fighting vehicles due to all of your submissions. 

Second, we have some photos of an IDF M3A1 White Scout car courtesy of Uri Weiner, the editor of the IDF Armor Blog.

Finally, we've added a hyperlink to Tim Streeter's great website, Modelling the US Army in WWII and AMPS Chapter, Minnesota Military Figure Society.

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